HS Student Teacher Part 2 of 2

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Part 2:

So we set a date to go grab drinks. We didn’t really talk a ton for the few days leading up to the date. I certainly didn’t want to over do it or provide any reason for her to cancel, so we kept things light and breezy.

She picked this place with really good cocktails and local beers that wasn’t far from my home. I picked her up and away we went. She told me she’s more of a cocktail girl and ended up ordering a tequila drink. I made a opinion that people “usually don’t go for tequila because they had a bad night with shitty tequila in college”

“Ha i typically stay away from it because of how horny it makes me, but one should be okay”

My minds in shambles. It was difficult to disconnect Jen from ‘Ms. L’ and then she made that opinion and now it was growing increasingly hard to not want to break her in half.

We talked a lot that night about both of our love life’s and she didn’t dwell too much on the divorce, just that they weren’t right for each other and kind of fell out of love.

I told her i can imagine it was difficult and she looked me dead in the eyes and said “especially because we never fucked.” She laughed. She apologized for being some up front and then blamed her third tequila drink.

“Oh I thought that just made you horny, not honest I said jokingly”

She put her hand up my thigh, right about where my bulge was and said “well if I’m being honest, I’m ready to get going”

I took a long last sip of my drink and tried to play things cool. Thank god for tighter pants or else the whole bar would see me throbbing.

I paid the bill and we walked out, off to the parking lot where my car was. Admittedly I parked away from everyone “i just enjoy the extra steps” i told her when we got there.

We got to my truck, i opened the door, and she dropped to her knees, shielded by the door.

“I’m glad you parked away from everyone. Now no one can see this” and she took my cock right down her throat. I’m a decently thick, about 8 inches, and she had zero problem with it. She used both hands and had such an incredible rhythm i wondered my knees were gonna buckle. I grabbed her by the hair, and thrusted hard. She loved it. I pulled back and she let out a big gasp, stood up, hiked her form fitting dress up, and said “i need you to pound me”

Say no more. She bent over, face into the front seat cushion as i gave her everything I had. Deep hard strokes, hair pulling, and smacking/grabbing her ass. She let out a massive moan and squirted all down my legs. I couldn’t believe i had Jen, Ms. L, cumming down my cock.

She flipped over and told me I was gonna cum down her throat and I was to drive her home after.

Back to no gag reflex Ms. L. She looked my dead in my eyes, jerking my cock onto her tongue “cum for me daddy. Cum for your teacher”

I don’t think I’ve ever shot a bigger, harder load. Right down her throat.

I got her home safely and we had a few more nights like it in the privacy of my home…but I’ll never forget that dimly lit parking lot fuck.

NSFW: yes

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