Helping out a Friend – Chapter 18 [femdom][bondage][pegging][forced-bi](Novel length)


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Nate was happy and excited to be tied up again, so he didn’t waste any time in getting to his room. He felt so horny for anything that he was quite excited that she was gonna try something new, without telling him what it was first. His mine swirled with the possibilities but there was no way to really know. He surmised though that tied on his back, it wouldn’t be pegging. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about that with her. Oh, he probably wouldn’t try to stop her, but…since this was only pretend, he wondered it might be difficult for him to experience that and not have it change him.

He got the rope set at the corners and laid down, patiently waiting.

Kim was feeling quite aroused herself this morning. The self gratification she had done last night only seemed to fuel her desires to do more. And she felt a bit mischievous too. She let him wait a few minutes before going in. She could see the cage throb as she came in and smiled.

“Are you comfortable? You may not be moving for quite some time,” she said in a sultry voice as she started to tie his wrists. Nate nodded, filled with that wonderful combination of fear and excitement. She once again tied him tightly making sure his limbs were spread as widely as feasible and that he could barely move. Once again, she was a little more forceful in spreading his legs wide than she needed to be, because of the little gasp he would let out every time. He liked feeling that little bit of force.

Once he was secure, and panting with his excitement, she asked, “How is the cage? How did you cope overnight?”

“I…I feel like my cock is trying to burst out of now. It was very uncomfortable when I woke this morning too. I just…I feel more desperate than I ever have and I am…I am open to whatever this new thing you want to do is,” Nate breathed.

“Well, that is good, because you don’t really have a choice now do you?” Kim said with a smile on her face. “Completely helpless now, there is so much I could do…” she said as she turned to Nate’s computer and turned it on. Luckily it was only in sleep mode and opened right to the desktop. She opened a browser, went to Pornhub, and searched on femdom videos. She found about 10 of them that she liked the thumbnail on and queued them up. Nate’s desk and computer screen could be seen easily by him from his bed.

She hit play and said, “I want to see if we can make you more desperate Nate, and I need some more coffee. Please, enjoy the videos, and think of the ways in which you might serve me today,” she said and got up and left the room, intending to do just what she said.

Nate’s eyes had widened when she explained what she was doing. More desperate? The sounds of a man being spanked were coming from his computer and he didn’t want to watch, but felt compelled to. The videos accomplished her goal as he continued watching, unable to look away. His cock felt like it was constantly leaking. He started to whimper and whine quietly.

Kim enjoyed her second cup of coffee in the living room for about a half hour before deciding to head back and see how Nate was doing. She could hear his whimpers even before she got to his room and they made her smile.

He looked at her with pleading eyes as she entered and shut off the video. “Did you enjoy them Nate?” she asked.

“Y-yes Mistress…please…I can’t…please….” he begged incoherently not even knowing what to beg for.

“Aww…feeling a little desperate Nate? Would you like it if I took the cage off for a while and let your cock breathe for a little bit?” she asked, approaching the bed and sitting down at his hips.

“Y-yes please Mistress,” he replied, almost trembling with his need.

Kim smiled with her pleasure, it was fun to see him like this, and she thought how much worse she could make it. She took the key from her neck, and placed it in the lock, but before she turned the key she asked, “do you like my control over your cock Nate?”

“Very much…please….” Nate begged.

She unlocked it and slowly took the tube off. His cock wasted no time in following and becoming hard right away. It caused Nate to gasp in both relief and desire. He felt a little of that embarrassment at being exposed before her again, but mostly he felt how very hard and throbbing his cock was, and it made him feel even more desperate than he was. He whimpered and his hips started to move on their own.

“Oh fuck…oh…I have never been so desperate to touch myself…fuck….” Nate complained, not expecting sympathy.

“It must be so hard Nate…I mean, your cock is plenty hard, but for the first time, you can’t touch it yourself. I wonder how long it would just stay hard?” she mused as she brought her hand to his thigh and started to rub it, knowing even that touch would arouse him. “I suppose I could touch it…if that is something you think might help…” she added in a near whisper as her hand traveled up his thigh slowly. “I mean,,,it kind of belongs to me now, doesn’t it?”

Nate’s eyes widened and his whimpers got louder as she touched him and seemed to make an offer to touch his desperate cock. “Please Mistress, please…Yes, it belongs to you. You own my cock. Please…yes please…” he begged and Kim let her hand get closer and closer to it.

They both knew it was over any previous lines, but Nate didn’t care one bit, and Kim had decided she needed to cross some lines. She needed to explore this. She did feel some guilt over that, but she justified it telling herself that she was ultimately doing it for Jon. It wasn’t intercourse anyway, and if it meant the end of her relationship with Jon, as much as that would hurt her, she felt it worth the risk to continue the exploration.

Nate wasn’t sure if she was just teasing him or was really gonna touch him, until he felt her hand not stop. And then it happened, she traced a finger up the entire length of his erection and he cried out with pleasure from it.

Kim smiled and continued to just trace that single finger up and down the length of his cock. Enough to arouse and stimulate, but hopefully not enough to create to orgasm. “Tell me Nate, do you want me to stop? You don’t have permission to cum, so is it better to keep feeling this, knowing that it is only going to make you more desperate to cum?”

“No, please don’t stop. Please… I just… I would rather the touch even knowing that it might make me more desperate,” he begged.

“I wonder…” Kim mused as she added a second finger slowly caressing up and down, “will you become so desperate that you will beg me to stop touching you instead of begging me to continue?” she asked.

Nate felt a thrill of fear roll though him. What she said he supposed might be very feasible, though he had never experienced anything like it before. He had edged himself a little before, but he was already well beyond the desperation that had caused him to feel.

“I… I don’t know…” he whispered.

“You won’t be cumming today. Keep that in mind,” Kim warned. “But let’s find out how much stimulation you can take before you beg me to stop, shall we?” she said and then wrapped all her fingers around his shaft and started to more firmly stroke him.

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