I (25F) pegged my husband (34M) so hard last night. – Short Sex Story

(I posted in slutty confessions but after digging around Reddit & finding this sub I wondered it belonged here)

My husband will indulge any fantasy I have and god do I love him for it.

Last night at about 11, I invited my husband upstairs, I had been craving his ass for weeks now. I wasn’t sure at first what I would do with him, but as we got foreplay rolling and I had him on his back I knew it time for some of the more exciting tricks we never have time to play.

I tied his hands up towards the ceiling and began lightly whipping and kissing all over him. (God it makes me so wet even now typing this to imagine him squirming around.) As he starts whimpering and moaning I pick up the pace and begin really whipping him, pinching his nipples, licking up and down his stomach, teasing his cock with my hot breath and running my tits all over him. I wait till he begs me to put his cock in my mouth, I just love it when he’s desperate. By the third time he begs I can’t withstand him anymore and go to town on him, I was fucking starving for him but I had some more tricks in mind…

I reached for our new sex candle, we’ve only tried it once before on me, I was excited to return the favor tonight. Grabbed some quick consent and lit that bitch up.

Seeing him tied up in the candle light, hard as a rock, squirming around, crying out from the pain of the wax… I almost came right there.

I sucked his cock and deep throated him as I burned him and whipped him. It was so hot but I still wasn’t done, I had my eyes set on his ass.

I changed into our favorite strap on and threw his legs up. Watching him moan and take all ive got to give is so hot. at this point im dripping down my thighs and I’m desperate for some clitoral stim so I flip him over to all fours and change into our vibrating strapless and jump right back into him.

I begin really fucking him hard, harder than we’ve done before. I kept raining down blows from our whip and grabbing at his back while I shove myself into him over and over. He’s moaning and manipulating his cock as I drill him and shove his face down into the mattress. At this point I started getting pretty aggressive .. tehehe.. scratching him deeply and slapping him all over while I pound the shit outta his lil ass, those sweet moans coming from his throat are sending me into overdrive and he’s getting pretty close as well.

He flips over onto his back again and I choke him and stroke him and fuck him till he cums. And you bet I slurped all of it up, he tastes so good.

Then it was my turn to receive, opinion if you want a part 2 😉

NSFW: yes

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