How I(m18) lost my v card with my soon to be gf(f18) part 1

I met this girl at high college never really spoke to her until her mom asked me to be her chambelan for her 15th birthday we will call her Isabella( fake name)

Isabella was obviously Hispanic,5,2 Mexican girl with bubble but and pretty good tits I’m pretty bad at calculating tits size but I would say D. Anyways after her party we never really spoke to each other again until the last day of our junior year. We were both alone and didn’t had anyone to talk to so I decided to talk to her because why not I was bored and she seemed to be bored too. At first it was really awkward as we didn’t had anything to talk about but I remember her about how fun was her party and we both started to distribute our favorite memories from it. (By this point I forgot to describe me sorry I’m a 5,7 white guy who plays football/wrestler who is in pretty good shape)

Anyways we started fooling around the college and laid in the theater floor since it’s comfy and the chairs are kinda destroyed.She is also one of those girls who like to joke around and hit their friends for some reason so I told her to stop if she didn’t want the smoke.we started wrestling and at one point I end up pinning both her hands down and looking at her eyes I just tell her I win. But she didn’t say anything she kinda just stared at my eyes and went quiet.Slowly I just started to get closer to her face until we were kissing. It was a romantic kiss at first but as we kept going it got more intense with me getting my hands under her hoddie touching her stomach and slowly going up
To her tits while doing this she opened her legs enough have our crotches groping each other and moaning in my mouth while holding my cheek and neck.

We stopped and moved to a darker corner because it was getting to risky to do it the corner we begin to take our clothes off while touching and kissing each other.when she was in her underwear I could see how wet she was already so I take it off for her and wanted to give her some oral but had a hard time founding the clit.unce I found it tho I kept playing with it and by looking at her face expressions and her mumbled moans I think she was enjoying it. After like 5 minutes she asked me to stop due to our lack of time.

So I stand up go behind her to spoon her but right when I do that the doors opens and the principal and vice principal walk in.they didn’t saw us at f cuz we were laying down on the darkest spot but we could hear them talk about the last show of the he kept talking I could withstand anymore so I started to adjust the head of my Dick in her wet pussy. She looked back at me with a what are u doing face to which I respond by kissing her and made a sign to stay quiet.I started to slide in slowly and only inch by inch until I had my whole 7 inch dick inside. It was new whole experience. It felt tight,hot and wet. I started to fuck her without going all the way into avoid the clapping noise while squishing her nipples.

Part 2?

NSFW: yes

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