Husband’s loss/ My gain – Short Sex Story

I’ve been friends with this girl for a while but we were mainly smoking buddies. One day I told her I was into her and we slowly started getting more feely with each other over time. She’s about 5’4″ a little pot belly, maybe about a C cup, and a gigantic ass that you could spend days feeling up, along with thick thighs to complement it.

So one day I’m having a BBQ with a bunch of friends and she calls me, spending frustrated, that her husband and her got into this gigantic fight and he was being a jackass by locking her out of her place. I told her to come by and have a drink to cool off with us. She came by and was introduced to my friends and we all played a bunch of drinking games. Time went on and after multiple calls to her husband with no answer I invited her to spend the night with me. I also had some other friends staying over due to how drunk we all were, but they stayed in the living room.

So I get into bed and she cuddles up next to me, fully clothed. We talk awhile and she makes fun of me for being pretty drunk and slurring a bit. I invite her to get more comfortable so she can rest to which she replied “you just wanna see me naked!” To where I said “I didn’t mean get completely undressed but hey go ahead” she calls me an idiot but kicks off her pants and pulls her bra off from underneath her top. She thanks me for being nice and letting her stay over and we cuddle up again. By this point I had kicked off my pants as well and we kissed. We both smiled at each other not saying a word as we looked into each other’s eyes. We keeping kissing and went into full out making out. She pressed against me closer and I ran my hand up her legs and body over her shirt. I joked if she wanted to get more comfortable again and this time she took her shirt and panties off, tossing them across the room. We made out some more while she rubbed my cock through my boxers. I then push her down on her back and began kissing down her body. My mind was going nuts seeing her nude for the first time and how amazing her thighs were. A smile came across my face realizing what a stupid idiot her husband was for locking her out.

I kissed and played with her tits for a good while before kissing down her belly and opening her legs. I ran my tongue down her clearly wet pussy and teasing flicking my tongue. I circled my tongue around her clit with my mouth covered over her pussy, moving my head along with my tongue so drive her crazy. I then slide a finger in you then two as I continued to eat her out. My other hand exploring her body and gropping her tits. I kept going under she orgasmed then layed back down next to her. She pulled me in to make out some more then agreed we should get some sleep before everyone heard us.

Thay lead to many more fun times with her but apart from kissing thay was our first hot experience together..

NSFW: yes

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