I 21 [M] stumbled across my model type HOT cousin 23 [F] and her boyfriend having sex.

We were all vacationing at our family cottage. This is a big cottage, I’d rather call it a farmhouse. My cousin and her boyfriend were sharing a room in the basement. This was a walkout basement. At around 2 AM, I went for a stroll outside since I couldn’t sleep and I heard some noise. I went near the basement window and it was pitch-dark. I was shocked and couldn’t stop watching as my cousin’s boyfriend was eating her out. I heard my cousin groaning and moaning and she had to bite her lips to avoid screaming. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and I kept looking and since it was dark outside and I knew they wouldn’t see me. It was such a wild experience.

It’s a true story!

NSFW: yes

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