I [23 M] jerked off in front of my sister in law.

Some years ago my wife and I were staying with her parents. Her younger sister was also staying there at the time.

Our two rooms were situated next to one another at the back of a long hall. Directly across from both rooms was our shared bathroom.

One morning, on my day off, I awoke to the sound of my wife stirring as she got ready to head off to work. Watching her dress in the morning is a treat and all the time gets my riled up. Watching her slip on a tiny little thong and then dancing her big, round ass into a skin tight pencil skirt is just divine.

I had already woke up hard, but now I was surging. As soon as she left I had my hand on my cock. It was super early and her sister was a night owl like me, so I didn’t discover any reason to get up and shut the open door. Besides, I was so horny I didn’t much care about anything other than rubbing my dick.

As I begin to get into it hot and heavy I pull my boxers down below my cock and balls. At this point, I’m jerking in full view. One hand is rubbing my balls while the other is hammering away at my throbbing cock. My eyes are in the back of my head at this point as I feel myself getting closer to cumming.

I’m breathing harder and I’m letting out soft grunts as I’m so wound up. Amidst the heat of it all I hear a door click and my heart surges into overdrive. I open my eyes and the bathroom door is closed.

One of two things has happened: either I’ve been made or the person entering the bathroom didn’t look over as they shut the door behind them.

Now, I should add, I love to get caught. I’m not someone that flashes my dick intentionally, but I love when things happen naturally.

My sister in law is a few years younger, probably 19 or 20 at the time, and is quite cute. All the girls have great asses. She’s got a bit more to her, but she definitely shares my wife’s create. Staying with her I’d come to notice just how much she moves her ass when she leaves a room. Almost like she wants me to notice.

My brain is now in overdrive and in my gooned out state I choose to continue masturbating. Only now I’ve edged myself closer to the edge of the bed. I can feel the orgasm building as I wait for her to emerge, but I hold back.

Eyes closed, I hear the door click. No other sounds. I continue to softly moan and stroke my pulsing cock. I peek and notice she’s standing there in the doorway. Stood a bit back, just watching. Not upset, just watching.

I don’t open my eyes or engage in anyway that might make her leave. Instead, I soldier on. I feel her eyes on me and I’m ready to cum. As I feel my load building I begin to turn towards the door of the room.

Finally, I cum. I cum hard and I cum loud. Ropes of hot sticky white cum hitting the floor in her direction. As I cum I can’t help but open my eyes and see her still standing there. She says nothing and walks to her room as if she had only just opened the door.

I’ve never cum so hard.

NSFW: yes

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