Hot and Wet Adventure with my Brother(part2) Check my account for part 1

We can follow Tom and Jonnalyn and help them maybe? Tom, do you need some help? We can go to the tent and see what can be saved. Then we can decide what to do.

Tom looked at us and said, yes, it might be best. He looks at us and my brother said let’s go. We walk for an hour and we discover the tent was broken all their clothes were wet and the food was okay.

Jonnalyn had packed the bag with the food well. We clean up the place and my brother says if we begin walking now we come to the small waterfall and the pond below.

We can sleep in my tent tonight and the girls in the middle but it will be tight. Yes but warm and nice. My brother laughed a bit and smiled.

We know it was too long to go in one day to come to the car parking place. Tom tells brother they park on the other side and my brother says we will drive you to your car tomorrow.

Tom and my brother were walking and talking and we girls were walking a bit slower. Jonnalyn was first and say that the boys wish they had been there a bit earlier to see us naked in the cabin, and we laugh. I say I wonder what happens if they see us last night naked in bed we laugh again.

Emily, was tonight your first time? Yes, it just happened. It was just us and we were nude because of the rain and the wet clothes. It starts with a small kiss in front of the fireplace.

And you? Yes, it was the first time. I know what will happen as I see your brother’s cock in your pussy when we see you naked with him. When we undress in front of the fire in the cabin. I was shy and scared but then when I reluctantly had to change bed.

I was scared but his body was warm and he warmed my cold body. I felt how his cock penetrated me and how his cock penetrated deep inside me.

I then wondered this is how it felt for mom and what she tells me about that. To sleep with your brother was not hard it was just to accept it as mom did with her uncle as he come to her bed to sleep with her.

Emily, I smile I have a teacher in my college that been telling me he can help me with my grade at home teaching me in his home. But it sounds like something more and we laugh a bit.

Jonnalyn, I have a teacher in my college the gym teacher at all times finds reasons to see us girls in our shower after gym lessons at college we laughed.

Jonnalyn continues, we stand in the shower as he looks at us so I ask him about my breast. Do you think they look good? What breasts do you like and do you think boys will like them? Do you think my breast feels good in your hand? We will not tell anyone about what happened, right girls!! All girls nodded in agreement.

His face was red then the next and the next girl came up and asked him and demanded he tells us what he wondered of their breasts and he squeezed everyone’s breasts with some praise for us all.

Everyone has kept their word and I think some of us have let him sleep with them. Yes, I have a teacher like that in my college and our gym teacher too. He at all times finds reasons to see us girls in our shower after gym lessons at college we laughed.

Emily, Yes in my college too. It was fun we girls drop the towel in front of him to see which girl make his cock stand.

One day I and my friend were asking him what he was thinking about my breast and my friend’s breast and who were the best and nicest to squeeze.

He looks at us and around the room with naked girls don’t worry about them they don’t say anything this is our secret and we asked you right? But that means I have to squeeze them and feel them, is that okay? Yes.

He squeezed mine first and then my friend’s breasts. His face was red then the next and the next girl came up and asked him and demanded he tells us what he wondered of their breasts and he squeezed everyone’s breasts with some praise for us all.

Everyone has kept their word and I think some of us have let him sleep with them. Jonnalyn laughed, I wonder what he thinks about me? That is an easy question.

I have a girl in my class and she is from Thailand but looks like you really like her body. I think she was one of the girls he is sleeping with him sometimes. He loves her body and her breast ha ha ha. He was so nice to us all.

We were talking some more about girl things. But we were finally arriving at the waterfall and the small lake or pound under the waterfall. My brother and Tom begin to create the tent and begin the fire in the fireplace that someone builds.

When all was done Tom say let us swim in the lake. He starts to undress, come on girls we look around us and we slowly begin to undress with the guys. We slowly begin to go into the water and we swim out to the waterfall. It felt amazing and the guys come to us.

We sit on the stones just underwater. My brother comes to me and kisses me and hugs me. I see Tom do the same thing to Jonnalyn. We sit and talk and the guys play with us.

My brother says is time for us to begin making food. We swim back and just as we were on the way up from the water Jonnalyn says we don’t have any towels. My brother says we dry in the sun.

Jonnalyn looks at us. So, I smile and say okay it will go fast Jonnalyn I walk up from the water and begin to help my brother. Jonnalyn and Tom sit and look at us. We hear a girl’s voice behind us are you naked? Yes, I say we are nudists.

Three sisters came

I try to be relaxed it was 3 girls there they ask us if it was okay for them to swim and use the fireplace. Yes, I say just take off your clothes and jump into the water. But the guys? They are old and have seen so many nude girls as nudists they have seen it all I say.

To my brother’s and Tom’s happiness, the girls begin slowly and unsure to undress naked and jump into the water. Jonnalyn smiles at me and says something to my brother and to Tom and they all walk into the water and swim out to the girls as I fix the food.

Jonnalyn, I tell Emily’s brother do you want to fuck them and to my father, I say what girl do you want to fuck he points to the blond girl Jonnalyn smile and they all swim out to the waterfall.

I stop with the girl that looks the oldest. I hug her and I say I am Jonnalyn this is my father Tom he hugs her and that was Emily’s brother Peter, She was unwilling to hug me, But she gave Tom and then Peter a hug, and when she felt there cocks against her naked body.

I did the same to the other girls there following their older friend’s hug and kiss. The guys grab the girls and sit down on the stones in the waterfall with their girls in their laps.

I bring Charlene to sit with me on one stone. Charlene was worried but I say relax Charlene and I kiss her. The oldest was Charlene. So, Bianca was now sitting in Peter’s lap. He starts to talk nice to her as I tell him to do it and gave her a kiss and hug her.

Tom hugs Francine and looks deep into her eyes he gives her a soft small kiss and then one more and she starts to kiss him. Charlene looks at Bianca and Francine hugging and kissing.

Bianca and Charlene were on the way to stop Tom. I stop her and pull her to me and kiss her and say relax let them have fun. Peter stops Bianca and kisses her and says she will be okay.

Tom and Peter will so be careful with them. Not like young guys, let them have fun. I kiss her and put my hand on her breast and squeezed her big breast she says is my younger sister. Let’s sit down and relax.

I look at the young Francine, and I see in her eyes what happen as Tom’s cock slid into her pussy she resisted for a second and she let Tom slowly fuck her in his lap.

I see Bianca look at her youngest sister and then realize what she tries to stop just happen to her. Peter’s cock slid in and he slowly starts to fuck her. She reluctantly let Peter fuck her.

But when he kissed her she gave up. Tom comes in Francine’s pussy and he whispers into her ear and sucks my cock. He let her up and stands up and says to Francine it will be good he grabs her hair and pulls her down on her knee in the water.

He pushes his cock against her lips she opens her lips. I see she let the cock into her mouth and she starts to suck. I bring Charlene with me we stand with Tom and I kiss Tom.

I tell Charlene to kiss Tom as we look at Francine sucking her first cock. Charlene says Francine doesn’t…. And Tom put his hand on Francine’s neck. Tom comes and Tom says Francine swallow now.

She reluctantly swallows his sperm and Tom let her go. I say Charlene show, Francine how to suck cock… I push her down on the knee and I say to her suck it hard Tom already had his cock against her lip he pushes a bit and his cock slides into her mouth.

She starts to suck his cock hard. Francine looks at her big sister sucking. I bring Francine to her sister Bianca who sucks Peter’s cock. I kiss Peter and I tell Francine to kiss him.

He put his hand on her breast, and she looks down to see Peter just come into Bianca’s mouth. He put his hand on her neck and pushes Biancas head down on his cock and says to Bianca to swallow.

He kisses Francine and says to Francine now is your turn to suck my cock. Francine takes her sister’s place. I look at Tom as he fucks Charlene. I say to Bianca that you did good.

I kiss her as we hear Charlene come and she says O God and Francine looks at her older sister that was fucking that old man. I sat Francine down in my lap and kiss her.

I put my hands on her breast and squeezed them as we kiss. Tom was done with Charlene. I bring Francine to him and I tell Francine to be good. I see Tom kissing Francine she was a bit reluctant to get down on her knees and take the sticky cock in her mouth.

But she washed it off with some water and then took it in her mouth and she begin to suck his cock. Tom brings her out in the water to a stone and he sits her down on the stone and opens up her legs and stands between them.

I know what happens underwater. But I see it all in Francine’s body languish. I see when the top of his cock o into her pussy and when he starts to push it in and out. I feel it in my pussy I wish it was me.

Emily calls on them all and say the food was ready. We all come up from the water. We all sit down and eat. Emily, they all were silent I see Tom and Peter squeeze the new girl’s breasts and put their hands on their legs a kiss them from time to time.

Charlene says it tastes good. I say thanks so girls where are you going? We plan to walk over the mountain and down into the next valley where brother will pick us up in two days.

I know the place we have been there my brother and me. You can stay here tonight and relax with us. The girls look at each other and say we want to walk a bit more today.

Is it because of my brother and Tom? Is a good experience it was a bit scary for my first time too. The sisters look at me and Charlene says I was not planning to be with a man on this trip.

I say two men and one girl. I laughed it’s what happens if you swim naked with a man. Bianca says if you girls were not here we would not swim with them.

I smile so I think you were the best Francine. She smiles and says I dream about it happening with an older man. But I was thinking it will be something like a teacher or a doctor.

But it was out in nature she laughs a bit. Her older sisters look more relaxed Bianca says, Francine is too young, I do not think so look at her body she looks like me 18 or 19. She is soon 19 years old and I am 21 and my sister just turned 23.

Jonnalyn looks at Francine you were like my mom’s first time with a man. You will be okay she hugs Francine as they sit together. Bianca, was it your first time too? Yes, it was I was a bit scared of it but his cock just slides in before it hurt as some girls said.

But it was a bit strange having men touching my breast we all begin to laugh we all know boys and our breasts. And you Charlene? My first was our brother. I was 15 and come home drunk and he was drunk, as you and Francine and mom were with grandmom.

He walks into the bathroom as I was showering. He comes into the shower and we kiss and we make love in the shower and then in my bed.

Bianca is it why brother starts to come into the bathroom when I shower? Yes, I think so you will be next he has been sleeping with me for 2 years now. I will move next year to that college you know.

You will take my place with Francine. Francine, you can go with Tom and go to over tent. Tom can fuck you and maybe you will learn something. She looks at Tom she goes to him and takes his hand and they go to the small tent.

Tom and Francine go into the tent she lay down on her back. Tom was not late even if he thinks she was too young now when I know how old she is but it worked the first time so why not

It’s time to starts to create our tent Charlene says. We begin to create the tent and put it close to our tent. We hear Francine Hooo God and later she says faster we smile.

I look at my brother I see he was looking at Jonnalyn and Bianca. brother I say, take a blanket and take one of us and fuck one of us if you want. I can see you are horny.

He takes the blanket and he takes Bianca with him. She looks at us when they were going away a bit away. Soon we can see Bianca riding on my brother. Jonnalyn says that looks nice hope he takes me next.

Charlene takes out the sleeping bags and puts them in the tent. Francine and brother had a good time. 1 Hour later Tom come out and say Charlene can you come I like to fuck you too. Charlene looks at him but she goes to him and Francine come out she had sperm in her hair and face. She goes to the water and washes her body.

It was a long night and the next morning we all pack and kiss goodbye to the girls and we go our own way. We talk about it and what we can do to keep in contact. We come down to the car and we drive to the other car and we say goodbye and hug and kiss. We have a new trip on the plan to a warmer place. Maybe we do a story about that next time.

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