Her first anal experience

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My fuck buddy wanted her ass opened like I do with guys, she’s only had her pussy fucked before.

I brought my lube and made her clean both holes for me, I ate out her pussy and teased her ass.

She lost control quickly and came like a good girl.

I started fingering her using lots of lube, arched my finger, pushing in her pussy, she never knew this could happen to her, I loved how nervous she was, she never knew her body could feel this pleasure.

Once i could breed her ass she was begging for me to breed her ass like the good slut she was, I was gentle with her, caressing and kissing her while slowly fucking her ass.

I’m more gentle with women than guys anyway, and loved my gentle touches helped her ass open more for me.

I came in her once I was fully in her, we showered together and I got her pussy this time, the freak loved me going in raw.

NSFW: yes