How I lost my virginity – Short Sex Story

I was 25 (yes was still a virgin lol) and this was during Covid in 2020. I stayed at an apartment complex and had a thick neighbour with small tits but massive ass, her name was Yolanda and she was 36 yo but stayed alone. I usually met her when I was going in and out and I’d say hi. She was very polite but never wondered much of it. One day she was walking out her friend and I met them in the hallway. The friend was looking at me giggling and it seemed they had been talking about me. Yolanda blushed and Yolanda said they had been cooking. So I told her I was a good cook and set up a cook in for the following day.

After I cooked the first day she remarked how good I was and we talked for a while about other things- we actually connected a bit. So the next week I’d go and hang out with her like every other day. At this time, I already knew she had a thing for me but I was nervous like how to approach her.

So the 5th time I was at her place, I brought a rubics cube cause she was fascinated that I could solve it (yep nerdy I know). So I set right beside her and started showing her how to solve it. Then slowly I put my hand on her bosom lightly and she didn’t say anything. I slowly started caressing her boob and found her tits…

So I started rolling them and they were hard at this point. I then stood up and she wondered I was leaving … so she also stood up. I put my arms around her waist and we kissed. Slowly just in the lips at first then deep kisses.She then led me to her bedroom. She laid on her back and I took her pants off.

She was wet as fuck at this point. I took off my pants and slowly guided my Dick into her pussy and it slid in so easily – no condom, I was amazingly surprised with the warmth and wetness of her pussy. I started thrusting and she was moaning. Within a few seconds I was about to cum and I knew I couldn’t cum inside so I took my dick out and came on her pussy lips.

If I don’t finish inside a woman, I can keep fucking my dick will still be hard. So I shook off the semen and thrust my dick back inside her wet pussy. Yolanda had a massive sexual appetite. I put her legs up onto her shoulders in missionary and started pumping her deep strokes balls deep.

Because of the position, her pussy was open and sucking air when I was long stroking her and when I thrust deep it was farting like crazy. I love a farting pussy… and I told her so she’d be comfortable. So every time she’d orgasm she’d push my dick out and I’d thrust it back and this loud fart would come out.. it was the best.

I ended cumming three times that night. That is how I lost my virginity.

NSFW: yes

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