How [M]y school g[F] cucked me (Part 2?)

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NSFW: yes

If you haven’t read Part 1, I recommend reading through it for some additional context on how this lifestyle came to be. After some requests, I figured I’d give an update on how our cuck story progressed with David, so let me know what you think! Linking the first part below for ease of access:

After our first time with David, Rebecca and I spoke a LOT about our experience over break. Although we previously talked about having some threesomes with other guys and girls, I couldn’t wait until the next time I got to see Rebecca working another dick. Rebecca raved about the experience talking about how she loved being the center of attention and being able to try out another cock. Although she loved vanilla ice cream, chocolate and strawberry were nice to taste every once in a while, you know? When we first spoke about approaching David, we figured the first time with David would probably result in a double blowjob scenario. The goal was all the time to have her fuck David but we were definitely shocked how quick we jumped into it. It was definitely hot being able to sit back and watch her in action almost like a personal pornstar. Even if David had a big cock, I loved being able to see Rebecca’s reaction (and lust) to getting fucked by him. Over break, we got kinkier roleplaying and using more toys to simulate threesomes and other kinks. She got really into the dirty talking when playing it out. Once we opened Pandora’s box with David, we knew things would be changing next semester.

“I bet you are afraid of David’s cock since you couldn’t handle it all” I teased Rebecca. Although we talked a lot about our experience, we didn’t talk about a next time or if there would even be one.

Rebecca laughed and quickly fired back “Practice does make perfect”

“David’s cock was definitely bigger and took a bit to get used to,” Rebecca continued “I don’t think I’ve been filled up like that before.” She paused a bit before asking “Do you think it’s weird if we do it again?”

“Not at all!” I explained “If anything, I think it’s hot watching you be able to seduce David to the point of having him cum, dripping in all that sexiness that you have us lusting over you”

Rebecca blushed as I teased her saying. “Im sure he has no problem keeping you busy in between our rounds. ” I was enthralled in imagining her with David again.

And with that we went back to college to begin another semester with David. Like I mentioned, after our first time with David, there was definitely some tension in the air. Rebecca and I had talked in lengths over break but David was pretty much unaware about how we felt but we tried to keep things company as usual. Rebecca made sure to keep teasing David the first couple weeks with her usual escapades trying to create up and keep some of the sexual tension around. She would walk around topless this time making sure not to cover up anymore or conveniently wait until he was home to take a shower. Sometimes she would be missing a top or other times in a robe just loose enough to get a peek underneath. Rebecca would tell me how he would all the time stare and smile while she showed off. I encouraged her to keep teasing David until someone eventually broke the ice knowing it will keep escalating. Rebecca grew to love showing off her body and even began dressing more revealing out in public to draw some more eyes to her.

One late night after taking a shower, she ran off to the kitchen for her usual tease. This time our other roommates were gone for the night and David was playing some video games. Rebecca figured this would be a good opportunity to go out with her robe unbelted and loose. After a while, I noticed she was gone for a little bit longer than usual so I stepped out to see what was going on. I noticed David had some kind of porn on the TV but it was muted. David was leaned back on the couch with his eyes closed and I saw Rebecca on her knees naked between his legs sucking his dick. She looked up at me as we both smiled at each before she went back to wrapping her lips on his cock. Rebecca took in David’s cock slowly going deeper and deeper as she tried to take the whole thing. I watched for a bit longer before I slid back to the room to jerk off and let her finish.

Rebecca came by a bit later to fill me in on what happened while I jerked off to what I saw. We began to hook up and I was able to taste his cock on her breath. As we started to fuck, Rebecca told me how she went out for her teasing shenanigans. Rebecca walked into the living room and watched as David was jerking off to some porn he had put on. She watched as on-screen the woman began to give head to two guys, almost how our previous situation began. David must’ve been real distracted since Rebecca was able to sneak up behind him and watched as he stroked his cock. As the lady on screen began playing with the second cock, she noticed David slow down his stroking and she began to giggle. David turned around and embarrassingly tried to cover up but Rebecca said she felt really bad walking up to him. She sat on the couch next to him and tried to apologize to him while looking down and seeing David’s erect cock peeking up under his hands.

She pushed his hands away to reveal his hard cock standing at attention. She mentioned how his cock twitched as she her fingers brushed up against it and wanted to see how it reacted to some more teasing. Rebecca told David not to be embarrassed as she slowly started stroking his cock. They began to make out and she jerked him off trying to wrap her hand around his cock. David apparently began feeling up Rebecca, eventually taking off her robe, and started playing with her tits as she felt him get harder in his hand. He began to suck on her tits while she started talking dirty to him about his cock. She was whispering in his ear about how big and impressive his cock was. She began telling him about the first time filling her mouth up and how she wanted to taste his cum. On-screen, apparently the first guy started to cum and the porn star moved back to the other guy to finish him off. Rebecca, all the time ambitious, took this as a challenge to make David cum next. Almost mimicking the actress, she got on her knees and started to blow him too. She was using her tongue to play with the head of his penis when she noticed I came out and started watching. Once she saw me come out, she said she really started to get to work.

As she took in his cock, she remembered how I teased her about being scared it’s so big. She said now that I was watching, she wanted to show off to see how much of it she could take and was getting even more turned on with me looking over her. Rebecca mentioned how as she took more and more of David’s cock, he slowly started to thrust more and more into her. While I watched, I saw her take most of his cock but she never managed to take the full thing. She explained how David was so thick, his cock would be pulsing and she would feel her mouth open wider. As she got more and more into it, she started giving him a sloppy bj sucking his cock all over even playing with his balls a little. She then started to jerk him off while using her tongue to play with his head and you can hear Davids breathing quicken. I watched as she held his cock and slowly ran her tongue along the length of it and I almost came right there. I didn’t want to interrupt her, so I had walked off to jerk off to what I had seen.

After I walked away, Rebecca revealed how David slowly began to fuck her face. He grabbed Rebecca’s hair almost in a ponytail and started to direct her mouth over his cock. She was taking a lot of him in as he pushed her head further down with each thrust. As he picked up his pace, she started gagging a bit as she was basically deep throating him taking most of his cock. She kept mentioning how big and thick he was as he kept shoving more and more of him into her tiny mouth. Rebecca, never giving up, kept going trying to handle most of it. As David slid his cock into her mouth, she liked using her tongue to taste and feel his cock with every thrust. She said she would feel the veins of his cock against her tongue and would try following along almost like mapping it out. Rebecca loved giving me blowjobs and swallowing so I was definitely turned on hearing about what happened next. Once David got close to cumming, she got up ready to take his load. With a final thrust, Rebecca explained how she felt her mouth begin filling with cum instead of cock. As he released into her, she kept sucking on his cock making sure to taste every bit before swallowing. In her own words, she left it “squeaky clean”. This is when she got up to come discover me before giving me a nice, deep kiss to show off what she had accomplished.

“Well did you ever take in the whole dick?” I asked.

“Practice makes perfect” she said coyly.

After that night, it was almost like a dam breaking and water l rushing out. We started playing with David more often as Rebecca and I slowly escalated how we incorporated him some more. She kept up the outright teasing that would eventually turn into groping. She proposed giving us double blowjobs as David and I sat back and she got to work. And she was definitely right, practice did make perfect. She would invite David to whip his cock out while we fucked to stick it in her mouth. She would rave about how it felt to be plugged from both ends. On late nights, after enough encouragement, she would even climb into his bed to suck him off after jerking off to us fucking in the same room. I would get instantly hard again just hearing her sucking on it and lightly gagging as she continued trying to take him in.

“Hurry home ?” she texted me one day after class followed by another a risqué picture of her pulling off some lingerie. I didn’t notice at the time, but in retrospect someone else obviously took the picture. As I walked in, the place was empty but I noticed my bedroom door closed which we usually only closed for some sexy times. I slowly opened the door to reveal Rebecca already on David’s bed with a mouthful of his cock. She was already naked bent over with her ass up basically inviting me. I quickly whipped out my dick to begin fucking her as she continued blowing David. Rebecca told me afterwards how she wanted to show off some lingerie as prep to me getting back. During this, she asked David to help by taking some pictures. While she was changing, she noticed David was starting get turned and building a tent underneath his shorts. Rebecca was starting love his cock and immediately started to service him. She later showed me another pic of her starting to suck David’s cock that he took. I came home shortly after she started and joined in on the fun. As I finished in her that day, she said “You must really love watching me suck David’s cock” with a smirk.

It wasn’t long before those blowjobs turned into fucking and the cucking continued. I even encouraged him to pick up some of the teasing back to Rebecca. As the semester progressed, David got more and more ballsy fucking Rebecca but I was all for it. He would begin fucking her randomly during the day, even if we were just chilling or hanging out. And I would watch and jerk off as he had his way with her. Rebecca also started teasing me while she got fucked. Making sure to talk about how good it felt to be fucked by a big cock, how she loved being used like a slut, and how I would sit back and watched her get fucked right. Eventually Rebecca even started sending me pics/vids of them fucking while I was out to class or out with friends. David became someone we consistently played with as Rebecca slowly became more and more slutty. Towards the end of the year, Rebecca even started hooking up with other guys and frats she was involved with as I slowly became more and more of a cuck.

Let me know if you want me to continue the story about our experiences or other questions about us! I have some more stuff with David, but we ended up playing with others later so figured I’d do this chronologically unless otherwise requested.

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