High College Crush

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I am a married 35 year old bbc and a while ago I started flirting and DMing my high college crush. She is a petite chocolate skinned beauty and I at all times liked her. She posted a pic in her IG story for her birthday and I replied “those CAKES look good enough to eat”. She replied “you are welcome to come taste if you want”. I honestly wondered she was joking but after a few more messages she send me her address ?. As wrong as it is I couldn’t help my self . Next thing I know I’m in my car and on the way to her. She opened the door in lingerie and looking delicious. She lead me to her bedroom room and said “you ready to eat my cakes huh?”. I replied “you know I want to” as I kissed her neck and rubbed her ass. She bent over the bed and I got on my knees right behind her. I started licking her tight ass hole and running my tongue down both sides of her crack. Then I started tongue fucking it while I played with her pussy.this went on for about 15 minutes before I suggested 69.the feeling of eating her ass while she ate my dick was amazing. I began eating her wet pussy and she went crazy. We eventually both came in each others mouths. We washed up and she walked me to the door. She kissed me and playfully said “tell your wife I said hi” . Lol what a night

NSFW: yes