Hot neighbor. The dog wants to play

When I next visited Michelle, she was already wearing a collar. She decided to wear it every time we met. She considered the collar a symbol of devotion to me. Michelle considered me her master. The neighbor pulled off my panties and wanted to suck me right away. But I decided to play a little with my dog. I fastened the leash to the collar and tied the other end of the leash to the bed. Michelle stood in a dogi position with her mouth open and expected to receive my dick. I brought my dick to Michelle’s lips. She licked her head. I moved back. Michelle followed, but the leash limited her movement. I again allowed to take the tip of the dick in my mouth and again stepped back. I teased Michelle for a long time. I got excited and saw how excited Michelle was. Juice from her pussy trickled down her thighs. She so wanted to get my dick in her mouth faster. She even whined like a little bitch.

– Alain, let me enjoy you. I can no longer. Let your bitch give you an amazing blowjob.

Finally, I took pity and planted my dick up to the very tonsils. Michelle gave a fantastic blowjob. After a short time, I put Michelle in doggy style and fucked her in the pussy. Then I noticed that there was an anal hook on the nightstand next to the bed. Michelle followed my gaze and offered to use it. If a woman asks, why not. I put a hook in my slut’s asshole. I passed the end of the rope into the ring on the collar, pulled it a little and tied it in a knot.

– Alain, my boy, pull up more. My mouth should be higher.

I’ll pull up another rope. The hook penetrated deeper, the head rose higher. Michelle looked like a dog with her head held high. Very graceful and seductive. I did not keep myself waiting and planted a dick in Michelle’s pussy. After fucking her a little, he went in front and continued to fuck in her mouth and finished in her mouth. Michelle was very pleased.

We drank coffee with French rolls, chatted on numerous topics. Michelle said she found her old video archives. She wanted to sort them out and show me at the next meeting. I was intrigued. Having had sex with Michelle for so long, knowing her openness to any fantasy, I expected to see enchanting videos there.

NSFW: yes

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