I [21f] have a lesbian fantasy about my rival [21f] and accidentally admit it to her during a confrontation. She makes my fantasy come true with my first ever lesbian orgasm. [Story][Lesbian][First time] My Rival/My Rival

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Throughout my entire life, she was at all times there. We grew up gonna the same church and the same schools. Now we go to the same school and we even have the same major. Heck, I bet when we graduate, we’ll end up at the same job! That’s how intertwined our lives have been.

It sounds like I’m describing my best friend, doesn’t it? Unfortunately… I am not. McKayla is more like… my arch-rival. That’s right, she’s my rival, but I’m not hers.

There’s hardly any comparison. She’s so hot compared to me. Her long brown hair is naturally wavy. Her green eyes look so fierce, you would think they were contacts, but of course they’re real. And don’t get me started on her breasts. She has such a tight little body, you would think those things were implants. But of course, they’re naturally perfect, just like the rest of her.

McKayla has at all times known she is better than me. Though we often had people who were in both of our friendship circles, she never found a reason to be nice to me. As the more trendy girl, she at all times found methods of making sure I was put in my place.

I could have looked past it all because I was never used to being the center of attention, but there was one moment that really set us aside. When I was in ninth grade, my boyfriend, Brian, left me for her. Without even trying, she stole the one thing in my life that made me feel attractive.

They’re not even together anymore, but it doesn’t matter. Knowing she can effortlessly take any man from me is a constant reminder that I’m below her.


As I sat in class, I began staring at her as I often did. There was something about her confidence that radiated, leaving me unable to take my eyes off her. I don’t know if I was more jealous of her looks or the life she had.

Seeing her smiling and giggling around her friends would quickly remind me how pretty and charming she was. But no matter how attractive she was on the outside, I had a sheer dislike for the person she was on the inside. Occasionally, I’ve even called her the B word… just in my head, though.

Once class ended, she pivoted and shot me a look. With a simple smile, she left me panicking as I pretended to look towards someone else’s direction. But that confident smirk on her face proved she knew I was looking at her, and that I had all the reasons in the world to be envious.

Afterwards, I tried to avoid her and just walk back to my apartment. However, I was once again left in a daze, wishing I were in her shoes as she hung out with her circle of friends.

Brian was there, of course, probably wishing he could get back with McKayla if she would ever take him back. However, there was an even bigger blow to my ego. A crush of mine, Tom, who I wondered was in my circle of friends, also started hanging out with my rival. I wasn’t sure how close they were, but I couldn’t blame him for being drawn to her once she started giving him attention.

Once again, I was caught red-handed. McKayla and her entire group of friends looked towards me, noticing my inability to take my eyes off them. She then whispered something, causing her friends to laugh as they continued looking my way.

I didn’t know what she said, but I was left red with embarrassment. There’s no way she said something nice, I wondered to myself. Nobody laughs at compliments.

Most humiliating of all, Tom was also laughing, causing me to think I had lost my shot now that McKayla was potentially in the picture. For a brief second, I wondered about confronting the group and asking them what was so funny. But like I at all times do, I just hung my head in shame and rushed away, pretending it never happened.

Though I tried to save myself from further embarrassment, our interactions were far from over. My friends from when I lived in the dorms during freshman year had an intramural flag football team. Despite having no semblance of athleticism, they asked me to play because one of their girls couldn’t make it, and they would have to forfeit unless they found another girl.

“I don’t even know how to play football!” I argued, looking for any excuse not to join.

“It’s okay!” one of the boys explained, looking a bit desperate. “You’ll just be standing on the field so we don’t get this qualified. We don’t expect you to do much.”

I groaned, knowing things wouldn’t be that easy. Whenever it came to sports or exercising, I at all times made a fool of myself, proving I’m nothing more than a clumsy little dumb blonde.

Of course, they eventually convinced me to go, since I was incapable of standing up for myself. But despite all their attempts to comfort me, things went just as terribly as I suspected.

I let out a gigantic gasp as soon as I arrived. “What is she doing here?” I asked, as I noticed my rival on the field.

“I think she’s on the team we are playing against,” one of my friends responded. “Do you know her?”

“Kind of…” I said, looking her up and down. However, I didn’t feel like explaining that the cute little brunette was my rival.

As we got ready to play, and the boys quickly tried to teach me some skills, all I could do was dread the possibility of being matched up against her. We were similar in height and weight, though she had a much tighter body than me and bigger breasts. Neither of us really did sports growing up. However, I assumed she would be good at this, just like she was at everything else.

I wasn’t surprised when I realized Brian was on her team, but my jaw almost hit the floor once I saw Tom throwing the ball around with them. “Is he on their team too?!” I asked one of my closer friends.

“Tom? Yeah, he just joined them. Their whole team is actually really good.”

“Including McKayla?” I asked, dreading the answer.

My friend looked at me and said, “She’s their worst player, so you’ll probably be guarding her.”

My heart almost jumped out of my chest as those words haunted my brain. I was left cringing, wishing I could disappear and avoid the embarrassment that was sure to ensue.

As encouraging as my team was, including the other girls, it was no help. However, I found a glimmer of hope when I was told they almost never pass her the ball.

Unfortunately, things would be different in this game. Though she was definitely their worst player, she had never been guarded by someone as pathetic as me.

Looking so cute in her tank top and a little tight spandex shorts, she shot me a confident smile before the first play. I did my best to guard her, hoping they would throw the ball to someone else. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with her, leaving her wide open… every time.

Over and over, they threw her the ball as I struggled to keep up. She caught it every time, before leaving me in her dust. Touchdown after touchdown, she exposed me for the weak and unathletic girl that I was. After every play, I was left on my knees, gasping for air and trying to pick up my confidence.

I heard “Oohs” and “Ahhs,” coming from all directions as I kept my head down, trying to hide the embarrassment of being bested by her once again. I knew nothing about football, but I wanted to cry. As her team celebrated with her, I could only imagine how much Tom was laughing at me.

Just when I wondered it couldn’t get any worse, things escalated to a whole new level. We were already losing by so much, and there was no hope of winning the game. I had no idea why we were even still playing.

McKayla caught another pass, but this time I was right next to her. Feeling optimistic that I might finally do something right, I reached down and tried to get her flag. However, as I was reaching, my left foot tripped over my right, and I went stumbling forward.

My brunette rival didn’t have time to jump out of the way, causing me to stumble right into her. Unfortunately, instead of halting her in any way, I just bounced off her like the weak little girl that I am.

Though our height and weight are practically the same, she showed her superior strength, running me over like I wasn’t even there. Once again, she was left with nothing but open field as she trotted in for another score.

I didn’t know what to do. Standing up and facing my team would have been embarrassing enough. However, remaining on the ground would only further show how physically dominant she was to me, as she put me on my butt without even trying.

Just as expected, everyone was laughing at me as I walked off the field with my head down. My teammates tried to cheer me up, but it was to no avail. I had never felt like such a sad, pathetic loser, even though I was playing a sport that I hate.

That night, I tended to my poor little bruises as I tried to forget about the disaster at the football game. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the image of her imposing her physical strength over me out of my head.

As I got in the shower and washed all the sweat and dirt off my fragile body, I continued to think about the moment she easily overpowered me. Even though I don’t like her, I should consider myself lucky we’ve never gotten into it an actual fight, I wondered to myself. That little instance was a good indication of how things would go for me.

As I began scrubbing myself down, I started to think more about the humiliating idea of fighting her. She would embarrass me so bad! She would probably do anything she wanted to me.

The more I wondered about it, the more I realized how much she had already humiliated me. I started to wonder if things could get any worse.

Unfortunately, I was able to think of something even more embarrassing. She wouldn’t even waste her time actually beating me up, I imagined. She’d probably just treat me like a little kid and give me a spanking over her knee.

The wondered shook me to my core, causing me to come to a complete stop. It was such an embarrassing image in my head; being dominated and spanked like a little baby across my rival’s lap.

I quickly tried to take my mind away from that wondered as I continued to wash myself. Unfortunately, my brain kept going down a similar path as I compared myself to her.

When I washed my legs, I wondered about how perfectly sculpted hers were compared to mine. As I washed my breasts, I wondered about how big and perfect hers were even though they were on such a tight little body. And as I washed my bottom, I wondered about how firm and cute hers looked in her little spandex shorts.

It was a weird feeling, thinking about how hot she was while I finished cleaning myself off. However, the thoughts continued to fill my mind as I got dressed and made my way to the bed.

She’s so much better than me in every way, I pouted to myself as I stared up towards the ceiling. No wonder the guys want to be with her instead of me.

Naturally, I started to focus on attractiveness, as I wondered about the boys picking her over me. Who am I kidding? I would choose her over me too!

The only solace I had was that I knew I was a better person than her. She was such a bully; I would never want to be with someone like that.

Unfortunately, guys probably don’t think the same way I do. All they see is a hot little brunette with a badass attitude. And they probably care about what she’s like in bed, but I bet she’s good at that, too.

Finally, I was able to get the embarrassing image of her spanking me out of my head. However, it was replaced by a new image I was even more ashamed to think about.

A hot girl like her probably doesn’t have to do anything in bed and she would still be a dream come true, I said to myself. But since she’s good at everything, she’s probably amazing in bed too.

I bet she’s even great at giving oral, I wondered to myself. However, for some odd reason, instead of imagining her giving some lucky guy a blowjob, I imagined her going down on me!

What am I doing?! I frantically wondered as my eyes popped wide open. Why would I think of something so bizarre!?

As I tried to recover from the weird series of thoughts, I attempted to calm myself down by reassuring, I’m not into girls.

Surprisingly, my weird thoughts began to evolve, which led me down another bad path. She’s not into girls either… but I bet she would still be so great at eating a lucky girl out.

Though these were forbidden thoughts, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how sexy she would look between a woman’s legs. Perhaps it was wishful thinking, but I could only picture one girl being the lucky recipient.

She would probably give me an orgasm, I wondered to myself, sitting completely still. I remained motionless until I noticed drool coming from my mouth.

What the heck am I thinking about?! I quickly pondered, snapping myself out of it once again. I really, really dislike that… B word!

After such a tough day of being humiliated and belittled by McKayla, I tried my best to push any further thoughts of her away. But despite my reluctant attitude, there was one major problem preventing me from taking my mind off her; I had an urgent need to touch myself for some reason.

This is a weird time to want to do this, I wondered to myself, not understanding the connection.

I didn’t have the craziest sexual life. I actually considered myself quite boring for a twenty-two-year-old woman. However, on this rare occasion, I decided to at least feel myself out before gonna bed.

Much to my surprise, as I fought the urge to remember McKayla’s dominant performance over me, I realized I wasn’t just wet; I was absolutely soaking.

What the heck?! I wondered, now completely confused. I was so surprised, I immediately took my hand away from my crotch. Ultimately, I decided to just go to sleep, hoping it would help me get my mind off her.


Oddly enough, I wasn’t able to take my mind off McKayla for several days. I could only cringe at myself for imagining such a pleasurable experience with the woman I despised so much.

With her weighing so heavily on my mind, I just hoped to avoid her, in a world where she seemed to constantly be around. Much to my luck, we didn’t cross paths for the rest of the week. She must have skipped class like she at all times did; something that I would never dare to do, even if I knew there would be no consequences.

Unfortunately, my lucky streak came to an end when I went to the bar with a few of my friends. I usually don’t drink, so I like to offer myself as a designated driver. Fortunately for me, the group I went with was normally pretty responsible.

It was a Saturday night, and of course I couldn’t just enjoy one night without McKayla being there to completely ruin my mood. She was a few tables away, hanging out with her typical group of friends, including my ex and Tommy.

Though I wasn’t drinking, I felt like I was the one drunk, unable to keep a conversation or even concentrate on what was happening at my own table. All I could see was McKayla over there, having a good time with the boys.

I wish guys would be drawn to me like they are to her, I wondered to myself, unable to take my eyes off the gorgeous brunette. People often told me I was cute, but that’s a shell of a compliment compared to being sexy like her.

As the night went on, I noticed more and more drinks arriving and leaving their table. McKayla and her friends were getting loud and wild, partying it up like twenty-two-year-olds should.

Much to my surprise, as the music got louder, my rival got up to her feet and started dancing. She swayed that hot little body back and forth, looking ever so tempting in her black little dress.

As I stared on, I could only imagine what she was wearing underneath that sexy outfit. I bet she’s the type of girl that only wears thongs, I wondered, almost fantasizing about her body.

While continuing to gaze upon her while she danced, I went red in the face as I found an opportunity to see if I was right about her panties. After several drinks, she had become a little clumsy. She bent forward a little too far, allowing me to sneak a glance up her dress.

I don’t know what came over me, but my eyes roamed up her legs until they met her butt. Just as I expected, it was a thong! However, it was lavender in color. I’m not sure why that color surprised me, but it made me wonder how she’d look without the dress.

I started to notice glances coming from her table, towards my direction. I tried my best to ignore them. However, they were doing that thing again, where she would say something, and they would all begin laughing. I could only assume they noticed me staring and were now making fun of me.

I tried not to let it bother me, but it hurt knowing I was probably the butt of more jokes. Tom and Brian seemed to be laughing at me once again, as they hung out with the sexier and more entertaining woman.

I sat there wondering, Why does someone so cruel get to be so pretty? as I continued to peek over to her table. Then, oddly enough, I noticed all her friends making their exit, leaving only my rival at the table.

It was late, and my friends were about to head out. But as they were getting ready, I noticed my brunette rival staring right in my direction. I took a peek, then hid my face. Repeating the process over and over, I realized she was making no attempt to hide the fact she was glaring directly at me. My heart started racing as I finally built up the courage to make eye contact with her.

There I was, sitting in a loud bar, staring my rival right in the eyes from across the room. There were so many people and so many noises, and yet, it felt like we were the only ones in the entire bar.

Why the heck is she staring at me?! I frantically asked myself, trying to remain calm.

With a smirk on her face, McKayla mouthed something to me. I did a double-take, unable to believe what was happening. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make out what she was saying.

My friends suddenly interrupted us, not even noticing our interaction. “Are you coming?” one of them asked.

“I’ll leave in a minute…” I answered, while trying to hide the secret conversation I was having. “Are you guys all safe to drive?”

After my friends assured they were okay and made their way out, I quickly looked back towards McKayla’s table. Much to my surprise, she was coming right towards me. I felt my heart about to bounce out of my chest and she walked in slow motion, getting ever so close to my table.

“Hey Emily,” she said, almost snapping me out of my frozen state. Though our lives have intertwined for years, it was the first time she had directly spoken to me in a long time.

My heart pounded as I mustered up a response. “Hi… McKayla…”

“What’s going on?” she asked, taking a seat at my table.

Trying to remain cool, I responded, “Nothing much… Were you trying to say something to me earlier?”

She began chuckling her herself, as if she couldn’t believe I was unable to make out the words she was saying. She must have wondered I was such a dumb little blonde.

She shook her head and explained, “I was asking if you drove.”

“If I drove?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. “I did… Why?”

“Well, I’m drunk,” she explained, shrugging her shoulders. “So, do you want to give me a ride?”

I suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline going through my entire body. “Give you a ride?”

“Sounds like you don’t want to,” she said, laughing. “I don’t live that far from you. If you just let me ride with you to your apartment, I can walk from there.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to…” I said, quickly trying to refute her claim. “I’m just surprised you asked me instead of one of your friends.”

For some reason, she only laughed more before responding, “Well… I guess it’s just your lucky day.”

I grew even more confused by her response. But a pretty girl like her was probably used to people doing her favors. The more I wondered about it, the more rude it came off to me. But of course, I was much too nice to reject her demands.

When we got to my car, she hopped right in as if it were her own. It annoyed me a bit seeing her so quick to make herself at home.

It was the first time I had ever seen her after drinking. She doesn’t seem too drunk, I wondered as I started driving. But she said she was drunk, and she probably wouldn’t be talking to me if she really wasn’t.

I didn’t want to have a conversation with her. After disliking her for so long and seeing her as my rival, I didn’t think I could just flip a switch and act like her friend.

My heart continued to race, just hoping to get to the end of the adrenaline filled ride. But as the wheels continued to turn, I noticed the lavender scented perfume she was wearing. It left me red, thinking about her lavender underwear.

At about five foot two, she was tiny, but her presence was massive. I had never felt so claustrophobic in my own car, but I could feel her watching me, picking up on every nervous tick.

When we finally got close to my apartment, I offered to drop her off at her place. Much to my shock, she asked, “Can I come over for a few minutes?”

“Oh… Okay…” I reacted, before proceeding to the parking lot.

Giggling to herself again, she gave me a little look and asked, “Emily… do I make you nervous?”

My eyes got big, ruining any chance to hide the obvious truth. However, I continued my attempt to look cool even though she saw right through me. “I just… I wasn’t expecting to…”

She popped the door open and let herself out, not allowing me to finish my sentence. Like the unconfident girl that I am, I surrendered any further attempts to withstand her request.

We went inside and I quickly felt embarrassment from my own apartment. I didn’t expect anyone to come over, especially my rival, so it was left a bit of a mess.

Seeming unfazed, McKayla took a seat on my couch, making herself at home, just as she did in my car. She then looked at me while patting the seat right next to her, indicating she wanted me to come sit.

As I slowly approached, I felt her watching me like a hawk. I stared at the floor, afraid to make eye contact with her luscious green eyes.

“So…” she started, breaking the silence and catching my full attention. I looked at her from across the couch as she asked, “Exactly how much did you have to drink tonight?”

“I actually didn’t drink any alcohol,” I responded, wondering where she was going with this conversation. “I only had soda and chips.”

“Are you kidding me?” the hot brunette asked, giving me a weird look. “You mean to tell me you didn’t drink at all tonight?”

I shook my head, making contact with her piercing eyes. “I usually don’t drink.”

McKayla put her fingers through her gorgeous brown hair and giggled to herself even harder. I looked on confused until she finally said, “I can’t believe you were acting like that and you had nothing to drink.”

My head popped back as I looked at her with even more questions. “Acted like what?” I asked, trying to remember the events of that night.

I was much too shy to admit it to myself, but in that moment, it felt as if she was blushing at me. Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, she explained, “You were staring at me all night.”

My mouth was wide open as I realized I had been caught red-handed. I had been spaced out for so long that night, I hardly even realized how silly I must have looked. Quickly, I tried to play dumb, flipping my hands through my light blonde hair. “Oh, was I?”

McKayla gave me a look, almost indicating she knew I was lying. Then, rolling her eyes again, she further explained, “Well, you always stare at me, but tonight was much worse than normal. I figured you were wasted or something.”

As if I wasn’t embarrassed enough, she didn’t just notice my odd behavior that night, but she knew I stared at her always!

“I know why you’ve been staring at me,” she said, causing me to scoot back into the couch. Though there had at all times been an awkward tension between us, I was not the type of person who could handle confrontations.

“It’s not what you think,” I said with a scared voice, not knowing how else to defend myself.

Unfortunately for me, she was undeterred by my desperate attempt for mercy. She shook her head and scooted closer to me. “Of all these years I’ve known you, I never would have imagined it. But I guess it’s a good thing I figured it out while I was drinking.”

I was shaking in my boots, a little confused by her statements. However, I could only assume she was about to further humiliate me in some type of physical confrontation.

Now, she was face-to-face with me, leaving me nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. I feared the worst before she leaned in and said, “I had no idea you were a lesbian.”

My eyes popped wide open as those words struck me like a lightning bolt. I went from scared to confused, feeling like the Earth just stopped on its axis.

Looking into her eyes, I noticed her smiling down at me. “What?” I asked. “You think I’m… a lesbian?”

She chuckled to herself the way she constantly did throughout our interactions. “Well, maybe I shouldn’t have assumed you were a lesbian, but I see that you’re definitely into women. So, I guess that makes you bisexual?”

“Into women?” I asked, almost feeling offended. “Where did you get that idea?”

McKayla looked at me like I was stupid. She scoffed as she pointed out, “I saw the way you stared at me the entire night. You had those eyes, like you wanted me badly.”

I felt my legs shaking as I realized my bad habit of staring at Mckayla had put me in such a crazy predicament. But what was I to do? Tell her I stare at her because I dislike her?

She took a seat on the couch next to me, causing my heart to race even harder. Staring into my fragile soul, she said, “You know, I’ve never really liked you…”

I became frozen, scared once again by some type of humiliating result. But much to my surprise, she finished her wondered with, “But I think it’s kind of hot that someone I dislike so much wants me so badly.”

There was something about the way she said it, the seduction of her voice, that left me squirming in my seat. I could feel myself growing aroused as she scooted closer to me.

“It’s not like that…” I said with my trembling voice. But though I tried to deny her, the intoxicating fragrance and powerful aura only made her harder to withstand.

“Don’t lie to me,” she whispered into my ear as she slowly crawled over me. “Do you mean to tell me you’ve never even fantasized about me once?”

My eyes roamed around, unable to make contact with hers. Unfortunately, she picked up on my nervous ticks as I tried to lie to myself about fantasizing about her the previous night.

“You have, haven’t you?!” she pointed out, catching my nonverbal cues. “What did you imagine me doing to you?”

I was lost and confused, not knowing how to handle her climbing on top of me. It felt like I was gonna have a panic attack, but at the same time, I was excited, for some reason. However, I couldn’t admit that I had accidentally touched myself the other night.

Unfortunately for me, she began guessing, hoping to figure it out without me telling her. “Did you imagine me kissing you?” she asked, drawing ever so close to my lips.

Too scared to speak, I quickly shook my head while wearing a scared look on my face. Though I successfully denied the accusation, it was just as strong of an affirmation that I did fantasize about something.

“Well, what did you imagine me doing?” she asked. “Eat you out or something?”

My eyes got big, like I had seen a spooky ghost. I went completely still, not knowing how to react. All I could do was stare at her.

“You did!” she yelled victoriously. She then began laughing proudly as I covered my face in embarrassment.

“All these years, I never knew you had such a freaky side,” she continued.

“I don’t!” I urgently argued back. However, the hot brunette hovered above me, looking undeterred and unconvinced.

“Yeah, I bet you’re not excited about this at all,” McKayla said with a wink. “And if you check your panties right now, they would be dry as the Sahara Desert, right?”

Continued in comments…

NSFW: yes

One Comment

  1. AmyOcean

    As those words echoed in my head, I suddenly realized the moist feeling as I rubbed my legs together. With my cowardly face, I looked her in the eyes and answered, “Right…”

    “Bullshit!” she immediately shot back. With an evil smile on her face, she dared, “Then take your jeans off and prove you’re not wet.”

    I don’t know why, but instead of rejecting her dare, I felt I had no other option but to take my pants off and pray I wasn’t as wet as I thought I might be. I slowly unbutton my jeans, but much to my surprise, McKayla began helping by pulling my pants down my little thighs.

    As embarrassed as I was, I was about to reach a level of embarrassment I had never experienced before. She burst into laughter after seeing a huge wet spot on my soft pink underwear. “Did you wet yourself?” she asked, pointing at my soaked panties.

    “Of course, I didn’t!” I quickly refuted, falling right into her trap.

    She gave me another wink before whispering with a sexy voice, “Then all of that is because of me!”

    Though I couldn’t hide my humiliation, I became lost in her green eyes as she stared me down. There was a fierce confidence about her, letting me know I wouldn’t escape.

    McKayla placed her open palm against my crotch and began rubbing the big wet spot, sending chills throughout my entire body. Then she moved in, capturing my lips with hers as she slowly kissed me.

    My breathing became rapid, and I inexplicably kissed her back for a brief moment. I quickly caught myself and pulled away as my trembling voice muttered out, “This is so wrong…”

    Those words only encouraged the feisty brunette. Licking her lips, she slipped a finger past my little cotton panties and gently stroked up and down until she found my clitoris.

    As I let out a soft moan, she took the opportunity to catch my open lips with hers and force another kiss on me. This time, I wasn’t able to resist, and I kissed her back, matching her intensity.

    What am I doing? I thought to myself as I gladly greeted her tongue with my own. I never imagined the world where I would be making out with the woman I long considered my arch-rival.

    Though my mind was going crazy, my body was on autopilot. She had brought the animal out of me, and my instincts had taken over. We kissed harder and harder as I wrapped my arms around her. Feeling her up and down, I took advantage of the opportunity to fully appreciate her hot little body.

    The stimulation she brought me with just one finger was intense, but it was her subtle exhales into my mouth as she moaned that really turned me on. Knowing she somehow found pleasure from me really got me going.

    My hot rival suddenly pulled her lips away, making me desperate to get them back. “You’re a lot friskier than I imagined,” she said, giving me a naughty look.

    My face was red, and I sank into my own shoulders. I couldn’t even recall what I did with my hands or my tongue.

    Before I could speak, I noticed a new sparkle in her eye, like she was ready to rock my world. “Why don’t I give you exactly what you came for,” she said, causing me to tremble in anticipation.

    Before I knew it, she had worked my little panties down my thighs, leaving me completely exposed and embarrassed. I wanted to cover my face, but I couldn’t stop looking as she positioned herself between my legs.

    Not expecting anyone to see my delicate private parts, I hadn’t shaved for a couple of weeks. I imagined McKayla as the type of girl to keep herself perfectly clean three hundred sixty-five days a year, so I felt a sense of shame as I watched her stare down at my light amount of fluff.

    “I’m sorry,” I said without thinking, adding to my own humiliation. I felt completely stupid, now realizing how much worse I just made things for myself.

    McKayla just giggled as she rubbed her hands up my inner thighs and stared at my crotch like it was the cutest thing in the world. “Sorry for what?”

    “My hair…”

    “That’s okay,” she responded, gently combing my pubes out of the way with her fingers. “It’s barely anything. Besides, I’ve always wondered what blonde pubes look like.”

    My embarrassment quickly replaced with a warm and intense pleasure. The brunette dove right in, pressing her warm tongue inside the lips of my vadge. When I realized what was happening, I let out several loud moans as I watched her eat me out.

    She left me trembling, breathing harder and harder as she licked me all the way up and tantalized my clit. Still not in control of my actions, I assisted her by moving her wavy brown hair out of her way. Feeling my fingers through her waves, she let out a moan of her own.

    As I held her hair, I couldn’t help but notice numerous things about her that were hotter than I ever imagined. Her tight little dress had worked its way up her hips, exposing her firm butt in that lavender thong. I could see down her chest and noticed her matching bra holding her beautiful breasts in place. Hottest of all, there was a big smile on her face, almost as if she enjoyed licking my clitoris as much as I enjoyed her doing it.

    My moans became unbearably loud, and my body went completely stiff. McKayla suddenly looked up at me with a big smile and asked, “Are you about to cum?”

    Feeling shy, I accidentally put my index finger on my lips. I was afraid to talk and reveal my quivering voice, so I just nodded my head.

    Not knowing what to expect, I wondered, What is she doing? as she left my crotch and worked herself back up to my face.

    “Why so quiet, all of a sudden?” she whispered into my ear. Her shallow breaths brought goosebumps to my entire body. “Tell me you were about to cum.”

    I looked into her eyes with desperation, and with a shy voice, I admitted, “I was about to orgasm.”

    Though a smile remained on her face, she made it blatantly obvious she wasn’t satisfied with my response. “That wasn’t what I asked,” she teased. “You don’t need to sensor yourself with words like orgasm. You’ve already revealed how naughty you are. Now, tell me what you really want.”

    I gulped as I stared into her eyes, frozen in silence. It wasn’t like me to use such vulgar language. She nodded at me again, almost assuring me that everything would be okay. I trusted her in that moment and allowed myself to be vulnerable. “I want you to make me… cum,” I whispered.

    As I saw the satisfaction in her eyes, I almost felt a weight lift off my shoulders. “I like it when you tell me what you really want,” she said before closing the space between our lips. “Now, I want you to do what you want, not just say what you want.”

    “What do you mean by that?” I dared to ask.

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