How My ex-sister-in-law became my FWB chapter 9

It took me a full day to come to terms with what Katie had done to me. Coming over to sleep with me, then revealing that it was your fiancé’s idea and you recorded the whole thing? I was pretty pissed off at first, felt used, cheated, abused. Then, I kinda hoped that it made him feel useless, sad, pathetic, and I almost hoped that Katie would tell him how much better sex was with me then with him.

Then, the dumbest question of all popped into my mind. What if he wasn’t impressed? What if Kyle wondered the way I pounded into Katie was pathetic? Getting the better of myself, I sent Katie a text, asking what Kyle wondered of her little video.

She responded quickly, saying, “he loved it. Probably watched it five times before deleting it. He actually wants me to ask you when he can watch us in person.” I told her never in person, that was completely out of the question. She then asked, “what if he watched a live video?” I told her I might be OK with that, especially if I got some convincing.

Katie would spend the next week sending me numerous pictures of her, talking dirty to me, and begging and pleading with me before I finally told her yes, I would let her fiancé watch us having sex on a live video. But, only on one condition…I wanted her to drop whatever she was doing, come to my house right then, and give me a blowjob.

Within the next thirty minutes, I was sitting on my couch, my pants and underwear around my ankles, and Katie was kneeling on the ground in front of me, her lips and hand wrapped around my shaft, bobbing and rubbing up and down. I asked her what Kyle was doing, and she said waiting for her to get back to finish making dinner. I asked if he knew what she was doing and when she told me yes, I told her to call him. He picked up on the second ring, saying, “hey babe, you done already?” Katie said hi, and no, but before she could say anything else, I grabbed her head, thrusted my hips upwards, and made her deep throat me. I continued to thrust into her throat, Katie making gagging sounds around my cock, when I heard Kyle say, “still giving it to him? Thats hot. I wish I could see.”

I told Kyle to shut up, then asked Katie, “are you my slut?” With my cock still stuffed into her, she could only shake her head yes, so I pulled my cock out, keeping my tip right on her lips and told her to say it again. “I’m you’re slut.” I asked, “whose slut are you?” She licked my tip and said, “I’m you’re slut. I’m Throwaway’s slut.” I told her, “and don’t forget it. Now, take off your shirt.” She did as I said, taking off her shirt and bra, freeing her C cup breasts, them bouncing as I shoved my cock back into her mouth.

Pulling her head down as far as it would go on my cock, I started to thrust my hips up and down again, my balls slapping against Katie’s chin, her making slurping and gagging sounds loud enough for Kyle to hear on the phone. When I got close to my orgasm, I pulled her off my cock, and pointed it at her chest. I wrapped my hand around my shaft and it only took a couple jerks before my cum was shooting out, landing on Katie’s boobs, covering her nipples. When she said moaned out, “God yes, your cum feels so good on my tits,” I reached over for her phone. Hanging up on Kyle, I snapped a picture of Katie covered in my cum, and then sent it to him, saying, “enjoy!”

I then handed Katie her shirt and bra, telling her to put them back on, and go home to her fiancé, covered in my cum and that we would understand a night that worked for us all.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our schedules to line up and it would be almost three months before we found a night that worked for all three of us. I was actually supposed to go on a date with another girl, but she canceled on me, so I texted Katie and they weren’t busy so she was able to come over a few hours later.

When she walked into my house, wearing a white tank top with some random bands logo on it, blue basketball shorts, she had her blonde hair pulled up onto a messy bun, and gave me a big hug before we walked into my bed room. Once in the room, I sat down on my bed while she messed with her phone, eventually sitting it down on the dresser, with the camera facing. As she turned to walk towards me, I ask, “is Kyle watching? How?”

She turned to wave to the camera, then said, “Hopefully he is. We found an app that lets me send a live video for him to watch, but we can’t see or hear him.”

I said OK as I pulled Katie on top of my lap, her arms wrapping around my neck as while started to kiss. I reached around her, my hands cupping her ass, pulling her closer to me. She started to roll her hips, her groin rubbing against me and I begun to get hard. I raised my hands up to the bottom of her tank top and started to tug on the bottom. Pulling it up, she raised her arms in the air, breaking our kiss long enough for me to take her tank top off. Before I could unhook her bra, Katie pulled my shirt off, kissing my lips as I finally got her bra off and tossed it to the side.

I started to kiss my way off her lips, pausing to softly suck on her neck, kissing down her chest, and over her left breast until my mouth arrived at her nipple. I shot out my tongue, flicking her tit with it a few times, then licking around it, before sucking her nipple into my mouth. I then kissed over to her right breast, giving that nipple the same treatment before kissing back up to her lips, this time taking both her breasts in my hands and squeezing them as our tongues swirled together in a passionate kiss.

Fully hard, my cock straining to be let free, I was pushing my groin up into Katie’s when she stopped kissing me to say, “I know you want a blowjob, but I’m so horny right now, will you just fuck me? Fast and hard like you used to do?” I told her yes and flipped us over onto the bed, and quickly pulled her short and panties off at the same time. She helped me pull down my shorts and underwear, taking my cock in her hand and guiding it to her wet pussy as I kicked my clothes off. After she spread her pussy lips with one hand, and placed my tip in with the other, Katie let go, her hands falling to the side as I pushed deep inside her.

I kissed her for a spilt second before I started to pound into her, going fast and hard like like had requested. She had her legs up in the air, giving me deep access as my almost six inch cock filled her with its full length and thickness, her moans filling the air as I thrust in and out of her. “Fuck, yes, that feels so good. Fuck. Ugh. Yes!” Katie’s bodies tensed up under me before she let go, a huge orgasm washing over her, my cock being squeezed by her pussy. I was close to cumming as well, but pulled out, giving my cock a rest.

As she caught her breath, Katie said, “fuck, its been so long since I’ve had an orgasm.” I started to ask why Kyle was giving her any, but she cut me off by kissing my lips, her hand wrapping around my cock, and her asking how I wanted her now. I looked up at the phone and told her to face it on her hands and knees.

I got in position behind me, spanking her ass as I pressed my cock against her ass. I teased her ass hole with my tip, before sliding back into her pussy, bottoming out as I grabbed her hips. Thrusting in and out of her again, I reached out, grabbing her pony tail in my hand and pulling back on it, Katie moaning out, “yes! Yes! Fuck. Harder!” I obliged, pounding into her as hard as I could, my groin hitting against her. I was pulling back so hard on her hair that her hands were coming off the bed, and I was able to reach my free hand around her and cup her breast in it, squeezing it before pinching and rubbing her nipples as I continued to fuck her.

She reached her hand down, rubbing her clit, moaning out that she was close. Katie came again, this time her pussy clamping down on my cock, not letting me pull out. I pushed in as deep as I could, letting go of her breast and her hair, Katie falling onto the bed as I orgasmed inside her. My hands on her hips, I stopped thrusting, instead moving her body back and forth on my cock, pumping everything I had out.

When I was done, I pulled out, my cock covered in both of our juices, a trail of cum following it. Still semi-hard, I told Katie to turn around and clean my cock. She did as I asked, licking off all the cum from my cock, telling me how good we tasted mixed together. When she was done, I laid back on the bed and she crawled up to cuddle next to me.

“Aren’t you going to go turn off your phone?” I asked her. She glanced at it before signing and laying her head down on my chest. I started to get up but she pulled me back down and said, “there’s nothing to stop. I lied again. Me and Kyle broke up two months ago.” Katie had started to cry and I asked her, “why did you lie to me? Again? Why didn’t you just tell me?” Wiping her tears away, she said, “I don’t know. I just wanted one more night with you making me feel the way you do, and didn’t think you would do it if our deal was off the table.”

“So you lied to me? You used me? Jesus, Katie, how am I supposed to take that?” Her crying getting worst, I sat up on the bed and started to get dressed and asked, “why did you guys break up?” She cleared her throat and said, “because of you.” I sat back on the bed and said, “what?”

“After we fucked, all I could think about was you. I couldn’t get you off my mind. When me and Kyle would have sex, I would ask him to do the things you do and compare you two. I finally realized that I made a giant mistake leaving you for him and we called everything off and I moved back to my parents. I knew you would never take me back, but I didn’t tell you just so you would make love to me one more time before i try to move on.”

I sat in the bed in silence, staring at Katie. After a few minutes, Katie started to move, picking up her clothes and getting dressed. I finally gathered my thoughts and said, “you’re right. I wouldn’t have taken you back. At least, not the way we were before. But, you’ll always be my kids aunt and I’ll always care for you. I always told you I would be here for you to talk to and thats never changed and never will, no matter what happens.”

Katie stopped getting dressed and said, “I really do need somebody to talk to. I feel like I’m falling apart all the time.”

She sat down on the bed next to me and we stayed silent, staring at the wall. When I heard her sniffling, holding back tears, I pulled her into my body, and said, “just promise me one thing. No more lying? Can we start there?”

“If you’ll still be my friend, I promise I will never lie to you again,” she said, looking up at me. I glanced down and said, “just friends?”

Katie smiled and said, “friends with benefits.”

NSFW: yes

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