I (24f) had sex with my neighbor because his wife didn’t like that i was sunbathing in our own backyard! [MF]

this was back before I really left home, so it’s been a while.

The next-door neighbor was a b*tch who hated me. She was a religious jerk who criticized everything you did. One summer I sunbathed in my backyard in bikinis, not nude. She told my parents I was indecent and a distraction for her son and husband. Which is hilarious, but whatever lmao.

My parents finally got so sick of her complaining that they told me to stop. I was angry and decided to teach the smug girl a lesson. I hit on her husband whenever I saw him, sometimes in front of her. I at all times said he looked good, how I liked older men, and wore tight clothes and low-cut tops to show it. After a while, he started flirting back.

After helping me carry in a new desk all summer, I finally got him inside. Since it was hot, I offered him water. I sucked his dick, and he fucked me on the kitchen table. He was mine then. For a month, I fucked him every other day. In their shared bed, I fucked him. I repeatedly sucked his soul. I let him cum on my face, down my throat, on my tits, and inside me. For him, I wrecked his sexual relations with his wife. She will never be as good as I am, nor will she ever be as promiscuous. Vengeance was mine! Lmao

I don’t recall everything that happened, but I wondered you guys might enjoy hearing about it nonetheless haha.

NSFW: yes

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