i (24f) hooked up with a woman twice my age

Ok, so I was on Tinder this weekend, bored as usual, and swiping because I didnt have any plans. I somehow ran out of dudes in my area to swipe on and decided to switch it over to women. After a few swipes on gorgeous women, i matched with Olivia, who was 49, divorced, and gorgeous. She has gorgeous, straight blond hair and an awesome style. She told me I was cute and asked if she could bring me to drinks with her gal pals.

We went to this classy bar downtown. I met her there. I was stunned, her long black dress and heels accentuated her mom bod. I wore a white dress and big black boots, and even tho Im pretty tall, she was like an amazon. Her friends were all super classy too, but she said I looked very adorable so it was nice. She bought me a cosmo immediately, and we chatted forever at the bar. After a drink, her arm was around the back of my chair. After another, we decided to go to a new place. As we walked down the street, she grabbed my ass and wrapped her arm around me.

The next place was also classy and pretty low key. It was up in a building downtown, so we were in a private little booth overlooking the entire city. Her arm was on my leg the entire time, moving slowly toward my thong as we talked to her friends. Eventually, her friends started leaving (they had husbands), leaving us in the booth.

She rubbed my clit as i sipped on another cosmo. It was so gentle how she touched me and called me an angel, i melted right there. When she asked if she could take me to her place for a glass of wine, I said yes without hesitating.

We made out in the back of the uber the whole way there. The driver, a cute woman my age, simply said “damnnnn get it, mama!” As soon as we were in the elevator up to her apartment, she got on her knees and started kissing my panties. I was moaning sooo hard when we got to her floor. She took me into her place, and we made out and dry humped each other as we stripped down for an hour. Her chest was immaculate. I sucked on her nipples for a long time. She sucked on my pierced nipples for a bit, then told me “i want you to taste me”. I crawled down to her panties and took them off. Her bush was impressive, and a big turn on for me. Her pussy was sooooo sweet as I started eating her out. She came on my tongue as she called me a good girl. I asked if she wanted to taste me, and I rode her face until I came too. She ate my ass soooo good.

She got up and grabbed a strap on, and proceeded to fuck me silly. Ive literally never been fucked as good as she fucked me. She knew exactly how to make me cum, and I made a big puddle on her sheets as she turned my ass red and my pussy into jello. She made me clean off her strap on with my mouth before she put it away

I used her vibrator on her until she came really hard again. We passed out, naked in each other’s arms until the morning. She was up before me and made my pancakes after rubbing my tits for a while. I woke up to her just admiring my body which made me feel sooooo cute ❤️

She gave me her instagram so we’ve been chatting ever since. Her job is super busy so she never has time, but hopefully we can get drinks with the girls again this weekend 😌❤️

NSFW: yes

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