I [19F] purposely tease and play with my dads best friends

My dads friends are at all times over whether it be to watch sports, play poker or just hang out, our house has at all times been a spot to chill. Ever since turning 18 I’ve become more drawn to older men and have found teasing my dads friends is so much fun. I at all times wear inappropriate clothes, short shorts tops with no bras etc and they love it. A lot of them at all times talk about how grown up I am and how If they were my age they would be able to withstand and I just throw opinion back like you don’t need to withstand now etc. it’s so much fun especially when I get touchy with them and they become flustered and want more but I pull away. My dad is at all times preoccupied with my mom to notice so I can have my fun.

NSFW: yes

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