I 27m bruised my fuckbuddy’s (38f) daughters (19f) cervix and finished inside her


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Some context –
I met my fuckbuddy through tinder 8 months ago. She is super attractive and well spoken. We chatted for few week before decide to hookup. But before hooking up she told me she has a 19year old daughter and a 13year old son and is married. Technically she is divorced. They wanted to get seperated but for the sake of their kids they never did and came up with this solution. Her husband doesn’t stay in the house much , he only comes for dinner , does some small talk and pretends he has long office hours. I never asked her what happened but she told me she waited more than year in hopes they will get back together and resolve their issues but that happened. She thinks he has moved on and doesn’t care at all so she has decided it was time for her to also move on and explore other things. I told her i have no issue hooking up with her. We are hooking up 3-4 times a week for the past 8months. I never wear a condom with her because she can not have kids . She showed reports as proof and also showed me her std test results. From that day onward we have been doing it raw and i all the time finish inside her.

Now back to last few weeks –
I’m still active on tinder and bumble. I’ve hooked with some other women also . I was not exclusive to her nor did we have any agreement. I’ve a habit of just swiping right all women that come on my feed in the hopes someone will like me back. One of the women i swiped right was her daughter. We matched and she texted me “So you are the guy ma hooks up with huh”
To which i just replied “you must be mistaking me for someone else.” In the hopes conversation will stop there. She replied to me with her number and told me to come on WhatsApp because she wanted to show me something. Om WhatsApp she sent me screenshots of her my conversations with her mom and there were some dick pics also that sent her mom. She told me she needs to have a conversation with me and her mom at her house. I called her mom and told her about all this and asked her why is this a problem and what does she want to talk about. She told she will be going out with her friends so she won’t be there , she will talk to her before bed but i should go and see what’s the problem. That afternoon i went to her house. I was expecting a furious girl but she was acting typical , she also offered me water and snacks. Then we sat down and she asked me series of questions – how did we meet , how long this has been going on, did her mom cheat on her dad with me. I answed all her questions and then told her she shouldn’t be getting involved in her mom’s company , she can have her own life where she doesn’t have to explain anyone what she does. She understood my point i was trying to make and then told me she knew about me when she heard us having sex. Multiples times she had stayed out because she didn’t want to disturb and make it awkward. I just joking answered I’ll make her quiet. Then we started taking about some stuff and after some time conversation shifted to how one time she was bringing a guy to her house to have sex but they didn’t do it because i was doing her mom. So they just sat outside where my phone and her mom’s phone was. She wanted to know who i was so she went through her moms phone . Both of them saw my conversations and the pic I sent . Her friend made a opinion after seeing my dick pic “damn she can take one” . She didn’t like that opinion at all , she told him to leave her house and they had a fight later. That was it , she just told me this and changed the topic. I sat for more 10-15mins before leaving. When i was leaving i just leaned in for a side hug but she instead kissed me on neck . I got awkward , she was still looking at me and then again she leaned in to kiss me. I stopped her and asked her what’s she doing to which she replied I’m sorry i just wanted to hookup but chicken out in the middle and now I’m trying again. I’ve never been with a older guy and i want to try it once . We can do it and i won’t tell anyone i promise. Then even i didn’t withstand much because for me I’ve been only hooking with women older than me or my age so without thinking much i agreed. We started making out and after some time when she was giving me a blowjob because her jaw started hurting. So i told her to lay on the bed . I got on top of her and started kissing her neck, while i was kissing her neck i was sliding my cock in her but she stopped me immediately. She told me she only wanted to make out and get and give oral. She won’t be able to take me and was scared.(idc if it sound like a brag ik I’m big and thick so it was understandable was scared) I kept reassuring her and convincing her I’ll be gentle and it won’t hurt . After some time she agreed. I slowly penetrated her and then we started fucking, i was just half way in but to boost her confidence i told her she is such a size queen, which is liked. We both didn’t think about condoms and just started fucking. When we were doing it her brother came home so she told me to continue and just cover her mouth while doing it and go deeper. So i covered her mouth and started fucking her, i got so lost in the moment i didn’t realise i was deep inside her. I ended up fucking her in the same postion for 15mins before finishing inside her. After we were done i saw she was in pain. She told me i was hitting her cervix the whole time , at first it felt good but later it started hurting, but she didn’t want me to lose the momentum she didn’t tap. Then she saw i came inside her and it freaked her out alot. I calmed her and went to the store to buy a morning pill. Since that day till today we only texted and talked once. She only called me to tell me she got her periods .

But today she texted me saying she wants to hookup again , i told her it was just a one time thing. Then she sent me a paragraph saying if i don’t agree she will tell her friends I fucked her covering her mouth and came inside her. Rest do the math.

What should I do? 😅 I don’t mind hooking up with her because i discover her attractive but what can I do if i don’t want to hookup with her ever again.

Ik I’ll be getting a lot of comments saying this is fake i don’t mind sharing the texts screenshot but i won’t reveal her name .

NSFW: yes

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  1. CaptainMikeRiker

    Well its up to you, but if you feel those texts, the question is what is said to make you worried, You did nothing wrong unless she pushes something like crime on you, and any texts you have would protect you in a way.

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