I was high, so high on this infused weed, and the high came on me in a rush – whoosh! But it was too sudden, and the energy got stuck for a minute, the weed and my hunger for him overwhelming me, and I spasmed like I’d been shocked. We were listening to Moses Sumney, and there was a swell and a crescendo to the music, and I exhaled a massive rush of air. I just dilated, like a spiral galaxy, or a flower opening from a tight bud, and the golden light of bliss flowed through me like a river, and then I heard, not just felt, wetness pouring out of me, like someone turned on a tap that let thick, warm, juice flow down the walls of my pussy and made a puddle beneath me.

When he touched me, he teased me, and it felt wonderful, but I needed his cock, and I begged for it – my voice went progressively higher in an, “AH-AH-AH-AH!”, and then I cried without tears, overwhelmed, dying of emptiness and a loneliness that only he could fill. I was piteous, but he was merciless in his teasing, his impossibly hard cock burning my leg where it rested against my skin. Then he took the head of his cock in his hand, and he rubbed it all over my clit and pussy, and I came, but it wasn’t t a peak, it was a deep valley. I fell backwards through space, like Icarus, but through chill stars. I had this physical sensation of falling, tumbling with him like eagles locked together in a death drop in spirals, down and down, with the cool rushing against my face, but his cock, hard, hot, insistent made me beg,
“Please, daddy. Please.”

So wet. And when he slid inside of me, every millimeter of my pussy clung to him, responding to his slow thrusts with waves and ripples of pleasure, sucking him in deeper and deeper, the slowness of his movement heightening every sensation. Somehow, I got wetter, my pussy weeping in need. I felt his cock grow hotter and hotter, as he moved, I opened further and further. Finally? He was as far as he could go, the head of his cock bottoming out in me, and he stayed still and pressed. I came, floods of thick, sweet, slick come, and I nearly fainted from the power of the release. He picked up his tempo, little by little, and I was a wreck, destroyed, his cock and the feeling of him the only real things in my world, Harder. Then harder. It hurt a little, and I forced myself to relax more and take it, him pounding into me, bruising my cervix, my guttural moans ripping growls out of his throat and chest, and I came and came and came.

I was so wet that I was almost embarrassed by it, because there was no hiding how much I needed him. He knew, of course he knew, and he pushed me further and I lost time and can not really describe what happened next. He fucked me and fucked me, that I know, and when I came to a bit, my head was hanging off the bed, and I lay there like a fuck doll as he plowed into me over and over again, my pussy dripping the entire goddamned time, His to use or worship as he wanted.

So, he did. And when he came, even then he couldn’t stop, and he fucked the cum out of me, and it felt even better than before. When he went down on me, I came and came, wetter, more like water and less like lube, drenching his beard, covering his chest, a heathen slut beyond caring how I looked or acted. And his cock was impossibly hot and hard again, and when he thrust into me my sloppy cunt, I was so wet that I heard squelching, but I wrapped my heels around his ass and pulled him in closer.

He came and collapsed upon me, and everything was for a moment right in my world.

NSFW: yes

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