How my F cousin seduced me & what our relationship is like now – Part 1

This is a long series of events as it all started 20ish yrs ago.

This is a true story with real names.

I’m half Lebanese half Spanish.


My parents were pretty strict on us (my younger brother, my younger sister and myself) growing up. We only played together at the park or at the house. The only time we would see other children was when we visited our cousins. All my older cousins are females and I’m the oldest male.

Every holiday my parents would go visit each of our cousins families. One sunny Saturday afternoon, we were on our way to visit one of my cousins. As I stated before, my parents were so strict so whenever we would go for a visit…. we would get a lecture in the car on the way to their house. The lecture was about staying seated beside them, not to make any mess, not to accept any gift money, stay quiet etc. As we parked in front of their building then finally got to their floor and we enter their apartment with greeting hugs. My siblings and I sit quietly beside my parents while the mother serves us juice & chips. Then the mother calls to her children (Mervat & my younger cousin) to come play with us. My younger cousin comes in the living room taking my brother and myself to their bedroom to play. Mervat comes in to her brothers room where we were building Legos, and she says to me to come to her room with her. I got up to walk to her room (not knowing what we were about to do “innocently”). I hear her tell her little brother and my little brother to stay here playing.

Description of my cousin: Tanned, greenish blue eyes, most perfect smile, small boobs at the time ;p

I walk into her room and she walks in behind me closing the door quietly (to not alarm the parents). She puts her ear against the door to make sure it is all clear. I was sitting on the edge of the bed wondering what she is doing LOL. Mervat then comes and stands right in front of me and pulls off her shirt. While she is standing there topless she grabs my hand and directs it to her small breast and demands I squeeze them and to pinch her nipples. (I was absolutely stunned and clueless what was going on – I have never seen a girl naked) So I remove my hand quickly out of embarrassment. She then grabs both my hands and firmly presses them on her boobs and squeezes them with my hands pressed on them. Then she tells me to remove my shirt. I look at her nervously… uhh what!? With a firm voice….she says remove your shirt now!! I take off my shirt, she tells me to stand up. She sits down on the edge of the bed and tells me to move closer to her. She then licks and softly sucks on my right nipple. After a few moments she says to slightly move to the right, then she licks and sucks on my left nipple. At this point, I’m scared my mom might barge into the room. I tell her we should stop. But nope it gets crazier…

Then she tells me to open my mouth and french kiss her. I didn’t know what that was so she said just keep your mouth open. OMG the most soft lips caressed my lips and her tongue was discovering my mouth. She then tells me to stick my tongue out and starts to suck on my tongue slowly and turning her head to get every inch of it sucked. I slowly got the rhythm and joined in on the most sensual sexy kiss ever. At that moment I was in love, I didn’t know what that even meant but no matter what she tells me to do I was gonna do it no questions asked. I even felt something growing in my pants and was wondering why or how that even happens. (My cousin opened my eyes to sex that day) After that, she tells me to sit in the closet and to pull my pants down and she also did the same while sitting beside me. She closes the closet door slightly and puts her hand on my crotch and starts to explore. She grabs my penis and my balls and tells me that you feel really good. Then she asks me if I want to feel her pussy and I say yes. I put my hand on the outside of her pussy and then she grabs my hand and starts to rub her clit with my finger. I wanted to feel inside of her pussy but she then asks me to stand up. I stand up and tells me she wants to taste my penis. She licked the tip and was about to get it inside her mouth, when suddenly my mom yells for me and my brother to clean up and to come to the living room because we are leaving.

We quickly got dressed, I was about to open the door to go grab my brother but then she grabs my hand and pushes me against the door ever so slightly and we make out for the last time before I leave.

I grab my brother and we head to the living room and we step out after some goodbye hugs. The entire drive home I was just staring out the window quiet and just thinking of what the heck just happened. While doing so, I had my finger in my mouth tasting the most delicious pussy I’ve ever (till this day) tasted.

**Stay Tuned for Part 2**

NSFW: yes

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