I (19f) fucked my teacher after I graduated

basically the title. we matched on tinder a few weeks after i graduates (i swiped as a joke lmao).

he’s mid-40s and divorced, i know he has a daughter a bit older than me. he asked if it was really me and i said yeah, we got to chatting for a bit. he asked me if i wanted to grab dinner and because he was all the time my favourite teacher i said sure, why not.

and i can’t lie, he’s pretty attractive. and when the dinner went well, i offered to go back to his. why the fuck not, he’s not my teacher anymore, i’ve already graduated.

and we fucked! he has a enormous cock, i gave him a bj but then he stuck it in me and i swear to god my eyes rolled back in my head it was that good. we have each other’s numbers for the future, just in case😇

NSFW: yes

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