How I became a sex slave 06 (fiction, 29M/23F, gender change, XChange, forget, couple)

I awoke finding that I was laying on the floor confused on how I got there barely remembering that I had been recently fucked with a fresh load of semen in my new womb feeling weird.

I blinked awake still confused until I heard a male voice speak humorously, “Ah she **finally** wakes.”

I propped myself and turned to look, finding a naked male with the biggest erection I had ever seen standing in his lap as he sat on the sofa smiling at me with an equally smiling girl next to him.

*Oh Yeah!* as I remembered.

My name is Raelyn and the male sitting on the sofa was a transformed Blair….my……owner?

If that was really Blair, I think, then **why** did HE look so familiar to me? Something about the man looked like I **should** know him but for the life of me I had no idea **why** he looked familiar.

Was he the image of my dad? Is that WHY he looks familiar to me?

I quickly gave up my line of questioning because all I had were questions with no answers made me feel I was spiraling down a rabbit hole with an infinite series of questions that led me nowhere if I didn’t have an answer.

And the smiling girl was her….maid? Ashley I think.

I blinked and slightly groaned, “What happened?”

The male that is Blair, smiled, “You passed out right after I came in you.”

I blinked and wondered *Oh!*

The smiling girl lightly chuckled, “Must have been one hell of an orgasm if it made you pass out.”

The male chided Ashley, “Now now Ashley if you were in Raelyn’s shoes you’d probably pass out too.”

Ashley chuckled but didn’t say anything.


Is that supposed to mean something? Why would Ashley pass out if she were in **my** shoes?

Ashley was a girl. I highly doubt she would pass out from a simple act has having a guy cum in her.

Then why did I?

Was it because I’m a NEW girl? And I’m not ‘used’ to true orgasm as a woman?

No, I had orgasmed when Ashley was eating me out. Didn’t I? Or were they just simple euphoric tremors? And when the guy cum in me is when I had a REAL orgasm.

Does that make sense?

I looked at the male tried of my own internal questioning, “What does that mean?”

The male smiled, “Eh it’s a trifle bit of information.” He leaned forward, smiling widely, “Would you like to go again?”

I blinked and the instant the offer to be fucked again AND have him cum in me again I felt my body agree as I yearned for that experience again as I suddenly had energy.

I felt my nipples harden at the prospect. I felt my breasts harden. I felt my pussy moisten.

I couldn’t stop myself as I nodded almost vigorously causing the male to smile as he leaned back and smacked his thighs, “Then hop on.”

I grunted as I was about to get up but the male spoke, “No.”

I blinked at the male confused as he evilly smiled at me, “Come crawling.”

I looked at him momentarily before speaking, “Yes sir.”

I got up on my hands and knees as I crawled over the small distance until I was next to him.

He smiled and spoke, “Good good. Now come up here little one.”

I didn’t hesitate as I put my hands on his thighs and started climbing the sofa and straddling the man. I looked down at him while all he did was smile at me before he spoke, “Well. Get what you came up for.”

I nodded as I reached down and grabbed his erection as I slowly lowered myself down until his tip touched my pussy before lowering myself down.

The moment his mushroom tip touched my labia I felt an electric jolt in my body making me instantly yelp as I felt my eyes flutter.

After the electric shock I lowered myself down on the phallic object causing me to instantly moan as I felt my vagina quiver as it traveled down along the man’s enormous erection. Each inch my pussy took the more it quivered until finally as I reached the root of his penis my pussy was quivering so much that I instantly orgasmed causing me to moan loudly as my body locked in place and my brain was misfiring.

Once my orgasm subsided I collapsed on top of the man breathing heavily as I panted from having a dick enter me only one time. A dick that was still currently lodged deeply in my vagina.

I panted and breathed heavily only for a few moments before I heard the man speak, “Well is all that you have one simple thrust. Not even a thrust? Before you’re panting?”

I spoke as I panted, “I’m sorry sir but my pussy seems to be extremely sensitive.”

The man smacked my ass as he spoke, “Yeah so did I after the first round but **I** still found the energy to go multiple rounds.”

I panted, “I’m trying sir.”

I heard Ashley speak, “You have to remember Blair, darling, that YOU were born a woman AND built up your stamina. It can’t be achieved overnight as this is Raelyn’s first official day as a woman.”

I looked over as I watched the man digest the information before turning his head to Ashley and speaking, “Hmmmm, maybe you’re right.”

He smacked my ass….hard causing me to jump from the pain….and slightly wished he would do it again as he spoke, “But even **I** wasn’t useless after one round of sex.”

He grabbed under my butt and lifted my small frame off of his dick before letting go causing me to fall onto his dick as it slammed into my pussy causing me to scream as the sensation shot a bolt through my body and I felt my vagina convulsing on his dick.

The man speak, “Really? Another orgasm?”

I panted as I whined but still nodded.

I watched him smile more and more widely until it was a creepy evil cheshire smile as I knew I was in trouble as he grabbed my rear and simply lifted then released causing me to moan and scream as I felt another orgasm hit me as this time my pussy was pulsating along this man’s erection.

He kept this up by simply lifting and letting go as I became his personal screaming work out doll as each slam down brought on another orgasm until finally I could fight anything as my body became limp and all I could do was accept the torment.

As he lifted me he would ask things of me like:

Was I HIS personal fuck doll?

Did I enjoy what was happening?

Each question asked of me all I could do was nod or answer with a moan.

Then came the obscenities like:

*You’re my little slut*

*My personal fuck doll and you like it!*

As he continued demoralizing me as I couldn’t do anything but scream and whimper. I mean how would anyone defend that they weren’t any of those things while getting fucked? And I was of no use to do anything as my body went limp.

It’s not like I could get up as my legs officially turned into goo.

Hell I could barely hold on but was lucky my arms were resting on his shoulders.

But I could ALSO tell I wasn’t the only one who was being affected by the constant slamming as HE started getting silent as he was starting to sweat until the LAST down as we both screamed and groaned in unison.

And then it happened….a MASSIVE ORGASM rocked my body causing every muscle to freeze and lock into place as my mind literally melted on the spot. The sheer electricity firing felt like it was being fired from a lightning god as I felt a warmth fill inside my pussy.

Each splurt was like a different portion of the orgasm that rocked my body until finally the man who’s dick was firmly lodged in me stopped pulsing as his orgasm subsided and stopped firing cum into my womb and insides.

Only then did I collapse onto Blair panting and happy I hadn’t passed out….if only barely.

I heard a feminine voice speak to us, “Wow!”

The man chuckled, “That was fun.”

I looked over at the woman in question smiling and panting as I spoke, “At….least…..this…..time…..I….didn’t…..pass……out.”

I looked, realizing it was Ashley as she smiled, “Looked fun?”

The man spoke, “Who are you speaking to me or her?”

Ashley smiled, “You, Blair, honey.”

Blair panted as he nodded, “God now I know WHY men LOVE fucking girls.”

He smacked my ass as I whimpered, “And WHY they love fucking Bimbos so much.”

He spoke, “You’re ALWAY tight.” Which caused him to laugh.

Ashley lightly chuckled as she spoke, “Well Blair I’d always be *tight* too with a weapon that big.”

I panted as I watched Blair grab Ashley and pull her in for a kiss as their kiss quickly evolved and I felt Blair’s man meat in me harden and stiffen making me whimper and somehow discover the strength to gyrate my hips….if only by millimeters.

I got a couple of gyrations before Blair smacked my ass and breaking the kiss with Ashley, “Ready for round three?”

I panted, still unable to move and heard Ashley speak, “How about you give Raelyn a break and do me instead.”

I wanted to argue that I was indeed ready but knew I needed a rest….if only momentary.

I heard Blair speak, “It’ll have to be in your anal as we BOTH know what I’m on.”


What is he on?

I watched as Ashley smile and nodded, “That’s fine.”

Blair lifted me off of him causing my pussy to quiver and shake as the hard object left my body making me whimper and moan. Then he set me down on my side on the sofa as I continued panting and gasping as I watched Ashley bend over the sofa with a enormous smile as Blair walked up to Ashley before he smacked his cock against her ass a few times before slowly started inserting his dick into Ashley asshole.

As I watched Blair slowly begin fucking Ashley asshole I secretly wished it was me and made a vow while I watched.

*I needed to create my stamina.*


Slave Character Sheet

New Name: Raelyn

Change Type: Clone/Choice

Clone Accuracy 80%


Bimbo – ??%
Abilities: ??, ??, ??, ??, makeup-less beauty, ageless youth causing user to age more slowly, breasts at all times remain perky and solid (gravity will not touch it), elastic orifices about to take any size for the perfect fit, pussy will ALWAYS remain wet and tight, anus will at all times remain tight, extremely flexible; ??

??? – ???%
Abilities: ???? BONUS: MASSIVE ORGASM when guys cum in subject, ????

??? – ??%
Abilities: ???? sweetest candy ????

??? – ??%
Abilities: ???

Compliant – 10%
Abilities: The ultimate submissive formula will make the user compliant and do whatever is told of the user. SIDE EFFECT: can cause dullness in emotions or lack of emotions

Forget – 5%
Abilities: Once transformed it’s hard to remember users past before pill; usually subjects forget they have taken the pill and assume they have ALWAYS been that gender. SIDE EFFECTS: Can cause user to have issues with short term memory making it hard to build long term memories.

??? – ??%
Abilities: ???


Stimulators Delight Trifecta Clit Piercing (Triangle, Mons Pubis, Horizontal Clit Hood Piercing) meant to stimulate the clit easily

Pelvic Tattoo – Intricate design in pinks and purples

NSFW: yes

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