Helping out a Friend – Chapter 16 [femdom][bondage][pegging][forced-bi](Novel length)


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“Maybe I should go get that strap-on right now?” she said, voice low and full of her arousal…

Nate whimpered with his fear and need. He didn’t know if she wanted an answer from him or not, and also didn’t know if he desired it or feared it more if she actually did go and get it. His cock throbbed in the cage and was leaking a puddle onto the bed. Her simulated fucking had been just about the hottest thing that had ever happened to him, even with her clothing on. It was almost like that added more to it. This was much further than he ever expected in their pretending and he felt like she was very close to getting the strap-on and actually fucking him, and he realized that he wouldn’t say no.

Kim was so very tempted to go and get the strap-on. She very much wanted to. Feeling his vulnerable nude body underneath her made it so tempting. She could just put that thing on, discover some lube, and see what it was really like right here and right now. She had said it only to tease him but ended up teasing herself too. Her hips continued to grind her crotch against his bare ass and she could feel his body tremble at the implication and the question. He hadn’t said anything to her teasing question and that made her believe that he would even be open to it. That made it tempting.

But then she wondered about him crying out in pain, and begging her to not do it, and was quite shocked by her own reaction to those thoughts. She gasped and stopped moving as she felt the shame roll over her. She found the wondered of him resisting and making him do it anyway incredibly arousing, and realized that was akin to rape. She gasped, beyond disturbed that she would have that type of reaction.

“I am so sorry, I…I was just teasing and got a little carried away,” she said softly and got off of him and then immediately reached for his wrists to begin untying him.

Nate was surprised at the sudden halt to what she had been doing and the change of tone in her voice. Had he done something wrong? “I…I didn’t mind Kim….” he said, but she didn’t slow down in untying him. His wrists were freed and then his ankles.

Once she was done and Nate sat up she shook her head. “No, I went too far Nate. I mean, physically it was probably too far, but mentally I definitely went too far. I..I had some thoughts that I shouldn’t have about anyone, let alone someone that has placed so much trust in me, and I don’t know…maybe we shouldn’t do this any more. I wouldn’t want to hurt you or do anything against your will. The thoughts I had shocked me, and I feel a deep shame that I had them at all.”

This was serious. She had gotten caught up in her dominance and now it had shaken her to her core. Nate felt a sense of panic that she might want to completely stop their pretending. It was the closest he had ever come to truly being dominated and he loved every second of it. Even the threat to use the strap-on. He desperately wanted more.

“Please Kim? Tell me about the thoughts you had. Maybe they aren’t as bad as you think?” Nate asked, and put an uncertain arm around her shoulders. She didn’t react to the arm, but seemed near tears.

“I…I was just teasing you about going to get the strap-on. I truly was. But then I realized that I could. There was really nothing to stop me. You were so vulnerable and making such wonderful noises as I pretended. I started to think about it for real. Getting the strap-on, finding some lube…and just…but then I thought how much over the line that was, and what if you protested? I then…damn it…” she said as a tear rolled down her face.

“I got turned on about forcing you to take it anyway!” she exclaimed and then started to cry in earnest. “I am a truly awful and despicable person, and I shouldn’t be trusted to be dominant if I have a thought like that! I am so very sorry…” she almost sounded like she was wailing.

Fuck. The wondered hit Nate like a ton of bricks. His cock felt like it was ready to burst from the cage. Kim having thoughts like that aroused him like nothing else. He needed to talk to her though and let her look at the thoughts in a different light.

“It…it isn’t as bad as you think. Please Kim, don’t cry. You aren’t a bad person. Will you let me explain?” Nate asked and decided to leave his arm around her as she cried. She leaned into him now, accepting the support.

“How could it not be bad? The thought of raping you turned me on! That isn’t normal,” she said, but she wasn’t wailing any longer, just disgusted with herself.

“It isn’t as abnormal as you think. Let’s get you some tissues and perhaps some tea? ANd we can talk about it. But I hope by the end of what I have to say, not only will you no longer feel bad, but you will want to continue with me. Some of this is my fault,” he said and Kim couldn’t see how any of what he said could be true, but she nodded.

Naked and caged, Nate immediately went to the kitchen to put on the water for her and then made sure she was settled in the living room with some tissues. The crying was at least slowing. She didn’t find out, but hopefully she had a little more hope now. He prepared her cup of tea for her and brought it to her.

“Hear me out please, and keep an open mind,” Nate said. Kim nodded, sipping her tea and still with a part of her loving being served and seeing Nate still naked and caged.

“You…You are a natural dominant Kim. I think that is the main thing here. You have slowly taken a little control at a time and you have started to realize more and more how much you like having that control. Oh, I know we are pretending, but you still have that control over me as long as we are. The inner Domme inside of you has awoken and what was originally a little fire in your belly is becoming a bonfire. It is so rewarding for me to see. It truly is. Don’t be afraid of it Kim. You acted very naturally with what you just did with me, and it was so fucking…hot that you did. I could feel your dominance as you lay on top of me. You embraced it and you should continue to do so…” Nate started, and Kim had ceased crying completely and was looking at him a little wide eyed.

“Now… that impulse to take me no matter what is natural in that dominant light. You wanted to take what was yours to take. It is an impulse that will serve you and your submissive, you just need to look at it in perspective. You didn’t rape me and you didn’t do anything against my will. You thought of following your dominant desires. Believe me Kim, you are not alone in having those desires among dominants. Many, not all, but many dominants have the same feelings where their sub’s resistance turns them on. And you know what? It turns on the subs in those relationships too. They want to feel like they don’t have a choice, no matter how much they protest…” he said.

Kim almost had a look of wonder combined with confusion now. “ does that work? Are you saying that D&S is filled with rapists and those who want to be raped?!”

Nate shook his head, but was glad she had accepted that she wasn’t alone in feeling the way she had and continued, “There is a concept here that can help you with both sides. Often a D&S couple in BDSM will use something called ‘safe words’. It is typically a word that one wouldn’t say in a sexual context. You agree on what that word is, and agree that if the word is said, that all activity must cease immediately and there is something very wrong with the way things are going. It is a safe word because it ensures that play is safe, sane, and consensual. Consent doesn’t go away in a BDSM relationship. But this allows something really special that can serve those very natural thoughts that you had. As long as you remain sane and in control and respect the use of the safe word, you can feel free to ignore any other signs or protests.”

He paused and then continued, “In other words, if you and I had talked of safe words before and agreed on their use, you could have put the strap-on on and I could have begged you not to use it. Remember, you ignoring my protests is just as arousing for me as it is for you. So in that you could ignore them, and show your wonderful dominance. The thing here is that safe word. There obviously needs to be trust. I trust you to stop everything if I say that word. You trust me to use it if I feel I need to. But everything else can be just kind of part of the play dynamic.”

Kim looked and felt much better now. Everything Nate said made so much sense. She still wanted to be a little cautious, but she no longer felt ashamed. Nate was so wonderful and patient.

“Please Kim, tell me you understand and will continue?” Nate asked, still feeling real fear that she would end everything.

For the first time since she untied him, Kim smiled and asked, “What is your safe word?”

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