How my roommates dad seduced me

When I was 18 I lived with random dorm mate as I didn’t know anyone at the school I was gonna attend. On move in day she got there a few hours after I did and her and her dad moved her in. Her dad was incredibly attractive, he was in his late forties, in really good shape and dressed super well. He was polite to me and we talked for a little bit while my roommate was setting up her bedding and posters. I learned that they were from the town and he wanted his daughter to live at home, but she wanted her independence. He left and me and my roommate started hanging out,she told me about growing up without her mom and how her dad had brought home different women growing up and she wanted to live in a dorm to get away from that. Over the next few months he dad would come and visit a lot, whenever he did he’d bring us both little gifts, like one time he gave us squishmallows and another time he took us out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Whenever he’d come over he’d give me a hug that was kinda touchy, but I didn’t mind tbh. Then one day he came over to visit, but my roommate was in classes for the next 3-4 hours. So he invited me out to lunch while he waited for her, during the meal he was being extra flirty and offered to take me shopping if I wanted. I felt bad because he’d already taken me to lunch, so I said it was okay, but I’d rather go back to the dorm and watch a movie or something. He said that sounded good and we left back to the dorm. We put on some random Netflix movie and sat down on the futon. He sat close to me and put his hand on my knee. He kept moving his hand up my leg until it was on my upper thigh. I didn’t stop him because I wondered he was hot and ngl I definitely wanted to fuck him. I decided I was gonna do it so I asked him if he wanted to kiss me. He didn’t say anything, just leaned in and did it. He moved his hand off my thigh and started to take my shirt off, then my bra. He was groping my boobs while we made out, I undid his belt and reached into his pants and felt that he was already so hard. I couldn’t withstand so I started giving him a handjob, after like five minutes he stopped me and stood up, I wondered he was gonna leave, but he just took his pants off and then took mine off as well. He knelt down and started to eat me out, I was so wet at this point his face was soaked when he came up. He moved up and started kissing me while he lined himself up with my pussy and started to fuck me. He was amazing, he knew exactly what I liked and how to make me squirm. He was teasing my nipples with his tongue and rubbing my clit with his thumb. It didn’t take long before I came, but he just kept fucking me while I tried to keep quiet. He just kept going, and I came again. Just when I was about to cum for the third time he pulled out and came on my face. He laid down next to me and asked if I had a good time. I could barely focus and just kinda mumbled, but he smiled and kissed me. He got up, redressed and said I should probably get cleaned up before my roommate got back. I went and took a long shower. When I got out I got dressed and went back out to the futon to sit next to him again. We just watched the movie like nothing happened and 30 minutes later my roommate got back. They had made plans to go get dinner that night just the two of them, so she got ready and they left. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, and I hoped it wouldn’t be the last time. When my roommate got home that night I didn’t tell her what happened, just that her dad was really nice while we waited for her. It didn’t happen again unfortunately, and we stopped being roommates after our first year. I still wonder what would have happened if we did though

NSFW: yes

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