High College Librarian Seduced Me [M18][F36]

It starts my senior year of high college. I was at a small college. 80 graduating class. The library was effectively the place to be for my friends and I. I’m 5’3 and 130 at the time but toned. We started my year with a new librarian. The old librarian was a decrepit old bastard who would lose his mind if he found you kissing someone. This new librarian was a hot 30 something woman, with bright blonde hair and piercing eyes.

She calls me to her office one day to ask me a question about school. We begin talking and she’s amazing. We hit it off immediately. Throughout the course of my senior year we talk everyday, all day either via text or in person. I figure out that she’s a married lesbian with two kids. I also figure out that I’m really fucking into her. She’s 5’7, and fucking stacked. Thick thighs, giant tits, and never left the house looking anything except perfect.

My years winding to a close. My girlfriend and I go through a breakup. The next day my librarian and I are working in the AV room with the assistant principal. It’s above the library and I didn’t even realize it was there until this exact day. He tells us he’s gonna leave and go grab some lunch. As he exits I discover myself alone with her.

Up until this point we’ve had some serious sexual tension. I finally had no inhibition because I was single. I walked over to her, grabbed her, and before she could speak I started kissing her. She initially pulls away and says it’s a bad idea. Then she immediately starts kissing back. I push her against the wall and Im groping her. She has on this deep V cut blouse and some black slacks. I pull her tits out and suck on them as I pull her pants down.

Her pussy is bald. Perfect. I go to finger her and I can already feel her fucking dripping. She’s moaning against the wall and I’m as hard as I’ve ever been. I throw her onto the ground and she gets on all fours. I immediately shove my dick into her from behind. I begin fucking her like someone’s gonna catch us. Hard, fast, and with purpose. I’m absolutely digging her out and she’s cumming nonstop. Literally nonstop. My dick is hitting her g-spot perfectly. She’s dripping onto the floor, biting her balled up shirt so as not to scream.

We hear a movement in the hallway and I stop fucking her. We see through the glass that the VP came back to grab his wallet from the room next door. As he’s looking I begin slowly fucking her. I can see the worry in her eyes as I slowly enter and exit her. He leaves. I push her over onto her back. I push her knees to her shoulders. She’s on the college floor, tits out, pussy spread eagle, and begging me to fuck her. I oblige. I can feel myself hitting walls in her that haven’t been touched before. I can feel it building. I tell her I have to cum, and she looks me in the eyes and says “Don’t you dare pull out”. I blow my load in her.

I pull out and stand up. Before I can grab my pants to buckle them she has my dick in her mouth, cleaning me. She finishes, and I take a look at her. She’s sitting on the floor, hairs a mess, blouse is fucked up with her tits out and her pussy leaking my cum. I leave her there. We ended up having a two year affair after this. It was amazing.

NSFW: yes

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