How I met my Wife

My current wife Sara and I didn’t begin our relationship on ordinary terms. She was married to her kids father. They where in a open marriage with her seeing mostly other women. She also had a lesbian girlfriend Amber who did not like Sara’s husband at all. I was was in a rocky marriage to my first wife Allison. We no longer had a connection and we’re basically roommates. I first met Sara at my apartment complex where my first wife and I lived. She was over visiting her girlfriend Amber who lived in the apartment above me. My wife was at work. I’ve known Amber just from seeing her coming in and out of her apartment. We were friendly and all the time talked to each other. My wife Allison didn’t like Amber. She felt threatened by Amber because she knew I had a thing for redheads. Rightfully so lol 😂

Either way one night I seen Sara walking out to her car with Amber while I was outside smoking a cigarette. I noticed that Sara with straight black hair and had on a dress and holy fuck her ass was on point! BUBBLE BUTT! I jokingly “not really” yelled hey gorgeous if I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?!? Lol Amber quickly replied don’t try and steal my girl!!! You are already married… I replied… shit her too!! They laughed and Sara turned red in the face! As they left I could only imagine what sort of hot passionate sex Amber and Sara have.

Time passes and after a week or two Sara sends me a message on Facebook messenger. I was shocked as we weren’t friends on there. After a little small talk and flirting, She asked me if I would be interested in having a threesome with her and Amber. I was shook! I have never cheated on my wife up till this point! What are the chances of cheating on my wife with another married woman and her girlfriend! It was a dream that I’d never wondered to think would come true. I told her absolutely of course it would be a pleasure! We had to wait a night my wife was gone and that came a few weeks later when she and her sister went to a New Kids on the Block concert.

Nervous was an understatement! After my wife left I took a shower got everything in order and waited on a text. What felt like forever, Sara finally texted me to come up to Ambers apartment. I went up and walked inside to these two completely different body types women looking absolutely stunning! Amber was a tall pale skinny redhead with a gorgeous tight little body with a red outfit on! Sara was about 2 ft shorter than Amber. She is perfectly thick in all the right places and has a bubble butt! FAT! She had on a light blue lace thong and bra! Fuck they were unimaginable hot! They started making out with each other and I eventually joined. So many different oral positions it blew my mind! I can’t type everything that happened but it was a night I will never forget! My first threesome! We had sex together about 10 times over the course of 6 months. I fucked Amber a few times just her and I and Sara and I fucked a lot more!

After I divorced my wife Allison and moved into my own place, I continued to fuck Sara as her relationship with Amber ended! Sara was still married to her husband but was beginning to begin the process of divorcing. I had I few more flings with other women before Sara and I started officially dating! If you enjoyed this story I will continue to confess stories! They are all true!

NSFW: yes

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