How I became a ddlg [IRTR] [F] [F22]

This is not funny. One night I went out with some girlfriends to celebrate a birthday. We ran into my former boss from work and he was surprised at how I looked in civilian clothes out with the girls. He told me I had descent boobs, nice legs and a cute ass. I took it because we were in public. He asked me to dance, which was awkward, he is 44 and I was 20 at the time. By the time I realized it he had me against a wall across from my friends. Looking me up and down he said he was totally prepared to take me home and show me a good time.

I didn’t agree but he interpreted the silence as he was free to take me with him. He let me collect my purse and walked me right out the door to the parking lot and his car. He asked ‘your bed or mine?’, he was passed horny and he didn’t want to waste any time. We went to my place, my roommates were out being Friday night. He barely pulled my panties off and he got his dick in me until he left his calling card. Only after sex did he undress me and appreciate me.

We got dressed, went out to another club, he took me to his house and ‘showed me a good time’. We slept together and he took me to the beach to eat crabs for lunch, with white wine. He knocked and walked in, my roommates knew that it’s time to go for a walk when he took me to my room. When they made references about that they said that Daddy was giving me a spanking. He took me to his house and he wanted me to cook, or we cooked outside. More than once he put an apron on me, with nothing underneath.

He called me his fairy god daughter and liked parading me around the club to the guys. My weekends and holidays were taken up by him. My friend from the birthday night joked with me that I got the birthday present, not her. It started off as a joke but that is how I developed my DDLG fetish.

NSFW: yes

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