I (26F) love sucking my friends and make them happy by blowing them

I lost my virginity recently in end of October so all I could was just sucking guys till now.

I started to suck my close friends when I was 19 after I broke up with my ex boyfriend. I stopped sucking my friends when I had a bf. But, I still give blowjobs to some of my friends right now as I have been single for long time.

My best friend all the time want to meet these days, I think I’m going to meet with him next week. I also gave my anal virginity to one of my other friend few months ago.

I just love sucking a lot, and love making them happy. They sometimes lick my pussy too but I’m ok if they don’t, I’m just happy sucking them. I also love sucking balls too.

My favorite thing to have is my face getting covered. I don’t all the time swallow but I do when it tastes good. I could suck guys till morning, I think I might be addicted to sucking.

PS: I have never seen a guy who didn’t come to my blowjobs.

NSFW: yes

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