I (20f) got a facial from the dad (38m) I babysit for

So I live in with a married couple and their kid that I’ve been babysitting for the past month. There’s nothing romantic going on but sometimes when the husband is sexually frustrated and we’re alone, I’ll put on a slutty skirt and a tight top and sit on his lap and rub my ass on him til he gets hard. Sometimes I’ll blow him or give him a handjob too.

This time he had just taken his wife (42f) on a date but on the way back they must’ve had a fight because they usually head to their bedroom right after their date nights. Instead she marched off to bed and he went to the family room to watch the tele. The kids were already asleep so I went into the room to check on him. I sat next to him, leaned into him and gave his arm a rub whispering what’s wrong in his ear and he started ranting about how she doesn’t appreciate him working all day at a job he hates and how she isn’t receptive at all to losing weight even though he goes to the gym always for her and how it’s wearing him down to have her nagging in her ear always. All this time I had went from sitting next to him to straddling his lap and grinding into him up and down.

Eventually he was talking about how they used to fuck always until they got engaged. At that point I already had his cock in my mouth and I was looking up at him sweetly and innocently, nodding and humming in agreement understandably, greedy for more cock. He started fucking my mouth and holding my hair and I tried saying please daddy but it came out muffled but I think that made him lose his edge. He asked me who my pretty face belonged to and I said daddy, this pretty face is yours please paint it with cum. He exploded all over me and I spend the next 15 min cleaning his cock up with small kitten licks and kisses and small soft suckling until he got hard again.

NSFW: yes

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