Housewife Adventures

You’re an 40 year old unsuspecting housewife. Your husband has long lost interest in you and you have secret desires that plague your mind with increasing urgency.

Every evening after your husband has gone to bed you begin looking at adult websites. One day you decide to build an user account and upload a daring picture of yourself. Nothing too revealing, just a hint of what you’re hiding.

The moment you press upload your body rushes with adrenaline.

You get quite a lot of feedback on your picture. Mostly boring messages but one stood out. You cannot put your finger on it but there is something about him.

You decide to dig deeper and check out his user account. Slightly younger (30 years old) and a hot strong body.

You can feel your heart rate go up and give him a reply. He goes on and intricately describes what he would do to your body, feel you up and slowly undress you.

Your blood is rushing and you decide to take another picture just for him. It takes him a while to reply and you wonder what happened. Did he not like it? Finally he replied and said he couldn’t hold off and had to finish himself off looking at your picture.

At first you weren’t sure what to think about it. Somewhat sad he had finished and went to bed. The more you think about what happened, the more you get turned on.

The next evening, you’re willing for your husband to go to bed so you can finally message him again.

All day you wondered about his cock spurting whilst he looked at your private picture.

Finally, you were alone. You immediately logged on to check if he was online. He was! You messaged hi and that you enjoyed their conversation yesterday.

You want to keep him interested so you quickly snap another pic, much more daring than the previous ones. You waste no time and click send.

He immediately went on to describe how he would just grab you and feel your body.

You begin to wonder what effect your body has on him and wonder if you should ask him for a picture.

He wastes no time and replies with a very graphic picture. You feel so naughty. You look around if anyone could see you and open his picture. He is perfect…. you have never seen any other than your husbands but this was different. He was so big and with the perfect tip.

You begin to feel your mouth get wet and wonder what it would taste like if you wrapped your lips around his perfect cock…

You reply to him explaining how you would love to try oral sex on him as you have never done it before, and you don’t think it would count as cheating.

He mentioned that he will be in London next week and pass by where you live and you should give it a go. You don’t know what to say. Would I actually? You message him that you will think about it and go to bed.

All you can think about the following day was his offer and if you should actually do it. I mean it’s just oral sex, right?

Later that evening you message him that you have decided that you would like to do it, but with one condition. He should save himself all week. You want to have full control and him to be as sensitive as feasible.

The week goes by with more pictures exchanges and naughty messaging till the day he is gonna travel.

He is travelling quite late and is gonna pass your place at around 11:30. Your heart is pounding… contemplating if you should really. Your mind is so distracted that you completely lose track of time and he suddenly messages you that he is parked down the road.

You grab all the courage you have and sneak outside. You walk down to where he was parked and you see him in the car with the windows rolled down. He invites you in. You’re so nervous and your heart is still pounding.

You get into the passenger seat and notice straight away he already had his cock out.

You just sit there and glance at him. You’re too nervous to do anything. Your hands are shaking.

He starts grabbing his cock rubbing it with his right hand. You suddenly feel his left hand touch your shoulder, slowly caressing it and then slowly moving it down your cleavage. It has been so long since you’ve been touched like that…

You get so turned on and pull your dress up. Your sexy panties you secretly bought are soaking wet. He moves his hand down and pulls them to the side.

You glance over. He’s still rubbing his perfect cock with his hand. You cannot wait, you want to feel it, taste it.

You lean over and let it slip in your mouth. You immediately love the sense and feeling you get. He is very sensitive and moans with every move you make. You’re in full control of him now and begin to suck on his big wet cock. He pulls your top to the side and starts to squeeze your tits.

“Ohhh fuck” he says, “please stop, I can’t hold it”. But you won’t and keep going.

“Ahhhhhhhh” he groans as your mouth fills with his warm cum. It’s so much, why did I make him save himself for a week…

You lean up, his cum running down your lips, dripping everywhere.

You promised yourself you wouldn’t do anything other than sucking him but you need to cum…. you spread your legs and begin rubbing your clit. He leans over and starts licking your pussy as you rub.

The sensation you get from his tongue makes you quiver. You love it… “keep going” you moan as you contract and feel the orgasm coming.

Oh wow you think as you open your eyes after you just had the best orgasm ever as you realise you just squirted all over his face. What? This never happened before…

I need to go back inside before anyone notices you say and leave. Your dress is soaking wet and you change it quickly when you get inside.

You knew there and then you wanted more. You had to fuck him and will message him the next day to arrange it….

NSFW: yes

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