How to have a foursome on two chairs

Sometimes in the peak time of the night at the sex club all the beds are taken. When you’re a couple walking around with another couple just itching to jump each other’s bones, you need to make do with whatever you can discover… and sometimes… that’s two chairs.

To begin you sit on a chair, and while your partner goes to grab a few towels, lube and condoms.. the guy in the couple you’re about to play with can kneel in front of you and begin on your pussy. Pull your tits out and as the girl sits on the chair beside she can lean over to begin licking and sucking. Your partner will return with a grin on his face to see you being taken care of so well in his absence.

The other guy will probably want to watch his partner lick your pussy next, he’ll say “Get over here”. As she looks up into your eyes while her tongue starts to lick and swirl around your clit, her partner can peel her shorts down and invite your partner to play with her pussy. You will love to feel the shift as her licking gets more insistent and urgent as he fingers her faster and she squirms in delight. Her partner will likely want to take back over licking your pussy, and she can sit down so your partner can start to lavish his tongue upon hers. As he works his magic fast she might moan uncontrollably and soon say “I’m going to squirt..” your partner will be delighted and say “go for it!!” as he moves back down, but she will grab the back of his head, pull it back and finger herself off, squirting a large amount onto the ground. What a sexy fucking woman! She’ll stand up with a beautifully glazed post orgasm face and say “Sit down” to your partner, while she kneels to the floor, giving her lips a slow lick in anticipation of taking in his cock.

As you are still having your pussy devoured by her partner this will afford a great view for you and your partner to watch as the other is pleasured. A gorgeous opportunity for you to bask in the glory of the king and queen that you are, leaning back in your chairs against the wall of a busy sex club, being licked and sucked by a sexy couple on their knees in front of you. It is also a perfect moment to look into your partner’s eyes with a giggle and distribute some passionate kisses.

You might get a little lost in the moment as the guy is fingering you hard and furiously licking your clit so that you squirt all over his face. As you come to your senses and say ‘fuck me!’ to him you’ll glance over to see the woman facing the wall kneeling on the chair and your partner pounding into her pussy. He will probably look at you and say “We’re already ahead of you”, while pausing briefly to reach for a condom and pass it to the other guy. You’ll get a thrill seeing the face of the woman wince in pleasure as your partner starts thrusting his thick cock into her again, her head rhythmically and repeatedly coming close to hitting the wall every time. In this instance the best position next to take is to kneel on the chair beside her, giving you the opportunity to give her a few kisses while her partner slides his cock into your already soaked pussy. This also provides a great view for all the other gorgeous people in the sex club, who if they haven’t noticed the impressive sight of a foursome on two chairs by this time, will be drawn to look by the loud moans and ecstatic shrieks the women make as the men fuck them harder and faster.

When it’s time to switch things up, stay as you are kneeling on the chair as it will leave you perfectly placed for the guy to lick your pussy again from behind. He might say to his partner “get over here” again, and push her face into your pussy, holding her there as she licks from pussy up to ass. She’ll probably want to stay there and eat your ass for a while, allowing your partner a chance to sit down and lean back on the chair beside you, placing his cock in the perfect position for you to blow him while he enjoys the view.

When it’s time to shift positions again, turn around from kneeling and sit back down on the chair. Look to the other guy and as you ask to blow him you can make eye contact with his partner and say “… together?” The chairs will perfectly align your height for it so you can comfortably sit while you both run your lips along either side of the shaft, taking turns with the head and licking around the base. As his eyes roll back your partner smiling can give the guys shoulder a few slaps of comradery and say, “here’s your king moment right here man”… when he gets close to cumming the ladies can stop (the fucking is not finished yet) and move to your partner’s cock next, worshipping and loving on it with the same energy and zeal.

We save the best position for last, and that is to have the guy sit on the chair while the girl straddles his legs and hops on to ride. With your hands on his shoulders and the floor beneath your feet it will be effortless work to bounce your pussy on the cock. Enjoy every inch of it as it glides in you until you can not hold back any longer and need to drop your weight and thrust faster, grinding that cock in hard and as deep as it will go. If your partner happens to be on a chair with a wobble don’t worry, the woman riding him can simply ask him to hold on to the chair beside him to stabilize, allowing her to ride faster. She may be a big squirter, but she’ll likely warn your partner a moment before she lifts up and gushes a fountain of sweet pussy juice. As it splashes down his cock and to the floor the use of chairs will make for an easy cleanup after as well. Which is good because she will need to lift up and squirt out again one more time.

The other guy might want to have one last go at your pussy, and while he licks and fingers you fast (because now he knows the way you like it) and his partner comes to play with your tits one more time, you’ll finish the foursome nearly the way you started, being made only better by having your partner come around to the side of your chair so you can blow him. Dropping you all into the delightful fun of being all connected, sexual energy crashing and swirling in, through and all around the four of you.


NSFW: yes

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