How My Ex-Boyfriend Deflower Me

I have an ex-boyfriend whom I discover hard to forget. We met while we were in 3rd year school (we were both 21yrs old), initially as friends, and over time, our feelings grew stronger, eventually becoming serious even before we officially became a couple.

Due to the distance from my family, I have chosen to live in a small apartment on my own. My ex-boyfriend, who is also my friend, continued to visit me and spend time with me there. We completed some college tasks, played music, laughed, and drank until we became overly intoxicated. One day, he revealed that he had feelings for me. I couldn’t ignore the fact that I also had feelings for him. At that moment, we were at home drinking beer. I felt an intense warmth that I couldn’t quite describe. I felt the sexual arousal kicking in. Then he grabbed me softly and showed a sign of sexual tension. He started kissing me and touching my boobs. It was my first time but I liked what he was doing. I told him that it was my first time. That I never had sexual intercourse. I can see in his eyes how excited he was. He undressed me very slowly and continue kissing me as he slowly uncovered my skin. He kissed my nipples, he nibbled them gently. He kissed me on my tummy…. I moaned, and then he moved very slowly downwards. He rubbed his nose gently on my crotch area. Run his fingers on my bush. Run his touch down my vaginal lips and it got wet with his saliva. I gently open my lips with his fingers and lick my clitoris. He took his time. He got the most intimate part. I got wet and my juices flowed. He used his tongue to arouse me and I moaned that I still want more. He gently positioned himself between my legs and carefully placed his erected penis between my vaginal lips. And he applied very gentle pressure. I enjoyed the pressure of him going in a little bit. From slowly and gentle motions to fast and became faster. The more I wet was easier for us to have sex. We both enjoyed it a lot! And we did several times in 24hrs. We had sex every day for not less than three times during our relationship. We even escape our class just to had sex.

NSFW: yes

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