How I started dating 2 Asian women…

I [26m] have been in a relationship with my primary [26F] girlfriend for 4 years now. Our second girl [24F], who just came into our relationship officially, has been a good friend and off and on FWB for the past 2 years. We met at my work and since my girlfriend and her hit it off we all got closer. After pretty much being together for the past 1 year we decided to make it official.

At my work about 2 years ago, I was assigned to sit next to my new gf, Jen. We become great coworkers first. She was someone great to vent to and could depend on for actual work. A few months went on and I invited her to a party my gf, Viv, and I were put on to help make friends since she was new to the area. Viv and her hit it off well and we all had a great night chatting and hanging out. My gf is bi and wondered Jen was very cute, fun and said we need to do more stuff with her.

Over the new year we started hanging out more sometimes all of us and others just Viv and Jen. About a year ago is when things really picked up. We all went out to have some drinks and hang out for Viv’s birthday. As usual, we drank too much at this pub in a little corner that had a couch where we were all on tucked away. Viv was feeling very confident said… “You’re so cute, i really want a kiss for my bday.” Viv reached out and gave her a kiss on the cheek then said if she wanted it to be a special bday she could do more. Viv’s eyes lit up and pulled Jen into her. She had Jen on top her making out and groping one another.

After a few minutes, I said we should probably head out if we want to continue. So, we went back home. The whole way viv and Jen were making out and pretty much undressing one another. We made it home and we all went to the bedroom. They went straight to the bed and were nude almost immediately. They said I was fine to stay, watch and touch a little but that they wanted it to be mainly them. So, while they fucked I hung around and masterbated on the side. Once they were done, I still hadn’t gotten off so Viv came over to help. Once she got into it Jen wanted to join in so they both blew me until I came in Jen’s mouth.

We went to bed a little later after staying up playing with each other. When woke up, we were all very hung over and wondered last night was fun. I was glad there wasn’t any awkwardness. From then on we started hanging out more and having more sleepovers. Viv has a cucking kink and loves watching me with Jen and Jen liked it too. The more time we spent, the more we overlapped sexually until we were fine having sex together or alone with just another person and hanging out.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve and we decided to ask Jen to join us in a relationship and she said yes! Now we all have a king bed we distribute!

NSFW: yes

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