I (25F) let my guy pal j3rk off on me

I went out drinking with some friends, and my guy friend later needed a place to crash because he didn’t want to drive home. We talked on the couch for a while, and he mentioned how h0rny he was. I didn’t want to fck him because I had a boyfriend at the time, so I told him he could use me as role model and j3rk off if he wanted. But no touching. He appeared to be ecstatic.

He instructed me to lie face down on the couch, knees on the floor, and pull my skirt up, which I did. I was wearing a pink lace thong with my as$hole peeking out the sides. He took a position behind me and began [email protected] off. I didn’t want him to take forever, so I shook my but side to side while pulling my thong down. I could tell he was getting close, so I told him “cuummm on me” and spread my as$ aside with my hands so he could see everything clearly.

He grunted as he poured a hot load all over me, including my as$hole. I went to bed after cleaning up and giving him a pillow and blanket for the couch.

Anyways, I just had to tell someone, I hope you liked my confession 🙂

NSFW: yes

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