Hot shower with my best friend


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As a girl we are pretty used to changing clothes and being naked around our girl best friends and it is not abnormal to show off our bodies and ask opinions. However, this cottage weekend may have gone too far.

After spending the day in the lake and sun I wanted to go in and shower as my friend and I were planning on meeting up with some more people a few cottages down for drinks. She also needed to shower but I asked if I could go first as she was picking out her outfit. I did not realize that once she was done she would just come into the bathroom, strip, and get in the shower with me and her excuse was that we were running late. We have had a hook up together in the past and so there was still sexual tension between us both. Add in the day drinking and it’s pretty obvious the events that occurred following.

As we took turns washing our hair she said my tits look really good and squeezed them and I jokingly said “well I get to feel yours now” which she seemed totally fine with and I completely went for it. I don’t know who made the first move for the make out session that started but I didn’t really care in that moment. She was the hottest kisser and I couldn’t get enough of it. Our hands were all over each others body and she started to finger me which felt amazing. The fact we were doing this with water constantly spraying down on us just made it that much hotter. She got down on her knees and started to lick my pussy while fingering me which I couldn’t last long at all and instantly wanted to cum so I told her to stop and let me play with her first. I didn’t care that water was spraying down in my face and I couldn’t really open my eyes I was just so into eating her out and hearing her moan was epic. I made her cum and then she went back to me. It was such an amazing orgasm and by the time we were done the damn hot water had run out and it was getting pretty chilly. Needless to say we were still late meeting up with our friends but it was totally worth it.

NSFW: yes

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