Husband and wife want to play with babysitter. Part 1


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Its a Saturday around 10 o’clock, you’ve had a pretty ordinary night of babysitting while we went to a dinner party for work. You all the time liked the Petersons and admired their relationship, Ryan (the husband) was all the time sweet and bought Sarah (the wife) flowers and little gifts, they all the time playful and happy and when Ryan thoght I wasnt looking he would either grab or spank Sarah’s butt. You’ve had a nice night and the kids weren’t too bad, they went to bed around 8 so you’ve had some time to just hang out and play on your phone. While scrolling through reddit some of the dirtier pages you follow pop up on your feed, it’s been a while since you’ve been fucked so your intrigued and decide to begin reading some of the stories. You come across one where an older couple seduce a girl, you say fuck it and begin to read it, after you start you begin to think how hot it would be to fall into that situation, you mind starts wondering and you begin thinking about the dad‘s cock and how big he is and how their sex life is. Your pussy starts getting wet as you continue to read and your thoughts are running wild. You unbutton your shorts and slip you hand down to begin rubbing your wet mound, you feel your panties are soaked and that turns you on even more.

You’ve all the time thought about the sex life of the parents you babysit for. The husband was attractive and very friendly and nice, he wasn’t ripped but had a bit of a dad bod while still being in shape. The wife was a gorgeous little thing, she was no more than 5′ 4″ but was curvy and had gorgeous straight brown hair and amazing skin, you were all the time jealous that she didnt wear makeup. One time while grabbing some pillows out of their room for a fort, you came across a box and decided to look in it, your eyes widened after seeing the box was full of dildos of numerous sizes, vibrators, butt plugs, restraints, dog collars and leashes. You cant believe it, they seem so ordinary and the wife appears so innocent, you cannot believe that they’re into that stuff. You have a dildo at home but that’s it and here before you is a whole box of sex toys, and restraints, something straight out of 50 shades of grey. You begin thinking about the wife, she had a petite little body with nice breasts and a perfect ass, you were straight but even you admired her body, especially when she wore leggings, you would catch a glimpse while she bent over to pick up things. You begin imaging her naked, getting tied up and getting fucked hard, toys used on her, her husband treating her like a toy. This wondered made you so horny. You hear a loud crshing noise from the living room and snap back into reality and go see what the kids broke.

Back on the couch, your enjoying yourself and begin thinking about pulling down your shorts and panties since you were alone… you hear a car pull up, shit it’s the Petersons. You quickly pull your hand out and button up your shorts and try to regain composure. A few seconds later you hear the door unlocking and they walk in. They’re dressed well, Sarah was wearing a tight short black dress and Ryan was dressed more casual but still looked very handsome in a nice button down shirt and jeans. They immediately say hi and are happy and you can tell they’re a little tipsy. Sarah comes up to you and gives you a hug hello (kinda weird but you chalk it up to the alcohol), she says she hopes the kids weren’t too much trouble and that you had a good night. You guys chat for a bit, you catch them up on the kids and ask how the dinner was. “Boring” Sarah replied “but there was an open bar” she laughed. You begin staying that you should probably be going but Sarah stops you

“no if you dont have plans please stay for a bit, I just spent the night with the most boring people I could use some attractive conversation, plus I’ve got a bottle of wine I’ve been wanting to try and I’d love if you stayed for a glass or two”.

Taken off guard you agree “I don’t have any other plans but are you sure? I don’t want to intrude” you say.

“Don’t be ridiculous” Ryan interrupts “you’re always welcomed here, we love you”

You blush a little and smile, “well great let’s try that wine”

NSFW: yes

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