I [21F] let my best friend [22M] cum on my face during Friendsgiving.

Ok so this is happened this past Sunday, and I’ve never written one of these so bare with me. I’m probably just going to go ahead and change names for privacy purposes.

My name is Claire and I’m a 21 year old school student currently at home for thanksgiving. I have long brunette hair, about 5’6 and a toned body. My parents were out with their friend group at a party, they told me I could have a few friends over to host a Friendsgiving, it’s basically just a typical thanksgiving but it’s all good friends and they bring food and we play games, it’s so much fun! These friends have been friends of mine since HS, we don’t go to the same school so the only time we get to hang out is in the summer or holidays.

It was 3 of my girlfriends and my best guy friend Luke! Luke has all the time been kinda a brother to me, he’s 6’1 and has medium sandy blonde hair. He works out a bit so he all the time has a great body, not that I ever took a good look 😉 They all kinda started coming over to my house around 6pm, first Rachel and Emily came, followed by Jessica and Luke. The first two girls brought green bean casserole and a veggie platter, Jessica brought a blueberry pie and Luke brought seafood macaroni, Luke currently takes culinary courses in school so I was looking forward to trying his food!

Anyways, as I greet Luke at the door he gives me a cute smile and kinda checks me out a little bit. I was wearing a yellow sweater and black leggings and my long brunette hair was in a ponytail. I didn’t think much of it, Luke has a gf at the moment and he never really had in feelings for me… that I know of. From what I remember he smelled really nice and was wearing a black sweater with dark jeans. We embraced in a hug, gave him a little smirk then brought him and my other friends to the kitchen to get everything set up.

We had a great time during dinner and shared laughs and told stories, me and Luke kept sharing glances at each other, maybe it was the wine, but I was starting to get a little horny. Especially since my parents weren’t home and it was just the few of us. As we ate, Luke was telling us how him and his gf weren’t doing so well and they actually had a fight before he came over, me and her aren’t really mutual friends so I never wondered about inviting her. Luke didn’t seem to be all that happy the whole time, except for a few laughs we had during dinner. My being single myself wasn’t too shy making sure Luke saw my glances and smiles. He sat across from me and I even tried to play footsie with him a few times haha. As we got up Luke asked if he could help with the dishes, I wondered that was the cutest thing, I said no it’s ok. Go ahead and take a seat on the couch for our movie night.

Yes, so after dinner we all gathered around on the couches for movie night, I had The Notebook on dvd so we all agreed to watch that. I had two couches in my living room, Jessica and Rachel sat on one, while Emily sat on the other couch. I was on the other side, and as Luke came back from the bathroom, to my surprise he cuddled up next to me on the couch. Not super close, but enough to get a few looks from my other friends lol. It was very confident of Luke, I’ll give him that! I honestly just decided to go with it. Grabbed a blanket and we laid there for the next hour.

The lights were off so the only light was from the tv, I mean that was still a good bit… but wasn’t enough for my friends to see what I was doing under the blanket 🙂 I could feel Lukes dick getting pretty hard as it was rubbing up on my leg, now this really turned me on. I mean the fact my best friend had a hard on for me and he didn’t seem to care. Even if there was enough light, my friends were half asleep so Iit probably didn’t matter anyways. I started slowing caressing his cock on the outside of his pants, it felt big! Like maybe 7 inches but wasn’t too sure since he was wearing jeans.

We looked at each other and smiled, I asked Luke if he wanted to go back to my room, my friends were practically asleep and I was done caring what anyone wondered. I took his hand and led him back to my room. I turned the lights off, took off my sweater and told him to sit on my bed. I could tell this toon Luke by surprise, I bet he never imagined his best friend of so many years would be doing this with him rn. But as I said before, he has a great body and was hot. I had on a white bra that really caressed my 36B breast. As I sat on the bed I straddled him and he started sucking on my tits, I let out soft mosns as he continued to suck and fondle my boobs. Luke then took off his shirt and laid down on my bed. We both took off our pants and I slipped off my panties, he saw me doing so and took off his boxers as well. His dick was still hard from the couch so not much more foreplay was needed. We were both completely naked and i got on top of his legs and started sucking him off. Luke started moaning, I could telll how good this felt for him. I too my hand and jerked his cock while I licked the tip of his penis, occasionally going lower to suck on his balls.

An overjoyed Luke got up and flipped me over in doggy position, as we got in position we heard a phone ring… it sounded like a Snapchat notification. We both checked our phones, the sound came from Luke’s and he said his gf has been trying to call him and snap him. To my surprise like didn’t even open the snap, he put the phone down and went straight into fucking me hard in doggy… I was like did he really just ghost his gf for me?? Is this happening right now? But fuck it that dick felt so good in my pussy, my petite ass was good enough for him apparently. His balls kept hitting my ass and it felt so good. It felt so amazing getting fucked in doggy by my best friend. Over the next 20 minutes of us fucking, his phone kept ringing… ring…. ring. But he didn’t care has he stood up and told me to get on my knees.

I never ever invisioned Luke to take control like this, he put his hard cock in my mouth and started face fucking me. I could tell he was close to cumming my his facial expression, I only had 1 bf before this so the experience was kinda new. Luke was way more skilled and passionate than my previous bf. I could taste the precum from his dick and it tasted so good. I stopped him briefly to tell him he could but all over my face. As his moans got louder he took his dick out and busted all over my face, a good bit of cum too. It was dripping down my chin and if was in my eyes…. and once again… his phone rang.. Luke said fuck it. Grabbed his phone, took a picture of me smiling with his thick cum all over me… and he sent it to his gf. We both let out giggles and embraced one another, making out for a few minutes. Then we both returned to the couch, my friends were all still asleep 🙂

Me and Luke have texted since then, yesterday he even asked me if I wanted to go on a date:)

NSFW: yes

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