Hot internet meetup in the car

So for the very first time I met up with someone off of the internet who had posted a couple pictures on reddit in a local group that were super sexy. We met up at this park and walked around and hung out and then 420’d in my car and made out and then I had to leave but we agreed to meet later that night after I got off work. It was really hot leaving both of us wanting more as it kept getting sloppier and wetter.

Later in the evening we met at the park and hopped in my backseat. my windows tinted so it’s alright and i’ve got a decent amount of space when i push the front seats up. I’m a sensual guy so we started making out a bunch and I had an amazing time delivering orgasm via fingers. I’m not sure what it is but i’m quite an empath and I’m extremely good at making a vagina cum. I focus on lots of foreplay and teasing and can discover the right spot very quickly. I delivered 3 orgasms and was so turned on that when it was time to put it in the hole was so warm and wet that It only took me 10 pumps before I came deep inside with both our tongues twisted together.

Looked at the windows and they were fogged up and well worth it. Looking forward to another car hookup soon!

NSFW: yes

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