How I lost my virginity

I have had a couple of people ask me about how I lost my virginity, it’s a bit funny trying to write about this because its not really a sex story but its still seems to have peoples interest so I will do my best. For visual context I am Asian, petite I weigh 92 pounds or 42kg and I’m 5 ‘1 or 152 cm . if you are interested you can see images on my account.

I want to begin by saying losing my virginity wasn’t a planned thing. It wasn’t fully agreed to but not entirely unexpected looking back at it. I was 21 years old and my boyfriend (guy that visited me) was Caucasian and 31. He was visiting my country at the time and I was visiting him during the day in his hotel.

He was kissing me in the room and I was still a little coy around him but I was very much into it. I was wearing a light cotton summer dress and he was in his boxers at that stage. He lifted the dress over my shoulders and started to kiss my neck and shoulders. Laying me back on the bed I was now in black panties and a black bra I could already feel his hardness as he lay on-top of me. I was nervous but we had agreed to play but not actually have sex. He slipped my bra strap off the shoulder and began lightly nibbling and caressing my breast we had done this before and I have really sensitive breasts and I’m a little ticklish so it was a lot of squirming and giggling. He unhooked my bra and it was tossed off the bed and he slowly moved from breast to breast squeezing and sucking I was literally in heaven.

His hands slipped to my panties we had never gone this far before I grabbed his hand and tried to stop him he told me its alright he was just playing and I let him slide his fingers inside my panties were he gently caressed my pubic hair and worked his way to my virgin pussy. He moved his head down and kissed along my tummy until he was between my legs. His hot breath sent chill up my spine as he gently removed my panties with his teeth and then he began to lightly lick me. I had never done this and it felt amazing I was literally melting.

He moved from gently licking to kissing and lightly sucking the whole time his fingers caressed my tummy, my butt and my pelvis. I was wriggling in pleasure and my hands were running through his hair. I felt him fidget around as he removed his boxers and I stopped him reminding him no sex. He told me that he could rub his cock against me without entering me and it would be so hot. Sliding back up I felt his hardness sliding against my leg until it was pressing against me then slowly he slipped it along my pussy and up outside his shaft was rubbing my lips. It felt amazing and then with a slow pumps he continued to slip along my pussy without entering it. My body reacted and I could feel I was getting wet down there. Over the next few minutes he continued to slide along me each time his hard cock would slip every so slightly between my lips run along the length without penetrating me.

I began to relax and hug his back I was getting really lost in the moment. His cock was so hard and slippery but each time it kinda popped out and it felt amazing. I could feel him getting more intense and his pumping was becoming urgent. His hands hooked under my shoulders and I felt him reposition his hips. I didn’t fully find out at first I wondered he was close to cumming. The holding my tightly he pumped like ordinary but instead of slipping along my pussy it pressed into it I was so wet and it was so fast I felt a sharp sting then I felt his cock slide into me I spread my legs wide in shock and the stinging sensation an his balls slapped against my butt as he was completely inside me.

Then he just stopped and acted surprised or he was surprised I’m not sure. I was shocked and I knew my virginity was gone I had this cock deep inside me and I knew there was no going back. He started pumping slowly I was in pain and I said slow down. I could feel him losing control and he started pumping me the stinging pain eased slightly as I felt the pleasure of sex but it was still painful. He pumped me about 3 or 4 times then puled out as his cock exploded all over my tummy.

As it came out I could see a little blood and I knew he had claimed his prize.

NSFW: yes

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