His first time DP – Short Sex Story

I was on a night out at Christmas and happened to bump into one of the guys I was fucking at the time. Somehow him and one of his mates came back to mine for some drinks.

After a game of I’ve never- one of the guys revealed he had never had a threesome so I took it upon myself to make that dream come true!

I told him to begin he wasn’t allowed to join in- he was only allowed to watch me kissing his friend- he already knew what that was like! Then I dropped to my knees and pulled out his cock and my God he didn’t disappoint! I struggled taking him all in! I didn’t take my eyes of the other guy as I sucked his friend hard- probably one of the sloppiest blowjobs I’ve ever given!
I then bent myself over and let him slide inside me- riding his dick. His friend could hardly contain himself- I summoned him over and took his cock into my mouth!

There really is nothing better than having all holes filled at the same time!

They took it in turns fucking me then I made them both use there tongues on my ass and pussy at the same time- I wanted warming up for some DP!!

His friend was underneath me whilst he took his cock and pushed it into my tight wet little ass! The feeling was absolutely incredible- both guys fucking both holes at the same time!

They kept on swapping between my ass and pussy- making sure I cleaned there cocks in between! Then I begged them both to fill up my ass with their cum- they both obliged willingly one after the other! Then I pushed their cum out my ass and licked it up off their cocks!

That was just the begin of the night….

NSFW: yes

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