How I Sucked off My Friend in his Sleep!! (F19)

It was around 1:30am when I got horny and decided to take my bra and panties off I was just slowly rubbing my pussy trying not to wake my friend with my moans by covering my mouth with my hand.
After about 5 minutes I was soaking wet and couldn’t hold my moans in anymore and I let a loud ass Moan out which woke up my male friend so I pretended to be asleep and hid my bra and panties under the cover with me I open my eyes to see if he went back to sleep but he stood up and then I saw his enormous dick fully hard
which made me even more wet, so he stood up and went to the bathroom then he comes back with his dick still fully hard and I can see the head of his dick poking out of the bottom of his boxers then he decides to lay down and go back to sleep.
After a few minutes I can tell he’s hard asleep and still hard so I decided to get out of my bed and touch his cock putting my hand on his boxers and feeling how big it is and I couldn’t help myself but to pull it out of his boxers. And there it was fully hard so I jerked him off a bit then kissed it and then put it in my mouth after a few minutes
He cums into my mouth which after he let out a loud moan after that I just got dressed and went back to sleep

NSFW: yes

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