I (24M at the time) was challenged by my Ex’s Friend (25F at the time) to break up with my Ex in the most sneakiest and sluttiest way efficient. – Short Sex Story

Disclaimer 1: Long Post

Disclaimer 2: English is not my native language so I will try to do my best

At the time, I was in a relationship with my ex for 3 years who I met on Tinder, at the start it was great but at the end it was more and more frustrating, things weren’t like it was before, we argued a lot, sex was not great, we didn’t know if we still had feelings, but it was our first long relationship so neither do I or my ex had the courage to talk about it or mostly to call it quit.

For my part the issue was mostly sexual, I had two strong fetishes that I was sort of ashamed of… The first one was a slipper fetish; I was totally aroused when a girl was wearing a specific pair of slippers (ballerina slipper socks style) and it was a very strong fetish.

The second one which is more original was seeing a girl spearfishing/freediving, sort of a mermaid fetish, the idea of a woman holding her breath underwater and not see her from the surface or from the shore for more than a minute and wearing all the gear was a massive turn on for me

Of course the first person I’ve told about my fetishes was my ex, she didn’t took this well and was mostly treating me like a creep, she tried once for the slippers fetish but it made her too uncomfortable, we tried to discuss it in every way but it was a big no, so I sort of let it flow and never mentioned again which added frustration, to add something more, my ex wasn’t kinky at all, she didn’t had any fetishes (nothing wrong in that) and didn’t had a big sexual appetite even when we were in the honeymoon phase.

One thing she did great was talking a lot to her friend, that’s where my ex’s friend come in place, we will call her Charlotte for now.

Charlotte knew my ex for 1 year right before we’ve started to date, she was a good friend of her and became a good friend of mine.

Charlotte was a funny, gorgeous, clever, and very interesting girl, she had gorgeous wavy brown hair, light green eyes, and a pretty face.

Her body was sort of an enigma, in the 3 years I’ve known her I’ve never see her working out or everything but God she had the most gorgeous legs and ass I’ve ever seen, very athletic, toned like she was doing sport every day, she said to me that she was doing sport when she was younger, but she stopped when she started to have a steady job.

The thing with Charlotte is that she was a relationship mess, like really, she had strong daddy issues, was born in a very good and very rich family but chose to take the rebel side and go on another part of the country to not have to deal with them and mostly she was unstable, that what we saw with her relationships, I’ve noticed it that she was very horny and very slutty with guys , like a real slut, she would tell us how she sucked a guy off between two car in a street just 10minute after they met or how she given another guy a foot job under the table at the first restaurant date etc. For me it was mostly funny because she wanted to be in a serious relationship but every time, she screwed it by being a real slut and the guy would not put her in the “Good girlfriend material” but mostly “Good slut I can fuck when I’m bored at 2AM”

She was at our home every weekend, talking about her dating life and all the hectic stories she had, and at the time I didn’t have any attraction to her even when she was telling these stories, it was like a good friend, and I’ve never felt like she was interested in me, not until at certain point.

Well, remember when I’ve said that my ex was talking a lot? Well, it sort of screwed up when she told charlotte about my fetishes, I was mad at my ex, but I didn’t know that she was talking to charlotte about all our sexual life, and I think that this is when Charlotte started to plot something…

So fast forward to the near end of my relationship with my ex, we didn’t talk anymore, didn’t have sex for a long time (3 month for a 20’s old couple is a long time) and mostly I’ve seen my ex flirting to other guys on Instagram. So my ex and charlotte spend a lot of times all together, by the time I was texting to charlotte my issues with my ex (except for the sex part, that I didn’t talk about it) so she sort of knew every sides of our relationships and she sort of wanted to tell me something (apparently my ex didn’t know how to break up with me because she feared to hurt me a lot).

One day, my ex was talking about gonna the beach with charlotte, she said that charlotte bought all the spearfishing gear and wanted my ex to come to the beach (we lived near the sea) while she was hunting for fish, totally confused I asked when did Charlotte begin spearfishing and why she never mentioned it to me? My ex answered that she didn’t know why but Charlotte told her recently that she was pretty big into spearfishing in her youth and wanted to begin again. That’s exactly at this time that all my “no attraction” vibe from Charlotte disappeared and I was pretty interested in this.

I was excited to hear from my ex at the end of the day when she will get back from the beach, and I was not wrong, as she got back, she told me “You should have seen charlotte spearfish, she’s a fish! I’ve never seen someone staying underwater for so long, and she speared so many fish, she’s a badass!”, for me it was hot, just thinking about her raising her fins above the water and slowly disappearing from the surface and not coming back for a certain time because she was down here killing fishes was so hot.

Later in this day I’ve received a text from charlotte telling me to come at her place without my ex because she wanted to talk to me, since everything was totally cool between us I’ve told my ex and went to her place, it was a Saturday so no job tomorrow and we were two weeks from spring holidays (we took the same period of holidays to be all together so charlotte can crash at our home for a week).

So I went to charlotte’s place, when she opened the door she was a little bit concerned, I asked her “What’s up? you seems odd”, she told me to take a drink and sit because she had something to say to me.

Here goes the beginning of the sneaky slut.

**Introduction: the cold truth and the hottest and sneakiest plan ever**

*Charlotte: I’m gonna be straightforward John (me), you and Emma (ex) should break up.*

*Me: Wait what the f*ck ?*

*C : Listen, you two are fooling yourself, she talks to me that nothing is great and you tell me that you don’t know if you still have feeling for her and you said she’s flirting with other guy on Instagram, it’s been 1 year that your relationship is in this hectic state, slow ups and big down, and you two have cold feet, neither you or her have the guts to tell stop, so I’m telling you that you are not meant to each other and you will be both happy with someone else or alone.*

*M: I don’t know, maybe you are right, I don’t know where I am, sort of losing my mind, but I think that I can work something out, for the flirting part on Instagram I think that just a phase or a call for attention.*

*C: John, she’s really talking to that guy on Instagram, it’s not yet serious because she doesn’t want to hurt you but it’s sort of on the way, stop being too kind and let it go, you two are not attracted to each other anymore you have a great friendship but it’s not like a couple, and she told me that you said that you were frustrated in sex, that she’s not into you anymore. You should both move on really before it get ugly, you can end this in good terms, but you must tell her first…*

*M: well that sort of hurt, but I still think that there is way to …*

*C: John, don’t you want a girl that can make you cum with her mouth while wearing slipper socks?*

*I was shocked*

*M: My god that true that she told you about my sexual fetishes, and she told you that I’ve never been finished with a blowjob, anyway I’m not comfortable talking about that*

*C: John it’s ok, your fetishes are not creepy, she doesn’t find out anything about it and doesn’t want to get involved in this, trust me I know a lot about this and I’ve told Emma that she make this a drama and if she can’t handle fetishes like that then she would never satisfy you sexually, again you two are not compatible and I think that your fetishes are hot.*

*M: It’s only hot for me, I will go to a psychologist like she insisted so I will move on with theses fetishes and try to work something, that’s why I’m frustrated in sex*

*C. John I’m not gonna suck your dick right now to prove that even without wearing slippers I can make you cum in less than 5 minutes, you don’t need to go to a psychologist to fix that, your fetishes are hot for me, and it will be the same for another girl that can work with them, so I think that you should experience someone that fully accept your fetish and play with them, and that’s exactly why we are gonna play a little game like a challenge, if I win you will tell Emma that’s it’s over.*

*M: Wait, and what if I win?*

*C: You will not win, if you follow the rules, you will never win, you see I also have a massive fetish that I’ve all the time fantasized, I’ve tried to do it but never quite successfully, but if you follow the rules everything will be ok, first are you ok with playing this little challenge?*

*M: I cannot lie, I’m fucking interested in this, but what’s your massive fetish and what does it have in common with my fetishes?*

*C: Ok, I’ve all the time wanted to try it, and it’s so hot for me, so I just want to suck someone until he cums but in the most sneakiest way efficient, I want to blow someone while he’s next to someone else like his girlfriend or wife , I want to make him cum in my mouth after sucking him for a little while and I want to be so quiet that the person next to him don’t see it or hear it, and the hottest part, I will be hidden or wearing something that makes me totally undetectable. So, john, will you be the first person to fulfill my biggest fetish of all time? if you accept, I will told you the rules.*

*M: Honestly that’s seems pretty hard to do, how can you do that without the other person hearing or questioning something? But you know what? I’m on what the rules and what’s your plan?*

*C: Ok so when we will be all together on the beach house in 1 week, I will have all the week to make you cum three times with my mouth in the sneakiest way efficient, I won’t tell you how or even when, if I make you cum three times next to Emma, you will leave her at the end of the week…*

*M: Oh, what do I have to do then? do you have a signal like I come to join you somewhere or I will just have to put my cock out?*

*C: No, I will strike when I chose, don’t worry you will notice when it will be the time, and also very crucial, the rules are:*

*- Don’t moan when I blow you*

*- Do not touch me*

*- Don’t move when I have my mouth around your cock, don’t ever thrust your cock to my mouth, I will do all the job you just have to wait and stand still and not move just as soon as my mouth is touching your dick*

*- And when you will cum, DO NOT MAKE ANY SOUNDS, take it on yourself, clinch your teeth, but do not make any noise when I will do my thing*

*Don’t you worry for me, if you don’t make any sounds, I will be unnoticeable, when you will finish just take it as nothing happened, do not look at me, do not try to reach me, just do your things like you uses to.*

*You can go now, prepare your breakup speech because you will lose.*

I went back to my house after this conversation, I was sort of stunned of what I’ve heard, at one point I’ve started to think that I was dreaming. anyway fast forward to the vacation week at the beach house, we took the road on Sunday evening with my ex, Charlotte was joining the next day, Monday morning, I didn’t see her much since the conversation, but when she arrived at the house I was aroused, I didn’t see her like a friend anymore, I’ve noticed that her body was quite toned when she walked out of her car, she must had been doing some serious workout, and also I wanted to see what will happen this week and how she will manage to do this things to me.

The first day went well, it was awkward for me at first, but Charlotte wasn’t pretty interested in me, she was just talking of anything like she was used to, she was pretty typical.

**Monday night: The ninja blowmando**

Charlotte went to bed at 9pm, she was sort of exhausted of the trip, my ex followed shortly after and I decided to go to bed 1 hour later.

The bedroom where I was sleeping with my ex was at the first floor, the bedroom of Charlotte was just next to ours, all lights where off, it’s was sort of dark, according to my night routine I was checking social media on my phone for 20 minutes, but I had this strange feeling of being observed from the hallway, since I wasn’t seeing anything and our bedroom’s door was open I didn’t investigated and I wondered that it was probably my mind doing tricks, eventually I started to sleep at 11:30pm.

I was sleeping at the left side of the bed, it was a large bed, king size, not too high and it had a small space under the bed where you can go through but it was pretty narrow next to me there was a big wardrobe with a massive mirror, and a small rug to put your feet on when you wake up and a nightstand with a clocks on.

Midnight : I wake up, maybe I heard sound but as a wake up I didn’t heard anything, I was still in bed just looking at the surroundings, even if it was dark I’ve noticed that the rugs next to the bed moved, it was more closer to the wardrobe, didn’t had the motivation to get up and take it back next to the bed so I said, fuck it lets sleep.

Half past midnight: I wake up again, this time my blanket was at my ankles, since I’m sleeping naked the breeze of the night must have waked me up, I putted the blanked back on my hips I went to sleep again, this time I switched to my left side at the very edge of the bed, turning my back to my ex sleeping and facing the wardrobe with the big mirror.

1am : That’s when I felt it, a warm sensation on my cock, someone was blowing me, I waked up and didn’t see anything directly since it was dark, I turned my head to the right to see if my ex was still sleeping, nope she was still sleeping, someone was sucking my cock and it was not my ex, I wasn’t confused and sort of frozen, I knew it was Charlotte but something was odd, as I was getting used the dark, I started to distinguish more things, and charlotte have very gorgeous hair and a lot of volume, but the shadow who was delightfully sucking me didn’t have hair like charlotte, more like a round head form, like something with no hair, she was black, I mean she was like a shadow

To be sure It was charlotte, I broke the first rule, so I put my hands on his head and that’s when I felt that it was a hood, and mostly a velvet hood, Charlotte was wearing a fucking black velvet hood, she immediately took strongly my hand and that’s when I felt that she was wearing velvet gloves, I was like “WTF? ” And she took my hand and put it on my hips, sort of a way to telling me “It’s me, don’t fucking move”, so I didn’t move.

The blowjob was amazing, I had never felt something like this, the way she was sucking my cock, twisted her tongue on my tip, and all of that without making any fucking sounds was astonishing, she was taking her time doing slow and quiet head movements to not make any noise, as I was sort of used of the dark, my vision was more clear, I’ve looked at the wardrobe mirror where I can see myself and charlotte on her knee blowing me, I’ve noticed that she was wearing a black tight catsuit too, she was dressed like a ninja, and that’s when I remember that she was probably her who was observing me from the hallway before I went to sleep but I could not see her since she was wearing a full black ninja cat woman suit, this things turned me on so I broke the first rule, I moaned, it was so good and so hot that’s I moaned and eventually my ex started to move, Charlotte was still sucking me quietly, eventually my ex started to wake up, and got out of the bed, Charlotte hearing this quietly ducked and lied on the ground, I was so stressed so in panic I told my ex “Hey everything good?” She answered, “Yeah I’m fine I just have to go to the bathroom”, I was frightened, my ex had to pass right in front me to go to the toilet, and Charlotte was on the ground next to me, where she would hide?

Then my ex turned the light of the night stand on, the room was lighted on, I panicked even more and when I turned back to see where Charlotte was this is when I saw her legs in the black catsuit and she was wearing black ballerina slipper socks, the one I like, and these slippers are so quiet when you walk with them, that’s why she put them on, to approach me in my sleep without making any sounds, she crawled under the bed, and I saw her feet wearing slippers disappearing under the bed, just has my ex passed by, then I took a look at the mirror right in front me, I was able to see her under the bed from the mirror she was almost camouflaged because it was black under the bed, I was just seeing her face in this black velvet mask, it had three holes, two for the eyes and one for the mouth.

As my ex was in the bathroom, Charlotte was looking at me from under the bed, I can not forget this face, she had this grin, and she was licking her lips while staring at me, my dick was so hard, seeing her patiently waiting under the bed that my ex come back to sleep so she can finish me off was a fucking hot.

As my ex finished she noticed that the rug was out of place, and that’s when I see her grab it to put it back right next to the bed, and then I saw charlotte move discreetly further back under the bed, she was afraid that my ex spotted her under, so she curled up and looked elsewhere (I was only noticing her head since I was seeing her eyes and her lips, all other parts of her body was plain black) and just when she did this, she just disappeared, her outfit blended so well with the darkness under the bed that she totally disappeared like an octopus camouflage who blended on a rock and where you cannot even notice it, the room was lighted on and we cannot even see her under the bed with her catsuit, it was so hot.

My ex eventually went back to bed, I was still hard, so as she went back to bed, I went back on my left side to let Charlotte finish me.

As soon as my ex turned the light off, I saw charlotte crawled quietly and slowly out of bed, she didn’t wanted to wait my ex to go back to sleep, she wanted to finish me quick, so she slowly went back on her knees and started to blow me again without making any noise, eventually the situation was so hot that I’ve started to feel that my cum was about to get out, And I’m pretty sure that my ex was still not asleep, It felt so good and I wasn’t able to contain everything, I was about to cum and I was so focus to not make any noise while I was loading Charlotte mouth, but just as a I ejaculated, Charlotte took my cock all the way to her throat, my balls were at her mouth, as I was cumming she was just deepthroating my cum (I cummed for 45 seconds), and you know what, not fucking one decibel went out when she was doing this, she just deepthroated me, gulped down all my cum, down her throat, and swallowed without making any sounds, I was drained out, I just spaced out for 10 seconds just to give me time to take my mind back from that and she wasn’t there, so I wake up, took my phone and I went to her bedroom, because I was so turn on that I wanted to take her ass on her bed but the door was closed and locked and this is when I received a text from her saying :

*1 done, 2 to go.*

**Wednesday morning: The mermaid kiss**

Charlotte blowjob from Monday night left me totally astonished all Tuesday, I tried to not be in contact with her all day since I wanted to fuck her so hard, I just cummed for the first time from a blowjob and I started to think that she knows what she’s doing and she’s probably gonna end this challenge victorious.

Wednesday morning, she woke up at 8am, and come wake us up and said, “Hey I really went to go spearfishing today, can you both come with me, so you can watch me?”, this is where I knew that I would have a hard on all morning.

We went to the spearfishing spot, it was on rocks, me in my ex settled on some flat rock so we can put all our stuff, the spot had a direct access to the sea, the first meter underwater was already deep, it wasn’t like a beach when you walk underwater before swimming, as soon as you enter you already have 10 meters beneath you.

I saw charlotte pop up from bushes fully geared on, she was so hot, she was wearing a spearfishing wetsuit with a camouflage top and black pants, she had a weights belt on her waist, black gloves, black neoprene socks and long spearfishing fins on her right hand, and a big speargun plus a surface buoy (rest tube)on her left hand, seeing her wearing her wetsuit really tight on her legs was enough to begin to make my dick semi hard, I know that she was up to something but I didn’t how she was able to do something to me.

Right before entering the water she said to us “I’m going to go, if you guys want to come see my I’ve bought two big donuts buoy that you can take and come watch me hunt from the surface”, my ex asked how long should we wait her to come back from a dive before calling the 911 ? she answered “If I’m underwater for 3 minutes don’t worry I worked a lot lately on my breath hold” and she gave me a naughty look, she knows that It’s hot for me when a girl it’s staying more time underwater.

As she putting her fins up on the edge of the rock right above the water she told me to come, then she said “Do you still think I’m going to lose this challenge ?” and jumped on the water, I smirked and went back to my ex, it was finally a dream come true, it was the first time that I saw a girl practicing my fetish right in front of me, I sat with my ex,we both looked a Charlotte swimming and looking for fish.

She took her first dive, it was sort of messy, her flippers splashed everything, not graceful at all, my ex said, “her she goes, you will see how long she stay underwater that’s amazing”, 25 seconds later she pops up, that was probably a warmup dive, or she just tested if she was weighted enough to dive.

Then she swam out of vision, we were a bit surprised since she told us to watch her, but she went somewhere else and we stayed still.

It was strange with my ex, we didn’t have any conversation, we just stood here as people who just met and are very shy of each other, we just speak of things that don’t matters, and it started to flash me how we are not meant to each other, we didn’t have the same interested and we were stranger to each other, so I lie down and she just look at the sea waiting for charlotte to come back.

30 minutes have passed and Charlotte came back in our vision, we saw her swimming at the surface, she seemed in hunt mode as we saw her head looking everywhere from the surface, then she stop swimming and stand still at the surface, her body positioned horizontally to the water, she didn’t move for 50 seconds, my ex then said “oh, she saw something, I think that she will go”, and then as she ended this phrase we saw charlotte right leg raising to the sky, unveiling her long black carbon fins breaking the surface, gliding slowly to the sea, and then disappearing underwater without making any sounds, my ex said “OMG did you said how cool that was, she’s a ninja ! she didn’t make any sound”, I knew that this duck dive was perfectly executed, and my dick was hard.

We were scouting the sea, there was no wave, totally glassy, 30 seconds passed, I was counting in my head and the more seconds passed, the more I wanted charlotte to choke on my dick…

1 minute 30 passed, my ex said, “It’s amazing, she’s good!” I wasn’t saying a word because I never saw someone staying this long underwater, I was thinking that it was the girl who was blowing me Monday night, and it was making me uncomfortable since my dick was so hard.

2 minutes 45 have passed, I’m so hard that I must stand up, so my ex doesn’t notice it, she then says “It’s a been a long time, don’t you want to check on her? She’s a fish, how can you stay this long underwater? What’s her breath hold time? I didn’t track», well it was 3 minutes 05 because I tracked, I said “Let’s wait, it’s 20 meter down where she is, I’m gonna take the donut buoy and go on the water”.

At 3minutes 25 she pops up, gasping hair, and showing and spear and her catch, she took a gigantic fish, it Was probably 10 or 12 kg, my ex applauded, and I was so aroused, Charlotte took her knife and finished the fish and proceeded to attach him on her weight belt. She noticed me entering to the water with the donut buoy.

Since my cock was so hard, I decided to lie on my stomach on the buoy, so my crotch was aligned with the hole in the buoy and I was comfortable enough to swim toward Charlotte without being spotted by my ex.

As I was swimming to charlotte, she took her snorkel out of her mouth and shouted to my ex “Can you take the chronometer on my bag and track my next dive please? And also, can you come too with your buoy?” My ex nodded and was preparing stuff.

I was looking at charlotte, she was 5 meters from me, I didn’t want move, she gave me a glance and putted her snorkel on her mouth, and then she stayed horizontally on the surface, she was gonna dive soon! and she was 5 meters from me.

She stayed 1 minutes still and then she did the same movement, raising her legs and emerging her long flippers underwater, and I was seeing her from the surface disappearing in the deep, it was so hot that I had to put by swim short down so my dick can be freely erect, and no one can see that since I was lying on my stomach.

I took a look at my ex, she tracked the dive and was preparing to join me with her buoy, she was 20 meters from me, and Charlotte was underwater for 1 minutes, I was trying to see where she was from the surface but with her wetsuit blending perfectly to the depths, I wasn’t able to see her.

As I was checking on my ex to see that she was slowly approaching to us, I immediately heard a sound from under the boy, a rattling sound of water, and then suddenly I felt something wet grabbing my shaft and something warm on the tip on my dick, here she goes, Charlotte was in the hole of the buoy sucking me from under, I didn’t move, I know that it was her, that’s why she grabbed with her neoprene gloves my dick so I can’t move or be surprised firstly, I stayed still on the buoy lying while she was playing vigorously with my dick.

I felt her salty saliva around my cock, the way she deepthroated me made me remember Monday night, since my ex was far she was making sloppy noise with my dick, she licked my balls, slobbered my cock and was playing with my dick like a good little slut, since I had a great time, I didn’t paid attention to where my ex was, and mostly I didn’t track time since Charlotte dived, but my ex did.

And since she was under the boy, breathing and blowing me I didn’t know if she was supposed to come back anywhere soon.

That’s when I heard my ex shouting “John Where she’s ? it’s been 5 minutes ! check where she’s or we have to call 911, I’ve never seen her staying that long, something up” and she was moving quickly towards us, Charlotte heard her too so she gave me one last stroke, took a big breath, and quickly immerged herself, I felt the water splashing my dick because she popped her head back in the water and I saw her going in the bottom of the sea so my ex cannot see her.

She didn’t plan this I think, she wanted to finish me on her first attempt, so as my ex was swimming with her buoy towards me, Charlotte emerged right in front of her!

My ex almost fell of her buoy , Charlotte fainted a big gasp of air, my ex checking at the chrono said “Omg Charlotte it’s dangerous, you stayed for 5 minutes and 30 seconds, how can you do that ? you told us to be worried at 3 minutes” then charlotte quickly answered ” No, I told you to not be worry at three minutes, I never said how long I can stay” , ok Charlotte was frustrated, she looked at me seriously and said to my ex “I’ve seen a big fish, I’m going to try another big dive, don’t stay to close to each other or the shadow of yours buoy will scare the fish” She put her snorkel back on, my ex moved back to be 4 meters from me (that’s still near from me).

I didn’t move, that’s the rule, when Charlotte put her mouth on my cock I would not move until I cum, so followed the rules. And I know what’s she’s up to, so I just must wait her.

She proceeded to her pre dive routine, she stayed still on the surface and take her dive, this time it was done so quietly that we just heard a little rattling of water when her fins immerged. we both looked at her disappearing onto the depths and my ex said, “that’s so impressive to see her go deep, we can’t even see her from there!”, I just had to wait but this time she have to be careful because my ex is near…

After 2 minutes, I felt a little breath on my dick, it was her, she was recuperating from her dive, but she had to not make any noise, so she managed to emerge unnoticed and started to take her breathing back to typical to finish her job. and then she started to take my cock slowly in her mouth, doing all her tricks, I lasted 1 minutes, all the situation was so hot that I finished in 1 minutes, she did the finish technique like Monday night, took everything on her throat without making any sounds, not even a water sound, I firmly grabbed the buoy handle to not moan like a madman, she did it again, she drained me out, I felt a kiss on my tip and then nothing, I was trying to see from the surface where she was, I saw a quick shadow going into the deep, damn she was so sneaky, my ex didn’t said anything, she was tracking the time, Charlotte stayed 2 minutes underwater to finally pop and have a supposed dive time of 5 minutes again.

My ex was astonished by her breath time, so do I, but my ex didn’t know that Charlotte finished me off 4 meters from her, Charlotte looked at me and showed two with her fingers, meaning that she just have one more try to win the challenge, I wanted to fuck her so bad…

**Friday night: The Sofa soul snatching chameleon**

At this point, even if Charlotte didn’t finish the challenge, I was pretty sure to talk to my ex this weekend to end all of this, Charlotte already won, she showed me that indeed I had to discover a partner that can distribute this sort of experience… The spearfishing aftermath or Wednesday morning totally affected me, Charlotte already give me 2 of my best sex experience yet and we didn’t fuck! The sexual tension between me and her was so too much, my ex was on Instagram all week, so she didn’t notice that, Charlotte started to give me more glances, she was turned on too and wanted to finish this.

This leading us to Friday night, at my ex’s beach house the living room had a big sofa, so big that you can fit a football team in here, you can lie down on it and mostly it was comfortable.

Since it gets chilly at the end of the day Charlotte bought a thick grey blanket to be comfortable on the sofa, it matches perfectly with the sofa which is also grey.

We decided to watch a movie all three of us, I was at the right end of the sofa, my ex was 4 meters away from me and Charlotte decided to be on the other part so totally at the opposite of me.

So as the movie starting Charlotte decide to quickly go check something on her bedroom, she didn’t want us to pause the movie, my ex was on Instagram “chatting with a friend” so it didn’t matter, I was the only one watching. I had the grey blanket on me, it was so comfortable and hot that I was just wearing boxers’ underneath. At one point Charlotte asked from the first floor if my ex can go make popcorn, since she was chatting with that guy it was the perfect time for her to be alone.

That’s when I heard the charlotte coming from the stairs, she changed herself, she was wearing a black top, some grey leggings and some grey ballerina slipper socks, the perfect pair for me, but strangely the slippers were the same fabric as the blanket, it was the same, she went quickly towards me, asked me to take off my boxers, lift my legs and give her space to fit in.

In less than a minute she put herself in a position that I can’t describe , she just tucked under the blanket, wrapped her body around my left legs and my waist, her head was lying on the sofa just in front of my crotch and only her slippers and a little bit of her legs was out of the way, at first at didn’t know why she just contortioned herself to do that but as soon as she ask me to put the blanket back on me like I had before and it went clear, I doesn’t look that there is a person under the blanket, because of the thickness of the blanket it just seems that I have it on normally, other thing only a little bit of her legs and slippers get out of the blanket but since the slippers are the same fabric as the blanket we don’t see anything ! I mean you must really look at it but if you give it a quick look you will never notice that there are slippers at the edge of the blanket and even less that there is another person wrapped on me.

So she was in position, I felt her tongue quickly on my dick, she tested the distance, and she didn’t move, she was waiting, now my ex can come at any minutes so I cannot move, I just must wait and enjoy.

My ex went back with popcorn, I was sweating she went next to me to give me the bucket, and asked “Charlotte is still upstairs? where is she?” I shrugged my shoulder and told that I didn’t’ know, she brushed off and went back to her place, she was just at Charlotte feet, she didn’t notice everything! she was talking right in front on me and didn’t even suspect anything.

My ex went back to her spot, back on her phone, chatting, and then I started to look at Charlotte feet, she was wiggling her feet in those slippers to make me hard ! feet that are 4 meters from my ex, well it didn’t took long to have my dick hard and in her mouth, I felt her mouth around my cock, but this time it wasn’t the same pace as Monday or Wednesday, she took everything really really slow, and quiet too, she sucked me like this for 45 minutes, I don’t know how she did it but every time I was about to cum she went slow, she was edging me without making any noise.

It was so hot for me and so hard for me to not make any sounds, that’s why I’ve leveled up the volume of the movie and when they was an action scene I was gasping heavily or letting a moan go because it was too good, it was too hot to know that she was wrapped to my legs and waist, slowly deepthroating me without making any noise and playing with those slippers to play with my fetishes, my ex was totally oblivious of this…

But there was a issue, if I cum, Charlotte can’t go out, we will be spotted by my ex, and at one point she will look up for her or worst she will ask me to get up and check for her, it’s tense!

At one point, all the excitation, all the things that Charlotte done to me over the week I cummed, but this time she did not deepthroat, she took it on her mouth and spilled out gently on my pubis, it was warm and odd but what’s the point? now that I’ve cum what will she do? she wasn’t moving, or sucking me…

Then thirty seconds later my ex received a text and said ” This is Charlotte she lost something, I’m going to check in my car if she didn’t forget it there” my ex get up and went to the door of the house, Charlotte had her phone and send her a text to get her out of the couch.

Charlotte didn’t move yet, and then as soon as my ex closed the door from the house (meaning that she was outside) I felt Charlotte sucking my glans very strongly , she was frenetic, the suction was so hard and the movement so intense that I felt something very strange, I was weak, shaking, moaning, light, dizzy, I couldn’t restrain myself, I was moaning so hard, she was snatching my soul, and then I cummed another time, this time more harder than before, how did she make my cum two times in 2 minutes ? well she just snatched my soul, after that she licked the cum from my previous blowjob out of my pubis and went back to the stairs, I was drained and unable to move from what’s happened, my ex went back in and Charlotte get down to the stairs telling my ex that she finally found out, and then like that she just won that challenge.

In the week end I had the conversation with my ex, we broke up, I never said anything about Charlotte, she told me that she was indeed flirting with that guy but didn’t want to end things with me because I was too nice.

For Charlotte I didn’t see her this week end because she went to her sister place, I eventually fucked her month later but that’s another story, less slutty that this one.

NSFW: yes

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