House Rules ( prt 1)

I have a dairy where I write all my fantasies and the slutty things I do. It has all the depraved and self loathing things that I want and I’ve been writing it from the age of 28. I moved in with 3 of my friends to an apartment for school. My roommates are Chloe 24f , Sandra 19 and Samantha 23 and me 22 Dhiya.
One day I have this wet dream and I want to write it down I look for my diary and it was gone … I panicked I searched and realized that not only was my diary missing by gag tailplug, collar, handcuffs and my nudes were also gone along with an usb which had my videos of gang bang and masturbating in public. And suddenly I heard sounds … my voice loaning I go out to the living room and see myself getting off on the tv and there is was all the things on the coffe table with my roommates laughing.
Chloe says “ we didn’t know that we had a slut in the house “ to which Sam replithat it was good that they know now so we can treat her like one.
I was scared and embarrassed and asked them not to kid around and Sandra came up to me and told me to relax and they will help me with my fantasies and I should not be Ashamed as they know everything that I want and if I don’t go along with it they copied the videos. And she told me to undress.
It was shameful to take off my clothes on orders of a 19 year old but I did. I slowly stripped to my bra and panties and suddenly Sandra unhooked my bra and pulled down my panties they all laughed.

NSFW: yes

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