How I lost my anal virginity to my friends husband [f]23

Thank you everyone for your amazing feedback following my first two stories. I’ve got a lot of requests about whether there was any follow-up with either of the couples from the Swingers Club and I’m happy to say there was. I hope you enjoy this one.

Following on from my wild first night at a swingers club with Jay, I was happy to have kept in contact with Wife A from the first couple. We’ll call her Luna and her husband Luke. I soon found out that I had a lot in common with her. We both enjoyed long walks, people watching, gym and even shopped at the same stores. We met up a handful of times since then. She almost became my swingers teacher, telling me all her wild stories. It was hard to listen to them and not be aroused, I mean, how could a girl not imagine herself getting spit roasted by two strong Scandinavian men.

Eventually, we decided that it would be fun to fuck each other again. I messaged Jay, it was all arranged, we would go their place, have dinner, one, two or even five glasses of wine, then enjoy our bodies and all the pleasures that they bring each other. The day before, Jay had contracted some sort of cold. I messaged Luna to let her know that Jay couldn’t come and if she wanted to reschedule to which she replied “do you not want to fuck me and my husband?” When put this bluntly, I didn’t know how reply, I just said I’d be there at the scheduled time.

I arrive at their gorgeous Victorian Terrace, a far cry from what my student self had been staying in. The wine and conversation flows, they tell me about their work lives and how swinging had managed to inject a new sense of excitement for them. This all leads to the bedroom. We walk in, Luna pushes me down to the bed, climbing on top of me. We kiss passionately while I here Luke in the background undoing his belt buckle. With Luna’s blonde her in my face I can’t see much of him, but eventually she moves up, placing her perky C cups in my face. As I suck on them, I feel Luke pulling my trousers and panties off with ease, Luna had already undone the button. She then removes her trousers and sits on my face as Luke eats my pussy, quite well I might add. He reaches up and removes my bra, releasing my huge breasts from captivity. Luna then turns around to face Luke while still on my face, giggling and pinching my tits as Luke eats my pussy. Eventually I succumb to all the overstimulation, coming all over Luke’s face.

I take a minute on the bed to readjust myself and when I finally sit up, I see Luna sucking Luke’s dick. She’s being quite gentle, normally the opposite to what I do. I essentially enjoy facefucking myself. Making a mess as I do. I stand up off the bed and ask Luna if she wouldn’t mind me sucking her Husbands cock. Of course she didn’t. I proceed to gag, choke and slobber all over him. After making a mess of myself, Luna positions herself on her back, legs open, as Luke moves from my mouth into her pretty pink pussy. As she gets fucked, she looks at me and asks if I’m into anal. I never tried is my reply and I genuinely hadn’t at that time. That was all about to change. She looks at Luke, then at me and as she’s getting fucked she says “I want my Husband to fuck your asshole”. Being so turned on and at least 4 glasses of wine in, I agree. I bend over, and to my surprise the first thing I feel is Lunas tongue on my asshole. Then right after, using his wife’s juices as lube, he slowly creeps in. I do mean slowly as it hurt. But as I was rubbing my clit at the same time, the pleasure masked the pain. He got about 9 or 10 pumps in before announcing his need to come. So he pulls out and releases his load all over his wife’s face and into her mouth. It was nasty…. But so hot and satisfying to watch. I’ve been pleasuring myself to that sight since. Safe to say Jay missed out on the crazy night.

Thank you so much for reading. If you’d like to hear more, I’ll be heading back to the swingers club with Luke and Luna soon, no doubt I’ll have some more dirty stories to tell you all x

NSFW: yes

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