How the relationship with my wife, her girlfriend and me worked

I have had some messages asking how the three of us could make things work and did we have threesomes, did I fuck her girlfriend blah blah blah, so the only thing to do is explain in detail how it worked (which was perfect) and what we did and the sleeping arrangements when her girlfriend was staying. Don’t worry there are some juicy bits but mostly FF, masturbation and pegging.

Quick how we met bit. Met in a restaurant, she asked if she could sit at my table and it was love at first sight for us both. She was expecting her girlfriend to join her but as we talked she got a call to say she couldn’t make it. She told me all about her girlfriend and the type of relationship she had and said that the sex side of that would stop when she got into a relationship. I think my response is probably what sealed the deal for us. I told her that I would never stop her having a sexual relationship with her girlfriend because that would mean I wasn’t getting the woman I met that night. We didn’t have sex that night as I was leaving for home the next morning on an early flight. We Skyped each other a lot, before I returned to be with her full time (6 weeks later) In that time I met her girlfriend, watched them make out and watched her girlfriend go down on her as we chatted. Her girlfriend was beautiful but I was not attracted to her the way I was with my wife (girlfriend at the time). Her body was too hard for my taste, great that she was fit but it didn’t turn me on that much.

The first thing we had to do was sort out what happened when her girlfriend was staying the night. Her visits were not frequent but every the gentleman I told them I would sleep in the spare room on those nights. In truth I should have gone to a motel, the spare room backed on to the main room so I didn’t get to sleep until they had finished fucking each other. It was her girlfriend who said I should just sleep in the bed with them. I agreed but told them it was still only about them and I wouldn’t join in. Hearing them from the next room was hard enough but in the same bed watching everything unfold right next to me and not being sure if I should masturbate or not well it’s harder. After a few weeks I was brought into things a little, occasionally I would kiss my wife and suck her tits whilst her girlfriend was eating her. Then things got really interesting one night. After kissing my wife her girlfriend moved up her body and rubbed her pussy over my wife’s face and mouth, as soon as she was done my wife kissed me which allowed me to enjoy the taste of her girlfriend. However it was torture, my wife would also feed me her girlfriends juices after pushing fingers into her pussy and getting me to lick them clean. SO although not a threesome I was still getting some of the advantages. The first birthday I had with my wife was when things went up a notched. Special occasions call for special sex I guess. WE had been out drinking and got back to the house both women went to get changed then came out and jumped me, and stripped me naked (Too drunk to fight back). My wife then told me the ground rules, I could touch and go down on her girlfriend but neither of them wanted me inside her. Penetration would be with my wife only. They didn’t tell me that her girlfriend could give me a blow job to completion which was a surprise but damn she was good, she took me deep in her mouth whilst my wife ate her pussy, it was such a wet blow job and there was no way I would last, I shot into her mouth, then watched as she raised my wife’s face to her’s and swapped my cum with her and then pushed my wife to me who passed my cum into my mouth whilst clamping her lips on mine to ensure I couldn’t refuse, not that I would have. These occasions when I fully joined in were few and far between but I loved it when they happened.

Then there was the pegging, by the time this happened we were completely comfortable with each other, it felt like I was married to two women when the three of us were together but there was never any tension, we would shower together, me and my wife, my wife and her girlfriend, me and her girlfriend. We did try and have all three of us in there but the shower was too small. It was one of those night when the pegging happened, we had all had a tough week at work and were winding down. Her girlfriend wasn’t staying with us that night. I had dropped the kids to their dad for the weekend, and my wife and me were due to go to an all day/night sex party the next day. I got back and both women were sat in there undies, my wife’s hair was a mess and a large wet patch was in her panties and there was a very wet towel on the floor. I grabbed a glass of wine and joined them. I didn’t ask when they had been doing that was their company, I found out a couple of weeks later though when I caught them in the act. We were talking and her girlfriend suddenly said “I wonder what it is like to fuck a man in the ass” I looked at my wife and she had this sexy smile on her face. She looked at her girlfriend and said “Gimme a sec I’ll be right back) I didn’t know what she was going to do. She came back in the room with her strap on hanging off her. She walked over to me grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down to the floor. She got me to turn and lean over the sofa, as I got into position I felt the cold lube at my ass, I looked at her girlfriend who mouthed the words (NO FUCKIN WAY) at me then put her hands over her mouth as my wife pushed into me. My wife was brilliant at pegging me she knew exactly what made me feel good, she fucked me slowly knowing I love feeling the full length going in and out, I looked at her girlfriend who was now playing with herself on the chair with her eyes glued to what was unfolding in front of her eyes. Then my wife pulled out “You want to have a go?” her girlfriend said nothing just nodded her head and slipped on the cock. She was not as gentle as my wife but she did OK and she loved doing it to me, for my part there was no embarrassment I enjoyed it and if it made them happy then I was happy. That day change the relationship dynamic a little. They still had their own time together where I sat and watched or sometimes even booked myself a motel room for a night or sometimes 2 nights so they could do their own thing. On the nights when it was the three of us we would do whatever we wanted but we were happy.

My wife’s girlfriend was definitely an extension of her, I never once felt threatened by their relationship we were all in love but me and her girlfriend were more in love with my wife, my wife was more in love with me and my wife was my Goddess who I fell more and more in love with everyday. This type of relationship isn’t for everyone, some men would feel threatened by it, and some men would expect threesomes. I never did, and it wouldn’t have bothered me if I hadn’t been included that’s why I never instigated any of the threesomes I just waited for my golden ticket. (There is a clue in those last two words as to why they and some towels were soaked when I got home from dropping the kids at their dads), it was something else the three of us enjoyed a little bit………………….. more than we should.

NSFW: yes

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