How it ll started with my MIL

She is a hot woman. After being in the family my craving for her has increased over the past few years. I have loved older women since I was a young fellow. My MIL is 20 years older than me. She lost her husband in a car accident. My wife is a traveling surgical nurse, and my MIL was a traveling nurse but is a consultant to a hospital system and does some traveling. I have been visiting my MIL”S panty drawer for years but, just looking and today I was there after smoking a roach and when i entered her bedroom the bed had a big pile of lingerie on it. She had emptied out some lingerie, panties, slips, gowns, and bras and was sorting them. They had been dumped onto her bed and was in no particular order. I guess I got an overload and my cock began to get hard. Well, I just stripped off and began to go thru her lingerie. My cock was tingling as I slowly stroked it and decided to pull a pair of her panties on. As I stepped into them and eased them up my cock began to tingle and i pumped it a few strokes and let them slide up my cock and ohhhh meeee. Next I got a semi sheer gown and pulled it on an then found some pantyhose and when I got them on i was hunching and moaning and eased the hose down and began pumping my cock. I began walking thru her house and bang, I stopped when I found a bra hanging on the bathroom door and I could smell her perfume on it and as I started to pump again I placed it on the bed because I could feel the climax building and I wanted to experience this longer. I pulled the hose off and found some thigh high hose and pulled them on. Yes, I put her bra on and stuffed it with some panties and the gown rubbing across the hose and the bra giving off her scent, I had to hold back my urge to pump off and blow cum….After playing and putting her lingerie on and off I finally jacked off and got dressed. I left and headed to run errands. After few hours I decided to return to Ann’s, my MIL, and have another round of hunching and jacking off. As soon as I was inside I stripped my clothes off and put on some thigh high hose, panties, a bra and the white gown that was sooooo soft and proceeded to walk around her house. I was getting close to pumping off when my phone rang and I about pissed myself. It was Ann. We greeted and I told her I was at her house. She said her bedroom was in a mess and not to pay any attention to it and I said ok and then she said she would be home in a few hours and would let me know when she arrived. Wow, what a rush i was wearing her panties, hose, bra and gown and was talking to her and slow pumping my cock. When I hung up I stripped and grabbed several pairs of her panties and started hunching and blowed cum, got dressed and hit a roach and headed to my house. Ann called me and gave me her arrival time and I could hardly wait. She had always been friendly and paid a lot of attention to me and complimented me on my appearance. We were on a trip recently to Florida and I made a comment about how good she looked in her new swim wear and she just smiled and did a turn around and she had just walked out of the water and as she turned around she revealed that one of her 38 inch ass cheeks was uncovered by the surf. I said oh Wow and she had a curious look and then she felt her ass and said oh me…When I said “leave it” she smiled and turned to face me then turned to reveal she had pulled the other side to make a “thong” look and I was instantly hard and I saw her look at me and she was all giggles and laughing. We were alone on the beach waiting for my wife to arrive. Now, yes I was stoned and she left her ass cheeks out and my cock was hard and she could see that it was and we had the best time in our little somewhat private place. My cock stayed hard for 2 hours bouncing and swaying and she was looking at it. Over the years I had gotten a few shots of Ann’s gorgeous 36d titties and had seen her pussy bush 2 or 3 times and I at all times had to jack off. But this was so hot because she had NEVER exposed herself like this before. We gathered our things and headed to our condo on the beach and I immediately stripped off and jacked before I showered. Well, my wife came and we all went for dinner and when we came back I was hard and ready to fuck my wife. She was hot and we eased into bed and kissed and I sucked her titties and played with her clit and entered her and we fucked and slept for 8 hours.

I found myself gonna Ann;s and playing in her panty drawer and jacking off more and more. After a couple of weeks Ann showed up at my house. Betty, was out of town and Ann and I were going to order pizza. This was not unusual and I was talking to Ann about what to order and she said remember when we were at the beach and my swimsuit got “thonged out” and I just let it stay like that? When I said OOHHHH YES she smiled and asked if I enjoyed it and when I said OHHHH YES in the same tone she smiled and said NO WAY. I said yes I did. Her phone rang and i went to the bathroom planning to pump my hard cock and decided to strip and just walk around and play a bit while she was on the phone. Sometimes she would spend 30-40 minutes on her phone explaining the protocol of a procedure and I could tell this was one of those calls and I got really horny because I had smoked some pot and I put on a pair of black bikini panties as I walked down the hallway Ann was laying on her bed I quickly pulled up my panties and exposed my ass like Ann had done that day. As I passed I turned and looked and I could see her looking at me and she raised her head off the pillow and followed me as I disappeared down the hall. Dang, I was about to blow cum. She actually looked at my ass…Wow! what to do? Well, I pulled my panties higher up into my ass crack and started down the hallway again and there was Ann looking at me as I slowly walked by. Well, I hit it again and took my cock from underneath the waistband of the pantie and placed it loosely in my panties and it bounced and swayed against the soft silky panties as I slowly walked to her room and stopped and said the pizza was only minutes away and she was staring at my cock the entire time! There was aI bedroom directly across from her room and I went in and grabbed a robe and put it on and went to the door and got the pizza. We ate the pizza and made small talk. I was stripped underneath my robe and I could see Ann that she was not wearing a bra and we settled down to watch a movie. After the movie Ann said she would like to see me model some of her lingerie and I about fel l out! She started to smile and it was then I decided she was just kidding, I THOUGHT! I kinda chuckled and she said, I am serious. I said that would be great and I asked what she wanted me to wear.

First Ann said we needed some ground rules. I put on a robe and sat down on the sofa. We had both showered and was in our silky gowns. She said first of all we can never fuck. I about jacked off just hearing that word from her. She said that she had sneaked looks at me and and had enjoyed it very much and I said the same about her. When I told her that I had been playing in her panty drawer she smiled and said that she knew I was and it really turned her on to know that I enjoyed touching her lingerie and wearing it. She said we should enjoy each others naked bodies and that she wanted me to “satisfy” myself while she watched and when I said I wanted her to do the same she could not believe it and seemed sooooooo excited and said ok but, it would take awhile to show her pussy and to actually vibrate and orgasm…I said that jacking off for her would be a great experience for me. When she told me she could hardly wait because she had NEVER seen someone jack off and could hardly wait. When I explained that I had been stealing glances at her and jacking off to the thoughts of her nakedness she marveled at this and was very excited. She said that she had also stolen glances of me walking around naked and still could not believe that I actually jacked off while wearing her panties. I asked her about kissing and touching and she said kissing was fine, playing with her titties was good, and that she would work up to me playing with her pussy in awhile. She asked about playing with my cock and I said that would be fine and she just smiled. I asked about jacking off and she said that she could hardly wait because she had never seen that and still could not believe I wanted to let her see me jack off. I told her I was about to blow cum now and she kinda squealed a bit and said DO IT when I wanted to and I stood up and dropped the robe and revealed my hard cock she moaned a bit and opened her gown to reveal her titties and a thong covered pussy. Her bush was enormous as I moaned and air hunched and she spread her legs and was hunching a bit and I could hear her moan. I stood up and started to rotate my ass and air hunch. She asked if I was certain it was ok that she watched me jack off. She assured me I could be in private when I started to cum. I told her i was about to jack off and without even touching cock. my cock… she started to rub her pussy and moan slowly. I asked if I could kiss her and she said yes and stood up and opened her arms and as I stepped into them she dropped her gown and was naked from the waist up and we kissed as her tits pressed into my skin and my cock pushed against the silky panties I could feel the thickness of her bush. She fell back on the bed and began to rub one out as I started t rotate my ass and hunch my cock on her leg. She lay down and spread her legs and I stood over her on the bed she whispered for me to hand her the hand held viberator from the drawer. I gave her a bit of time as I sucked her titty nipples and rubbed her cunt. She whispered I am ready to cum if you are. I said that I can hardly hold it and I started to pump and she started with the vibrator on her pussy. Bang!!! cum was flowing and her knees were shaking.

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