How I became a sex slave 05 (fiction, 29M/23F, gender change, XChange, forget, couple)

I dreamt a dream that made no sense as my body slept **hard**.

In the dream it **seemed** that I was a man about to take *something* as I looked at girl that closely resembled Blair as I felt emotions of love and happiness for some odd reason.

While the dream moved in slow motion is if it were an image that hardly moved I heard a commanding voice ‘**GET UP RAELYN**’.

I felt my body stir as I, almost painfully, opened my eyes to the light to see the offender that dared wake me almost ready to bite the offender’s head off but the person spoke again, “**I SAID GET UP!!!**”

I groaned feeling the urge to follow the instruction but my body wasn’t ready to accept that it needed to be awake as I hoarsely spoke, “Five more minutes.”

The person spoke, “**NOW!!!**”

This time the command entered my brain as I woke and sat up almost ready to argue but instead spoke, “Ok! I’m up!”

I looked to see it was the other girl….Ashley…..Blair’s maid standing at my bedside looking down at me as I could feel different emotions from the woman in question but which I was entirely unsure of.

Ashley looked down at me and spoke, “Get….Up,” as she enunciated each word making me swing my legs and twist my body from laying down to sitting on the bed as I answered, “Yes ma’am.”

Once Ashley saw that I was awake and was ready to get up only did she move as she walked away as I heard her grumble, ‘*Lucky Bitch*’.

I blinked at the offense but something in me told me to not argue with the woman in the skimpy outfit as I sat there for a moment letting my body fully wake up though in all honesty I wanted to go back to sleep and dream the dream again just to get answers but I felt the sudden *need* to answer a call I was all too familiar with as I stood up from the bed before removing my night clothes I had slept in and shuffled my feet as I made my way to the bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom and turning on the light I saw for the first time my image causing me to stop and stare.

If I wasn’t mistaken the image in front of me to looked all too foreign but I knew the image in front of me was my own but it left *questions*.

Like **Why did I look like Blair?** but the question quickly amended itself as I blinked and wondered **Am I Blair’s sister?** as the image looking back at me was the spitting image of Blair….but different. For **my** hair was a fiery red compared to Blair’s light brown as well as Blair’s hair was **much** shorter compared to what looked like mine reached well past my rear end as it approached my rear thighs. My breasts I knew to be a much larger size than Blair’s. As well as my nips looked more puffy…and pointy compared to Blair’s.

I turned to see that my posterior was much more ample than Blair’s. As well as noticing my side account that my curves were much more *curvy* compared to my……sister?

No, she told me I was *changed* meaning I wasn’t her kin but a mere **copy** of her.

Or was I *clone*?

Meaning that I had taken one of those gender change pills…..but which one?

I wondered these questions, that seemed to be a never ending series of questions with no real answers.

My *checking* of myself was only momentary as I remembered my sudden *need* to relieve myself as I finished my check out to continue moving as I stood in front of the toilet to reach down and grab *something* to only grab air as if this was years long habit that I had subconsciously done for years as I suddenly dawned on me that nothing was there when I looked down to think *Oh yeah…..Duh!!!* before turning and sitting down to urinate as a woman.

I felt my bladder relieve itself upon command and after finishing something in me told me I needed to *wipe* as this action was still foreign to me before I reached out and pulled some toilet paper to *wipe* my new appendage before standing and resuming to go look at my *image*.

After a solid ten minutes of looking, did a familiar face come to join me in looking over my body as Blair stepped into the bathroom to smile, “How’s it going *Raelyn*?”

When she stepped into the room it caused me to jump and turn to look at her, “Jesus!!! You scared me!!!”

Blair smiled, “Checking out your **new** body?”

I felt my face heat up as I was sure I was blushing but still nodded as I looked down, “Yes!”

I watched as Blair’s smile never faltered as she spoke, “It is such a lovely body isn’t it?”

I looked up at Blair as I spoke, “It is. But why do I look so much like you?”

Blair spoke, “Do you?”

I looked at her and nodded as I spoke, “Aside from my hair and assets I swear we could be twins.”

Blair smiled, “Call it curiosity on my part.”

I blinked thinking *Huh!*

Blair continued, “When you agreed to be my slave and I had your pill special ordered as I decided I wanted to see what **I** would look like with red hair,” she looked me up and down as her smile turned…..hungry, “along with some *other* changes.”

I spoke, “Oh!” Like that answer made sense **why** I looked so much like Blair….my new *master*.

I felt my face heat up more as I spoke, “Well do you like what you see?”

I watched as Blair looked me up and down her facial features telling me she was getting excited before she looked at me, “Very.”

She held out her hand as she spoke, “**Now** we get to see what your **new** body will do.”

I blinked at her as I questioned what she meant by that but instead felt the urge to accept her hand and do whatever she asked of me. I looked at the hand only momentarily before putting my own hand in it as Blair led me from the bathroom and out of my room until we reached what felt like the living room.

The entire *walk* from the small distance made me feel something that up until this moment made me clueless as my new ***metal*** **additions** in between my legs that surrounded my clit suddenly made me extremely HORNY as they pushed, rubbed, and held up my clit and told me that my new **addition** would force me to walk a certain way if I didn’t want to be horny but still in my short sighted memory I had forgotten of the new addition as it made me unbelievably horny.

Blair looked around for a moment as she spoke, “Ashley?”

Blair waited for a moment before she repeated herself, “*ASHLEY*.”

We heard Ashley speak, ‘*Coming*’.

Blair didn’t say anything as she waited before Ashley finally walked in and stood before us, “Yes?”

Blair smiled, “Go get some *things* including a *pill* in preparation for today.”

Blair looked at me, “You hungry?”

As soon as Blair mentioned ‘*food*’ my stomach growled…..***loudly*** making me instantly blush as I now had two *issues*. Blair smiled and looked at Ashley, “Also get one of *Raelyn*’s special drinks to get her stable.”

Ashley nodded and walked off without saying a thing.

Blair looked at me, “Sit down while we wait.”

I looked at Blair feeling somewhat more compliant compared to yesterday when I felt nervous and scared but for some *odd* reason I didn’t feel **as** scared as Blair’s smile seemed more……comforting…..I think. **But** something was making my thinking a little short sighted.

Still I sat down wondering what was gonna happen next while I felt horny and hungry but was more excited that I was gonna get something to eat…..even if it was in liquid form. I sort of **hoped** that Blair was gonna *help* with my two *issues* but was happy she was addressing at least one of them.

I watched as Blair started playing on her phone standing in front of me while I sat on the couch as we waited for Ashley to return.

I **wanted** to ask Blair what she was doing but something about what she was doing didn’t seem essential to me as my stomach almost painfully growled. And a certain body part felt *extremely* wet.

I looked down and slightly opened my legs to look down at the thing that was begging for attention BUT because of my rather *large* attachments on my chest made looking down rather difficult.

I heard Blair ask, “Something wrong?”

I looked up at Blair feeling my face turn a near crimson as I was now nearly panting, “Ummm…I think my pussy is wet.”

Blair’s smile turned up and looked rather evil even to me as she spoke, “Must be those lovely piercings that are surrounding your clit.” Blair knelt down on her knees in front of me, “Let me see.”

I blushed but still opened my legs for Blair to look as I felt her head lean in between my legs to inspect my *new* appendage and feeling her hot breath on my exposed pussy almost made me quiver in delight but did make me shiver as that lightly feeling was enough to make my body feel fuzzy.

I heard Blair speak, “Your pussy is rather wet,” I felt Blair’s finger push on my hardened clit causing me to moan loudly as electricity fired in my brain and barely heard Blair speak, “and the piercings surrounding your clit looks to have made your clit hard as it *seems* to be poking out nicely.”

Blair noticed my reaction as I caught her smiling widely, “And sensitive it looks like.”

I nodded as I whimpered after having that **one** touch to my body made me want **more**.

I watched as Blair smiled as she spoke, “Do you want *more* of what you **just** experienced?”

I didn’t hesitate as I nodded vigorously almost pleading but before I could get an *answer* from Blair we heard Ashley speak, “I have your *pet’s* special drink and your pill as you requested.”

Blair spoke, “Ah **PERFECT** timing Ashley. Would you like a *first* taste from my….” I watched her smile evilly, “*pet* as you **just** called her.”

I looked over at Ashley to see her reaction as Ashley blinked for half a second **at** Blair before looking at me as my legs were sprawled open as I sat on the couch as I watched Ashley lick her lips before looking **at** Blair, “I **thought** we agreed that **you** and **I** would only do that *together*?”

Blair smiled as she stepped away and got up as I followed Blair walk over to Ashley and lean in to whisper something.

I watched as *whatever* Blair whispered into Ashley’s ear may have done something **because** I watched as Ashley looked from Blair to when Blair whispered into her ear as Ashley looked from her to me for a moment before Ashley looked at me more *oddly* before I could see her mouth begin to water as she started to smack her lips and lick them repeatedly.

Then Blair pulled away and spoke, “*Well*?”

I watched as Ashley looked from me to Blair one last time before squinting, “Are you *sure*?”

I watched as Blair had her smile back and showed no real emotion as she spoke slowly and carefully, “Of *course* I’m **sure**.”

Ashley squinted at Blair as if trying to decipher whatever Blair meant before looking at me and was licking her lips again before she looked at Blair and nodded as she spoke, “Fine. I *guess* one *taste* couldn’t hurt.”

As if that answered my question and **instantly** got me excited hearing that Ashley would *taste* me as I immediately knew what that meant to where I felt like jumping up and down as I clapped with joy screaming ‘*YAYYYY!!!*’ but instead I laid back more with a simple smile on my face.

Ashley looked at me before looking at Blair and handed something to Blair, “Here you go ma’am.”

Then Ashley walked up to me with a can in hand and when she was standing in front of me looking down at me as I looked up at her and pleading in my head to have her kneel down in front of me and give me obvious attention as my body was sprawled out for her.

Ashley looked at my naked body as I watched her lick her lips slowly before handing me a can, “Here drink this.”

I blinked semi surprised but took the can from Ashley as I lightly looked at it as it read ‘*X-Change Protein Meal*’ thinking it looked weird and also noted that the can was cold. I turned the can while I was still sprawled out to look at the ingredients noting that the caloric intake was 400 calories with a lot of %’s of different vitamins, protein, sugars, and carbs.

I shrugged internally at everything not really knowing if all the *%’s* were good or not but semi was aware the caloric intake was pretty high for a can but it did say it was a **Meal** meaning it was a substitute meal.

I opened the can and took my first sip of the *meal* and instantly wanted to spit out **but** something about the liquid mysteriously started to taste amazing….maybe it was my *empty* stomach and anything was amazing. I soon swallowed the little sip thinking it was too slimy but something about it agreed with me before I found myself slurping at the can and its slimy contents until the can became hollow and empty.

When the can became empty I set the can down next to me closely followed by long slow vibrating ***BUURRRRPPPPP!!!***

I quickly turned beat red embarrassed from the unkind sound as I meekly spoke, “Excuse me!”

Blair smirked as she lightly chuckled as she spoke, “I *guess* I would have burped too if I sucked that can down as fast as you did too.”

I blushed deeply, “Sorry about that miss I was hungry.”

Blair waved as she spoke, “Just happy you got some food in you.”

She turned her attention to Ashley, “Well?”

Ashley turned to Blair while still standing over me, “Do I still have to?”

Blair smiled as she nodded before speaking, “Just imagine it’s me….just sweeter.”

Ashley sighed and drooped her shoulders before turning to look down at me as she sighed one more time. Then she got down on her knees and knelt down in front of me.

She put her hands on my thighs instantly, making my heart begin racing.

Ashley leaned forward until I could feel her hot breath brush against my exposed pussy instantly shooting a vibration up my spine.

Then I watched Ashley look at me as she lightly scrunched her face before I felt a wet hot tongue lick my exposed labia instantly making me whimper and lightly moan as I felt the hot tongue drag upwards on my labia.

Then I watched Ashley blink before her tongue pressed more onto my lower lips as her lips wrapped around my exposed clit instantly making me close my eyes as I moaned more loudly and felt my hips buck but because Ashley had her hands on my thighs my bucking was only minimal.

Then it happened…..I felt an explosion happen in my mind as I felt every fiber of my body begin shaking and my pussy begin quivering.

*Was this an orgasm?* I wondered but the wondered was only momentary as lightning surged through my synapses causing my body to begin bucking as I experienced another of the feel good.

And another.

And another.

Soon I was panting heavily now enjoying what was happening as Ashley **loudly** slurped and hummed on my exposed pussy as I was sure my pussy was now a sopping *mess*.

Then I blinked in confusion as I opened my eyes to see standing behind Ashley was someone different as I could have sworn Blair was standing behind Ashley watching the scene happening before her.

Now a **man** was standing behind Ashley with Blair’s creepy smile.

But something about the **man** seemed familiar as I looked at the form thinking he looked like I should know him from somewhere…..but where?

He stood about 5’10” and looked semi chiseled. He had nice brown hair and brown eyes. He had a nice flowing semi long brown beard. A nice body.

I looked him up and down thinking he looked familiar from somewhere but what was happening between my legs was making my *thinking* rather difficult.

All I know is that there was one **thing** that was **off** on this **man** that now stood where Blair was….his large and long cock.

I heard the man speak, “Enough Ashley it’s **my** turn to enjoy my *pet*.”

Ashley instantly stopped what she was doing instantly pissing me off that she had stopped but at the same time I was happy that she **had** stopped because I felt like my pussy was becoming *stupid* sensitive.

I heard Ashley speak, “Blair?”

The man nodded as he spoke in his timber voice, “In the flesh.”

He looked down at his own body…..especially the appendage standing up before shrugging and speaking, “Sort of,” she looked at Ashley wickedly before looking at me.

He waved his hand at Ashley who quickly moved out of the way as he knelt down in front of me with an evil smile as he spoke, “You ready?”

All I could do was *whimper* with my own big smile not caring that my pussy was sensitive or not.

He smiled as he grabbed my thighs and held them down as he guided himself before commanding me, “Help guide me in will you dear?”

I blinked but didn’t hesitate as I grabbed the gigantic object that looked wrong on his body but helped guide it until the tip was touching my entrance before I felt the object *slowly* insert itself.

I don’t know **who** was doing it but I heard a long low guttural groan thinking it was coming from me as I felt the **gigantic** object slowly push its way into my body thinking it couldn’t fit but shockingly I felt my insides simply *expand* and *stretch* as the object slowly entered into my vagina.

I felt my eyes roll as I felt every vein enter into my sensitive body as **both** my canal and the **gigantic** member pulsed in sync with each other.

The more the object entered into my frail small body the more I felt an orgasm like no other building until *finally* I felt the gigantic object stop as both our bodies were touching each other.

I opened my eyes to see the man smiling as his face was slowly becoming wet with sweat as I felt my body quickly becoming slick with my own sweat.

And that was from **one**……..thrust?…..push?……entrance?

One entrance.

The man looked at me as he spoke, “Good god you’re tight Raelyn.”

I whimpered and meekly spoke something but what I have no idea as I wondered all that came out was, “*Th*” before I felt the man slowly pull out the veiny throbbing member instantly making my eyes roll back into my head as my body quivered and electricity was wildly firing in my head.

I felt something warm wrap around my exposed nipple instantly making me scream….in my throat.

The reason I *screamed* in my throat was because the man decided to push his throbbing cock back into my body making the sensation simply misfire throughout my body.

Then came the fucking as the man started pumping his veiny enriched member in and out of my pussy making me moan and whimper as I felt my body wildly jiggle and sway with each bounce and thrust into my body.

Then I heard him grunting, speaking some nonsense as my hearing mysteriously vanished and was wildly ringing.

My whole vagina was continuously vibrating and pulsing with each and every thrust into it.

I have no idea if I was screaming, whimpering, moaning, and speaking because the only things I heard were muffled sounds.

The only thing I could do was feel that my body was now on auto pilot as it bounced and swayed with each thrust into my small form as the gigantic object seemed to have no issues disappearing into my body like it was meant to be there.

Then I felt something as I felt a hot warmth fill inside my canal causing a ***MASSIVE*** ORGASM to explode in my body and instantly fry and melt my mind as my body tensed and pulsed as I felt the man bounce his dick in me causing me to feel every splurt of his seed into my womb.

Before I blacked out the only wondered I had was ***MORE!!!!***


Slave Character Sheet

New Name: Raelyn

Change Type: Clone/Choice

Clone Accuracy 80%


???? – ??%
Abilities: ??? elastic orifices capable of taking any size for the perfect fit, pussy will ALWAYS remain wet and tight ???

??? – ???%
Abilities: ???? BONUS: MASSIVE ORGASM when guys cum in subject, ????

??? – ??%
Abilities: ???? sweetest candy ????

??? – ??%
Abilities: ???

Compliant – 10%
Abilities: The ultimate submissive formula will make the user compliant and do whatever is told of the user. SIDE EFFECT: can cause dullness in emotions or lack of emotions

Forget – 5%
Abilities: Once transformed it’s hard to remember users past before pill; usually subjects forget they have taken the pill and assume they have ALWAYS been that gender. SIDE EFFECTS: Can cause user to have issues with short term memory making it hard to build long term memories.

??? – ??%
Abilities: ???


Stimulators Delight Trifecta Clit Piercing (Triangle, Mons Pubis, Horizontal Clit Hood Piercing) meant to stimulate the clit easily

Pelvic Tattoo – Intricate design in pinks and purples

NSFW: yes

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