Holiday weekend. Part 3.

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NSFW: yes

Dana and Tina were in the house when my sister, Kat, arrived. She didn’t have to be back home until Monday. I walked out and met her also.

“OOO! Big sis, look at you already.” Kat remarked at seeing me topless.

I told Kat it’s so nice out we all decided on a relaxed day. Kat brought a small suitcase, got it and followed me into the backyard. Dee was happy to see her.

Dee got up to give Kat a hug and kiss. I told Kat I left the sunroom open for her. That Dana was staying in Tina’s room and Dee was in the other one down the hall.

“I thought that was Dana’s car out there. I haven’t seen her in a long time.” Kat remarked and went in the house.

Dana and Tina had been gone awhile. A lot longer than it would take for Dana to get into her bikini. I walked in the house and over to Tina’s bedroom door.

There I found the both of them on the bed naked. Tina’s bikini bottom lying on the bed. Dana was resting up on her elbow at Tina’s side, kissing the young blonde. Tina’s legs were spread wide open, allowing Dana to play with her plump pussy.

Their hot kiss ended and Dana says to her young treat, “You are a darling, Tina. Glad to get acquainted finally.”

Tina was pumping her pussy against Dana’s rubbing hand and exclaimed, “Oh Dana! I’m always receiving so much attention. Dee and Dotty drove me crazy earlier. Why is that, when you’re all beautiful and sexy women.”

“Because you’re a beautiful young women, Tina. Sexy, pretty, alluring, and maybe your innocence, Tina. All of that makes a person want to enjoy you. I bet the men want to enjoy also.” Dana told Tina then kissed her passionately again.

Their kiss ended again and Dana was finger fucking Tina’s fat pussy. Tina moaned like mad, pushing her pussy against Dana’s hand. Dana got up and got between Tina’s spread legs without pulling her finger out of the squirming young woman.

Dana started lapping at Tina’s pussy, driving her even more insane. I stepped back then and went to the sunroom by my sister.

Kat was just pulling on her bikini bottom when I walked in. She made a jump, spinning around to face me. Her large pointed titties bouncing up and down.

“Oh, it’s you, sis. I thought it might be someone coming to toss me on the bed and letting me have it.” Kat said with a giggle.

I told my baby sis that wouldn’t be me to toss her onto the bed for some hot carousing. She already knew this and felt the same. One has to draw the line at some of this stuff we engage in here.

Then Kat got serious. She turned and looked at herself in the dresser mirror, pulling up on her bikini bottom and says,

“Boy, if the ladies at my PTA ever knew I was doing this. Am I wrong, Dot, for wanting some enjoyment like this? I mean, how many more years do I have before a man doesn’t want to look at me, or think about wanting me?”

“Kat, Kat! You’re a vibrant, beautiful woman that will be desired long after you don’t think so. Just look at me. What makes young men like Joe and Dan still wanting to spend time with me for the past 4 plus years, hmm?” I reasoned with my questioning sister.

Kat shook this off, turning and smiling at me. “C’mon, sis. I’m ready for some sun, and some fun.”

Kat and I walked out of the sunroom. She stopped for a moment when hearing Tina’s whining moans from the bedroom. I smiled and told her that Dana and Tina were getting to know one another better.

We walked out to the backyard and Dee was at the bar mixing drinks for Louis and Roger who had shown up. Both men were standing there watching Dee in her panties. They turned and a big smile greeted Kat and me.

Both of them gave us a smooch on the cheek and a happy hello. Roger especially gave my sister a nice greeting, putting his hand on her bare back when kissing her. He was most likely remembering the first time he had spent with her in the sunroom.

Kat naturally blushed three shades of red. Standing there topless like that. Completely out of her typical mode of proper wife and mother. Almost totally nude.

“Well, hello, Roger. How have you been, hon?” Kat said with a sexy tone.

“Ive been great. A lot better now seeing you here like this. All of you are beautiful. I can’t believe it.” Roger said with a big smile.

You could see Roger and Louis’ cocks getting harder in their shorts by the second as they looked at us three women there topless.

Dee swaggered over with their drinks. Her softball sized titties jiggled the entire way over. “Here you go honey.” Dee says to them with a pretty smile.

Dana and Tina finally joined us on the deck. Tina’s smooth, pretty face still a rosy flush from her meeting with the 48 year old Swedish blonde.

Louis and Roger had never met Dana. They quickly hopped up to say hello and introduce themselves to her. Dana has lovely round titties that poked out at the two horny retired men. Dana blushed a bit from them meeting her like this for the first time.

Louis was drawn to Dana’s Swedish accent and sexy, curvy body. Her entire create is very alluring and sexy. Lovely, shapely legs, a very nice round ass, and mouth watering tits. She could easily have any man she wanted, but she chooses to be here and carrying on like this.

Dana was a lot like me, not looking for a serious relationship, just fun, and making friends to be with from week to week.

The music played and the visits went on. People connected with conversation. Louis eventually asked Dana if shed like to go some please more private. She smiled at the older man and took his hand. Taking Louis into the house.

I was thinking, that Dana was gonna get a fat cock like she’s never had before. Louis’ cock is a real pussy stuffer. Louis wanted to fuck this 48 year old, blonde, sexy woman. I knew that Dana was gonna be astonished when seeing Louis’ cock.

To my amazement, Roger didn’t go after young Tina, but took off with my sister, Kat. She was the first woman he spent time with when she was here a couple of weeks ago. He obviously enjoyed that time with her. Kat just smiled and left with him happily.

So there we sat, Dee, Tina, and myself, alone on the deck drinking and sunbathing. But, business arrived shortly after. Joe and Dan pulled up into the driveway, finally.

I suggested to Tina that she go out and greet them. Tina got up and her tight little sexy ass twitched out of the gate to go greet them. Her perky bare titties jiggling all of the way.

Tina returned with Joe and Dan, Joe with his arm around Tina’s shoulders smiling like crazy. They were glad to finally get here.

Dee was especially glad to see young Dan. She had a thing for this young man for a couple years now. She hopped up and gave both youngsters a hug and a kiss, pressing her bare tits against both of them.

I didn’t even have time to mix them a drink and Dee took Dan’s hand and said she’d show him where he could spend the weekend. She wanted to fuck is all.

More next post.

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