I [21 f] had sex on my friend’s [28 m ] porch… – Short Sex Story

To make a long story, I [21 f] was at my friend’s [28 m] and we were chilling on his porch and we ended up fooling around.

We are just hanging out and smoking weed (legal here) on his porch and it escalated quickly. We were just on his porch swing smoking and cuddling a little. After we finished the blunt, I felt his hand begin to rub my butt. Shorts after, he started rubbing my pussy. He pulled down my sweatpants, and started rubbing my pussy. I took off my t shirt (had no bra on) and he started squeezing one boob with his other hand and sucking the other. Then he got on his knees and started biting the inside of my thighs. Shortly after, he slid my thong off so I was completely naked and ate my pussy out.I had my feet propped up on his shoulders, and my hands around the back of his head, grinding into his face. I’d say he did so for like 10 minutes, I actually came a little from it.

He then suggested we switch places. I got on my knees and he started taking off his shirt, and I pulled his pants and boxers down. I started sucking him. I used techniques like stroking him as I did so (with 1 and both hands) and also used no hands. I also made sure to suck on his balls a bit. I think I did so for about the same amount of time he ate me out.

He got up and I did the same. He placed me back on the swing, so that I was on my knees and holding on the top of the back with my hands (facing away from him). We started fucking it doggy. We were trying to keep quiet (because neighbors) but he was fucking me pretty roughly – even spanked me a bit. I’d guess this went on for like 15-20 minutes.

He pulled out and said he needed to cum. So I turned around and sat on the porch swing and started sucking him off while he was standing over me. I was sucking and using both hands to stroke him. I did it for like 2 minutes and he started to cum. He ended up cumming in my throat while holding the back of my head and far down as he could possibly get in me, and I swallowed it all.

The porch lights were off (it was night time) but I think like 5 cars drove past as we did this. I can not help but wonder if anyone noticed what was going on lol.

NSFW: yes


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